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Entertainment News For Wednesday 8/20/14

Updated on August 21, 2014

If You Wanted To Go See The Outfits For Dawn Of Justice Before The Movie You Can

There was a picture released today of Henry Cavill walking on set of Dawn Of Justice in Detroit wearing a giant black coat but under the coat was the newer brighter Superman outfit that has slight changes going for it with it being brighter and very little color changes having it show more pop.Another thing that was announced was that with this year being the 75th anniversary for the Dark Knight himself and the Warner Brothers tour and lot basically committing their whole set up to him and every movie that he has been in for the tour and they are adding the Superman outfit and the big Ben Affleck outfit with the cowl as well on display there too as soon as they are done shooting in Detroit which looks like it could be any day now.If you wanted to pay the 50 bucks to get the VIP Tour then you will have the full access to see everything and anything Batman but being able to see something and take pictures with something that isn't even going to see the screen until 2016 is something special in itself and I can't wait for mid September when I get to take the trip there to see everything and experience it for myself because it is going to be unforgettable.

Relativity Wanting To Move Forward With A November Man Sequel

The report on this is a little suspect at the moment since the release for the first film is coming on August 27th and this whole thing could just be a whole stunt to get the first film off the ground and get people to go see it so it will make the money needed to make a sequel.But nonetheless the main story on this is Pierce Brosnan back to is Bond type ways shooting up people and going nuts and this is based off of a Bill Granger novel with the same title as the film.But if Relativity is dead serious about making a sequel this early without the possibility of it coming out and not making any money but then again this could end up being placed number 3 in the box office by Sin City and maybe Guardians.This film does have its promise so we will see how it all plays out during the day of release but for the time being I think its just hype for the first film to get people in seats.

The Cornetto Crew Looking To Extend Their Trilogy To Another 3 Films

For anyone who knows who Simon Pegg,Nick Frost and Edgar Wright are then you have seen at least either Shaun Of The Dead,Hot Fuzz or The World's End.Those movies instantly became cult favorites and instantly quotable for every film.Those films also made Pegg and Frost instant hit movies stars and instead of having guys like Clooney and Pitt and Cruise in every film you were seeing them pop up in great and different films that weren't being done all the time.They also took the time to make the Sci-Fi comedy Paul which was an hilarious film as well but wasn't part of the trilogy that they made with Edgar Wright.When they got done making World's End the big word was what was next for the group and you had Pegg be in a bunch of stuff that you could basically name off the top of your head and Edgar Wright was tapped to be in the Marvel world and direct Ant Man and make that film something special in his own way.But a few months later everything fell apart and he dropped out on directing the movie and Ant Man literally just caught its feet in the past few weeks which is sad for the franchise but it would have been great to see Wright make.Then it was nothing but silence until today where you have the big 3 from the Cornetto series saying they have met up and are considering going to lab if you will and making 3 more great and unforgettable films that could possibly be just as good as the original 3.Now with this news you have to think that Wright leaving the Marvel camp was almost a blessing in disguise because now he can do what he is good at and make films that the fans love and want.

The Rock Gets Ready For Journey 3 & 4 While Hyping Up Shazam On A Daily Basis

Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock is getting ready to go back on the Journey again for another 2 trips when he signed a contract to be involved in Journey 3 and Journey 4.While most days you can't get to Johnson without pumping up or hyping his DC involvement that he wont totally admit that he's in yet and it is getting to the point where people are joking that he tells people what he eats for breakfast along with mentioning that "Hey did you hear I'm in the Shazam movie??".But for him going back to this and sticking with this franchise I think is a good move and not having them interchange people to play the character because if you were to watch them all in a row it would get weird and out of place and just feel wrong and you would especially know that The Rock would be the best version of the character anyways so theres no fighting it anyways.It was posted via IMDB that the extension title on the 3rd installment is going to be Journey 3:From The Earth To The Moon.Now that makes you think there is going to be a lot of space travel and it could go all over the map in this one and if they do that in the 3rd one what will they do for number 4?

Sin City:A Dame To Kill For Gets Released This Thursday Night

The first Sin City was released 9 years ago and its almost to the point of being at a decade anniversary type thing but when it comes to Frank Miller and his films as long as he has a pulse in his body you better believe he's going to get his vision off the ground any way he can.This time it is the second book in the series that is titled A Dame To Kill For and for being someone who bought the first and second books a year ago and read them I don't think the film is going to be as graphic or show as much nudity as the book does either but thats why its a graphic novel and it basically has no limits when it comes to what it can and can't do.But getting the cast back together for the ones who made it from the first one was great like having Bruce Willis,Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba to come back and play their key roles in the film was great instead of changing it because of the long wait.Also adding such talent as Joseph Gordon Levitt,Josh Brolin,Eva Green,Ray Liotta and even taking risks by casting Lady Gaga in a role for the film as well.This film could end up not making 100 Million dollars like you would expect a Marvel or DC film to do but seriously you have to think about Marvel and DC like the Beatles and Rolling Stones while Sin City is The Sex Pistols and The Clash rolled into one and basically doesn't give a care if the movie makes 20 dollars or 200 million dollars as long as the story is told right they did their job.

Frank Miller Says He Never Saw A Full Dark Knight Film And Cant Watch Another Batman Movie

When you think about Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy which by the way The Dark Knight is my all time favorite film and every time I watch it it never gets old to me.Thinking while watching it too "How could anyone ever hate those movies?" But finally someone has and he has been very vocal about it.Frank Miller who did such classic works as 300,Sin City and the classic CLASSIC Dark Knight Returns series is someone who couldn't sit through The Dark Knight and basically said out loud that he walked out of it and said that he thought Nolan's vision on the Batman universe was something he could do cause it is a free country but when it comes to his opinion he thought the film was wrong in every sense of the word and his whole idea of having Batman not having super strength much like he does in Dark Knight Returns or keeping the story as human as possible that he thinks the film is crap.Now I am paraphrasing with the word crap but with his tone when you read the article and how he played it all out he didn't say one positive thing about the wholes series.For how that series basically revolutionized comic book movies and gave other films a blueprint on how it should be done its surprising to me to see that he would go this route and basically rip on it so much.But you do have to credit him for his work since he did make one of the greatest Batman novels EVER but at the same time that said novel is going to be made and created for the screen in Dawn Of Justice that is coming out in 2016 so maybe he is feeling sort of biased and on team Snyder with the whole Batman thing nowadays?

The Original Star Wars May Be Coming Back To Blu Ray Uncut And Unedited

For all the hardcore Star Wars fans out there I remember the times when Laserdisc was a big deal and people ran out to buy all 3 of the original trilogy because it was the next best thing to seeing the original cut that was aired on screen and nothing was unaltered in any way shape or form.But then when the first episodes 1-3 were made George Lucas decided to put out other versions of it as well and added many other things in the classic versions and when they put out the definitive film collection it still had all that extra stuff involved and didn't make fans happy but after so many years it didn't really shake them they were just happy to get their favorite movies on Blu Ray.Now with the tornado of news and updates coming about for Episode 7 they thought "Why not release the original films the way they were intended FINALLY??" So now all the hardcore fans can get everything they wanted back to normal the way it was when it originally was shown in theaters so long ago.

American Horror Story:Freakshow Gets A Trailer And Release Date

In what could be the quickest story news of the day if you were on Facebook then you just might have caught the little teaser involving the new American Horror Story season aptly titled Freakshow.The quick 20-25 second teaser basically shows circus lettering with creepy music much like you would hear at the circus and it asks you the viewer "Are you ready?".Then you see a creepy yellow and clear hand with 3 fingers that looks like a salamander hand that has many bumps and spots all over it and in the palm of its hand its holding a ticket that says the title of the show and below in flaming red writing it says Halloween but the original air date for the first episode of the series will be October 8th and will most likely run through the week after Halloween cause thats how it has played out as of late the past few seasons.

If I Stay Projected To Be The Number 1 Film This Week At The Box Office

The romantic/drama film that stars Chloe Grace Moretz that is based off of a YA Novel is something very different for her when you watch the trailer because she shows SO much emotion and shows how much heart she can actually have in the trailer and it really grabs hold of you and takes you on an emotional ride when you watch it.The main jist of the film is a girl who is basically living her teenage life and finds the perfect guy who plays in a band and she immediately falls for him and they talk of making music and writing songs.She also is a concert player and I believe she play violin or something along those lines and gets so good she gets admitted to Julliard.Then while driving in the snow with her parents they get into a car accident and her parents die and she ends up having an out of body experience seeing everyone else basically enduring having to see her lay there in a coma.Then she gets a choice whether to stay or go and theres a scene in the preview where you see the rebellious boyfriend write and sing a song for her while she's in a coma and it makes you feel like a sad and horrible person because this movie and book looks like its trying to snatch the title away from The Fault In Our Stars as the saddest film of the year if not for a while since the Nicholas Sparks wagon hasn't really been churning out the films they've been wanting like before.

2 More HUGE Additions For The Jungle Book:Origins Film

Just yesterday I reported that Benedict Cumberbatch was going to play the voice role of Shear Khan in Andy Serkis's adaption of The Jungle Book which will be entitled The Jungle Book:Origins.But today they add two more players to the movie which are two HUGE players in the names of Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett and Jack Raynor.Bale will voice the character of Bagheera,Blanchett is going to play the character of Kaa and Raynor is Brother Wolf in this adaption.It was crazy to think just yesterday I thought this adaption was safe and sound from the Favereau one cause of Serkis and Cumberbatch but now adding these 3 is like adding an all star lineup you can't beat for the MLB.This films release date is still set to be at October 21st 2016 and will be in that very busy year of movies but for the talent in this film it looks like it could be something very special.

Are You Going Out To See Sin City 2 This Weekend?

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November Man Trailer

Sin City:A Dame To Kill For Trailer

American Horror Story:Freakshow Teaser


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