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Entertainment News For Wednesday 7/30/14

Updated on July 30, 2014

Annabelle Scares Up The Internet With A New Trailer

For the viewers and readers and people who attended screenings of The Conjuring when it came out and didn't really know what was expected of it and knew what to expect either and then it became this big bad thing after it made tons and tons of money when it showed how to be a really REALLY scary horror movie without having to actually kill off tons of people or anyone at all.One of the big characters or props in the film is Annabelle the doll who sort of haunts people and shows up on and off during the film along with the spinning thing they introduce as well.The props became such a big deal for the film that when it was done and became sort of a phenomenon for the genre I got to take pictures of both at the Warner Brothers lot tour and it was creepy being in front of that and knowing they are sort of having a origin story about the doll itself is very interesting.Now when the trailer came out I will admit that I did sleep on quite a bit because I watched the Conjuring and was like that was good yes but it didn't knock me on my rear end but its still way WAYYY better then any paranormal activity film ever released because if you have read my blog you know I am not a fan of those at all in any way shape or form.But when I got done working out and took a break I got down to watching the trailer with my little brother and he said that he already watched it and said it was very similar to another horror franchise that people all know and love.But the trailer starts with a couple living in there sweet home and the husband gives her wife a huge box as a gift and when she opens it it ends up being Annabelle and you start thinking as a viewer like NO!! DO NOT TAKE THE DOLL!!!!!!!!! But then she sets it up against a sort of family of other dolls that look just like her and sort of completes the set.Then when the middle of the night comes you see the neighbors bedroom light turn on and then you see the husband across the way living there attack the wife and throw her to the ground and the wife catches a glimpse of it and tells her husband to check it out.So after a while you do get the famous cliche where she goes downstairs to check then it all changes when she turns to the room where Annabelle is and then the girl being attacked or neighbor being attacked is in the shadows and all you hear as her head is cocked to the right is "I love your doll" in a dark demented voice and she backs up and her husband is right behind her with a knife and then a giant fight ensues where after all the stuff hits the fan the main wife is thrown against the wall and Annabelle falls into her lap and as the wife is dying blood falls onto her face right below her eye setting the scene sort of as a chucky type thing like when in the first Child's Play when Charles Lee Ray uses the chant to turn himself into the iconic Chucky character that has been done over now about 5 or 6 times and you can see that this is sort of getting done for Annabelle as well and you know its gonna make tons of money and go to number 1 first week box office because its attached to the Conjuring so it will do well when it comes time for release.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Is Becoming The Highest Preseller In August History

Guardians Of The Galaxy will be released upon the world tomorrow for all to see and the reviews and everything involving word of mouth for the film have been going through the roof on the Guardians and it garnered enough hype and everything with it to drive it to become the highest selling presale film EVER for the month of August and it is soaring towards 70 million for the take in for the weekend possibly 5 or 10 more if people really flock out and decide to see the film more then once and I will be one of those people seeing it in IMAX 3D thursday night then possibly seeing on a bigger screen the second time if I possibly can in IMAX format as well.This film is basically being the cash cow for Marvel in the best way and driving the hype train for them ever since Captain America 2 was garnered as one of the best comic book films since The Dark Knight way back when.When this film is released I will hopefully try to get a review going on it before the weekend is up and then be able to tell most if not all about it without using spoilers because some people can't get out to see the movies until like 2 weeks after and this one could be one to rule 2 weeks straight even though that you have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles coming out that week on the 8th.

Jamie Foxx Has Decided To Tackle Mike Tyson's Life In New Film

After tackling the life of Ray Charles and getting that film to be such a great film in his career and even garnering him an Oscar for his job done in the film as well he has decided to take on someone a little bigger and somewhat considered by most as "The Baddest Man On The Planet".He will be doing a film about the life and times of Mike Tyson and his boxing career.They are eyeing Terrence Winter to pen the screenplay and if you don't know he is most famous for writing the script for The Wolf Of Wall Street and that film is something else that is very very famous in many peoples eyes and if he sticks to the same sort of style he will be PERFECT for this film because it is going to be gritty and dark and violent with boxing in it and they might give Wolf a run for the cursing title and this film might be something special if they choose the pinnacle of Tyson's career to follow more then him falling to where he is now.You already know that Foxx can handle the job since he was one of the main people carrying the Amazing Spider Man 2 with the performance aspect of it being Electro and obviously with Ray so it will be fun to see how this plays out and when the first trailer comes out as well.

The Expendables 3 Leaks Early Online

The 3rd installment in the series of the old men you used to watched in the 80's and early 90's are back to blow stuff up and shoot tons and tons of bullets in this setup and this time the bad guy being Mel Gibson as you notice that they have someone who is big from back then with the first one having Eric Roberts,2nd having Jean Claude Van Damme and this one having a very crazy Mel Gibson that is good for him because with his recent actions that are going on with him it fits and he plays it well given what we see in the trailer.But with this leak you know that people are going to download and watch the film early since it doesn't come out the friday after Ninja Turtles so they will have to face Guardians,Turtles and then have an already out movie sort of being released against those two tentpoles it will have a lot going against it to make it a number 1 film for the week and I know it'll go top 5 for sure because it has this cult type fan base where people go to see who's who in it and who shows up and who isn't since Chuck Norris isn't in this 3rd film when he showed up in the 2nd one for like 15 mins.I don't doubt it'll be good though having another classic player in Wesley Snipes in the film now will help it out and adding Arnold as a main player and Harrison Ford replacing the part of Bruce Willis because I think he was filming a Die Hard film during there time making this film so we will see how it plays out within the month.

Production For The Big Bang Theory Halted As The Cast Wait For Contract Talks

With The Big Bang Theory being arguably the biggest show on television when they have a new season on CBS and gains the most viewership among other shows out there going and basically has unseated Two And A Half Men from their throne and being the king of programming and one of the main causes of it sadly is from their actors.With their main cast that everyone knows and loves and yes were talking about Johnny Galecki,Kaley Cuoco,Jim Parsons,Simon Helberg and Kunal Neyyar.But with having Chuck Lorre doing this series too it must be like groundhog's day to him because of the Charlie Sheen stuff.Now they aren't being that bad or that crazy about it at all or making a big spectacle about it all in any way shape or form but they were supposed to start their table reads today for their first episode of the season and now everything has just hit a huge brick wall until further notice and we haven't heard anything good or on the plus side so far involving the situation.

Whiplash Unleashes It First Trailer

After taking many many festivals by storm and even causing a big storm in their performances from Miles Teller and JK Simmons the film Whiplash about a young musician who tries his absolute hardest to become a jazz drummer.Many people who were lucky enough to get to see the film early were saying that Teller blew the screen away with his acting and was even good enough and better then in his performance in The Spectacular Now which SO many people loved and adored when it was finally released.After you get to finally see some visuals for it now it is very comforting to see that those people did not lie about it and he doesn't disappoint at all and for thinking about the role of Reed Richards I think on my end that he is in very good hands with Miles Teller playing him later on in 2015.

Foxcatcher Trailer Shocks All

This is another one that has been released a while back but was supposed to come out at least 6 months ago and it has Channing Tatum,Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo starring in the film and this film is pure Oscar bait but it also looks like something which you could get very excited to see.It was directed by the same person who directed Moneyball in Bennett Miller.When the trailer came out for like two days and was pulled because the movie needed tons of fixing a lot of buzz was flying around Hollywood about Carrell's performance and how high Tatum soars in this film like he literally leaves everything and then some on the screen and when the trailer ends you see him sort of hype himself up since he's a wrestler by smacking himself around but then he ends up beating his head into a mirror until it literally shatters and it became such a jaw dropping and shocking thing that it was the movie news of the day for a while because it is something that nobody has ever seen from Channing before and I am very VERY excited for this film and can't wait to have it be released on the world.

Kurtzman Tapped For Mummy Reboot

The dream team of Kurtzman and Orci who helped make the new Star Trek and Spider Man films have decided to split for a bit and Kurtzman has been asked to helm the reboot for the Mummy reboot that Universal is trying to get off the ground.Now Kurtzman was in line to direct the Venom trailer but yes we all know how the Amazing Spider Man universe sort of has taken a huge stop and break for a few years.So now it gives Kurtzman time to tackle this project and possibly get this going for Universal and I know and heard they are trying to do a classic movie monsters universe so having him start with The Mummy is a great step forward and I don't see anything wrong with it unless he decides to make a big pile of crap like the last Amazing Spider Man turned out to be sadly so we will have to see how it all goes.

What film are you more excited to see?

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Whiplash Trailer

Foxcatcher Trailer


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