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Entertainment News For Wednesday 8/13/14

Updated on August 14, 2014

Power Rangers Reboot Finally Gets A Release Date

The brand new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers film that was announced a while back and has been tagged as a reboot for the series has finally found a release date to advertise around for the time being.Lionsgate and Saban Brands released a picture on Twitter with a giant date in black writing that stated "July 22nd 2016" then continued by adding that Lionsgate and Saban are pleased to announce that the Power Rangers are coming to a theatre near you! The end of the picture adds the #PowerRangers to it to see if it gets any retweets or will even be the main thing they use once a trailer and some pictures come into play later on down the road into production and post production as well.When people heard about this film at first a lot of people were turned off about the idea of it and honestly didn't really care because the last Power Rangers movie hasn't been released since 1995 which is crazy to think about because next year it'll be the 20 year anniversary of the last film so its crazy to think that the series and the peak of the franchise is THAT old.But for it having a complete redemption story and possibly being a "Thing" again is something that remains to be seen and could or couldn't happen but for the time being most people that are critics are batting against it so only time will tell.

Katee Sackoff Hasn't Met With Marvel JUST Yet

Many people know Katee Sackoff as the awesome beat em up girl named Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica that ended up becoming a cult classic TV show for the Syfy network.She also has been in some movies as of late like Oculus and Riddick and also appearing on the TV Show Longmire playing Detective Vic Moretti.One thing I personally know her from is being best friends with the guys from the Schmoes Know Movie Podcast and was their first guest and was on the show all the way up to them getting bigger and getting a network so they are great friends and seeing her outside of acting is another great plus on the side of that as well.But now she might have gone from playing the mom in Oculus who gets brutally tortured and murdered from that devilish mirror to getting a sky rocket of boost in her resume because she has the possibility of meeting with the Marvel heads and studios and sitting down with Kevin Feige and Co. on the possibility of starring in a Ms.Marvel film.Now the idea came about as Avengers director Joss Whedon tweeted a picture of Sackoff as Starbuck and when the picture was released the internet went crazy and people started making pictures of her as Ms.Marvel to help furthering the point which some of them did look great.Now she herself said that she hasn't met with Marvel yet to have a sit down or phone conversation of any kind but anything could really happen.There is a rumor that Ms.Marvel is going to pop up in a cameo during the Avengers:Age Of Ultron and this whole "Non Meeting" set up could just be something to stall and lie until the actual news can come out.It does remind me of the times when The Rock has been working out hardcore and has been wearing either a Batman or Superman Under Armour and giving speculation on Twitter whether or not he would become Shazam so maybe she has been advised to do it the same way until further notice.For me personally I would freak out if she got cast because watching all the big podcasts from the Schmoes Know that I have seen you have gotten to know her over time and I think it would be a phenomenal role for her to take on and I know she could get the job done as well.

Terry Crews All In For Luke Cage Series

Expendables 3 and Brooklyn Nine Nine star Terry Crews has sort of taken the world by storm ever since he appeared on his very first commercial for those whacky Old Spice ads.Now he is pumping up the 3rd installment in the Expendables series and is saying that upon having a Daredevil series Marvel is also planning to widen the gap on Netflix with doing a Luke Cage series as well.He mentioned that they were trying to get it off the ground much like they were with Daredevil and if they needed anyone to play the main title role of Cage he would be more then willing to take on the character and throw himself into the Marvel world and make himself the character known as Luke Cage.His main word that stuck out was that he would be "Honored" to play the character and would accept if the phone rang on any given day.

New Trailer And Poster Comes For Revenge Of The Green Dragons

When the title for this film came out and the main story for "Revenge Of The Green Dragons" was released a lot of people thought that it could be just another mob story that could either be really intriguing or really horrible then out of nowhere during the time of pre production a BIG name was added to the Producer title.The one and only Martin Scorsese was added on to Executive Produce the film and now this film went from just another movie to becoming one of the classic gangster films that coincidently he has also done.When I mention those other movies I think of Goodfella's,The Departed,The Wolf of Wall Street and many more of his other classic works have that great touch that this films needs and could just get to push it over the top and make it one of those special ones when it is finally released.

2 Different Writers Hired To Do 2 Different Versions Of Aquaman

Now the story is basically out that there will be a Aquaman movie SOMETIME but now that it is announced the people over at Warner Bros. and company need to get to work on everything else involved with it.The big first step on getting it off the ground is a great script and they have taken heavy note that this will indeed happen for this film since they have hire 2 different writers to pen 2 different scripts for the movie.This is something new that I haven't heard of anyone do for a film especially one that is as big as the DC film.You do hear about 6 or 7 names getting in the mix to finally make a script the way it is but having 2 guys doing 2 different stories at the same time is something no movie has done and especially no Marvel movie has done.Yes Marvel may get the movies off the ground quicker and people think they "Do everything right" but just think of how much they want this in order to have 2 different stories then they can choose from one and move on to the next step in their process of getting this film off the ground towards making the DC Universe more bold and molding it towards what they are planning to do with films having attached releases all the way until 2020.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Prequel Gets Writer

Yes just when you thought that they were totally and completely done with making movies about the iconic "Leatherface" they are in fact making one more and it is indeed a prequel to possibly the classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre or even the remake that came out a year or 2 ago.Seth M. Sherwood has been tapped to pen the script and story for the prequel that will just be simply titled "Leatherface".There really isn't much talk whether Alexandra Daddario will return for her role in the prequel but if it is at all it would become something of either a cameo or something else very small.You have to think even if this film makes it to being number 1 the weekend it comes out you wonder if they will just stop caring about this franchise because with this film added to the list onto the others as well this has to be the 6th one total in the franchise and that's getting up there with some of the classic films and even the absurd ones that had too many come out like Saw and Paranormal Activity.There is no release date attached so far just a title and writer but in the next few months we could end up seeing more like a poster and possibly even a teaser for the film.

A Shazam Movie Is Coming Sooner Rather Then Later

The big speculation over at the DC Camp of things is that they don't hide much when it comes to the big news and they just let it out and know that people will come to see the movies anyways.Example being the Aquaman movie was speculated for maybe 2 weeks then Dawn Of Justice director Zack Snyder broke the news on it and basically said he's sticking around and hearing about writers its no big surprise now.The other thing that has been in the dark as of yet is the Shazam movie and whether or not The Rock will be playing the title character and he made it almost obvious with a tweet he posted that said "As strong and as powerful as Superman...Just say the word!!!!".Now we all know that there isn't much else left that could be played but it would be either Shazam or Black Atom and everyone is now placing their chips on Shazam.With DC's big layout plan releasing dates for 9 untitled films from the times of 2016 to 2020 it could be possible to see a Shazam movie somewhere in there and somewhere in the future we will have the Rock or someone at DC make the big announcement saying he is finally the big character and if it is finally true then DC has snagged the ULTIMATE hypeman of all hypemen because if you have ever watched one of his monologues on WWE Raw he literally makes 20 thousand people lose their minds just by the sound of his voice and his one liners so if he ends up choosing the job it will be interesting to see what will come of it after.

Daniel Radcliffe Lifts Back The Curtain A Bit

Daniel Radcliffe recently did an interview for Vogue where he answered 73 questions that were all over the map and some of them were meaningless and nothing but then some of them really made peoples ears perk up to the highest possible point.Some things that happened during the interviewing process was he beat said interviewer in Ping Pong and even showed off some of his tap dancing skills when asked to do them.But one thing that really shocked some people is when they mentioned Harry Potter he said that if he had an autobiography about the times of that he would call it "Bring On The Empty Broomsticks" and then went on to say that his favorite food is the Canadian drunk snack called Poutine.He also mentions that he had to wax an unmentionable part of his body for a role he was doing but wouldn't go into much detail about that incident even though you could guess the people at Vogue were probably dying for it.He goes on in the interview to say his dream cameo would be to star and have a role somehow in South Park and be in an episode and he also wants to be involved in Guys and Dolls in some point of his life as well.The worst gift he was ever given his mind was some of his terrible poetry as he likes to call it and many many more things.The latest issue of Vogue should be out this month and you can check out the whole entire interview but hearing this little taste about The Boy Who Lived whether you like him or not makes you want to find out what else he said about anything really.

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Trailer

The Rock Doing His WWE Thing

Longmire Season 2 Trailer


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