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Entertainment News For Wednesday 8/6/14

Updated on August 6, 2014

Batman Vs Superman:Dawn Of Justice Moves Dates In 2016

So the big thing for a while when Captain America 3 came around and decided to plan its release date the same exact day as the highly and hotly anticipated Batman Vs Superman:Dawn of Justice.Now with people thinking it was going to stay that way until the day of release you thought that many comic book fans and moviegoers were going to have to see either Dawn Of Justice then run across the theatre and go see Cap 3 immediately after but now that isn't the case anymore.When this news was released the internet went crazy with the internet fanboys saying that DC entertainment blinked and now they suck even more because they decided to move and didn't stand pat like Kevin Feige and company over at Marvel.Now everyone may say that Marvel will forever hold the movie crown but if we go back not too far ago then we will remember that The Dark Knight has an acting Oscar to its name when Marvel has been left with next to nothing and many people consider Ledger's performance in The Dark Knight one of the best performances ever on screen.Also it doesn't help Marvel's case that Avenger's director Joss Whedon had an interview where he admitted that The Dark Knight was "The Godfather" of comic book movie which in movie terms to all you non movie people out there means "Untouchable".Now I know I am sort of kissing DC's butt at the moment but you are talking about a writer who has many Marvel character's tattooed on his body and even gushed over Guardians Of The Galaxy in the biggest way by even saying on this site that it was better then The Avengers when you look at the film as a whole.So I am not a hater of one side or the other and I don't think of the whole comic book film competition as a giant manhood competition to see who's got the biggest one between the two because when it comes to releases and how images and posters look don't you think its getting a little insane? Like can't we just take it all for granted as comic book fans and fans of the movies that they are making these movies to begin with and actually letting people see Batman fight Superman on the same screen or even let people see Thanos on the giant screen as well in all of his glory.So I guess when you look at where I stand call me Switzerland of this whole ordeal because choosing one side and plugging it constantly if you don't work for the company just makes you look like a big dork at the end of the day and not in a good way.So I hope both of these films makes 100 million plus openings and possibly even get to the Billion mark when they finally come out because the more movies we get the happier we will be as fans at the end of the day.

DC Lays Out GIANT Film Plan

Some people were wondering why these announcements didn't come during the big panels at San Diego Comic Con and now it just seemed that DC didn't really care what Marvel had going they just wanted to show off their juggernaut that is Dawn Of Justice.Now the big news today coming from is that they are laying out a big plan that is in the vein of what Nikki Finke reported a few months ago but this time there are no titles attached to the dates just dates that say "Untitled DC Film".This could mean it could be anything really and it does keep people guessing as to what they are going for here and you already know that DC is basically killing the TV game with premieres of Arrow,The Flash and Gotham all coming in the next two months.All the fans of Marvel who are happy because they have their universe set just listen to these dates and try and tell me it doesn't sound like thats the same route they are taking as well.

-August 5th 2016

-June 23rd 2017

-November 17th 2017

-March 23rd 2018

-July 27th 2018

-November 16th 2018

-April 5th 2019

-June 14th 2019

-April 3rd 2020

-June 19th 2020

-November 20th 2020

With every release on there their is two that are slated as "Untitled WB Event films" which could mean team up films like when Nikki Finke reported the idea of a Flash and Green Lantern team up or maybe around the time of the last date in 2020 we could see a Justice League sequel.One title I KNOW will pop up in there is the solo Batman film that could possibly be directed by Ben Affleck when all the dust settles and actually be able to start his cinematic universe again in his own way.For now all we could think of is to speculate on what the other titles could be?? Wonder Woman?? Shazam??? Man Of Steel 2??? We wont know until another big headline or breaking news which looks like could be coming very very soon.

Spider Man Cinematic Universe To Start From Scratch?

With two of the Amazing Spider Man films out and a giant plan to even set up the first ever Avengers of villains with The Sinister Six becoming a film and everybody getting the Venom film they deserve in the right way as well.But having Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in their respective roles wasn't a bad thing and I like Garfield as Peter Parker and I think he plays a more updated version of him for the times that will play better on the screen.Now we can get to nitty gritty of things but the first film played very well to ok across the US and made a good chunk of money and then of course it was going to make a sequel and continue on with the story but when this film came out and was finally reviewed by most reviewers people just HATED it like a lot and it was a big surprise since they sort of brought such a great story that stuck well with the comic books.But the big news popping up every now and then on certain sites are saying that Sony is thinking about trying to possibly scrap the whole universe and just start over AGAIN.The 3rd film got pushed 4 years back to summer of 2018 and then in between there is the Sinister Six movie that could continue the Universe of Spider Man and keep things strong for Sony and what they have going for them instead of going all back to the beginning AGAIN for a third time in almost a decade which is pure insanity for movies since once you start a comic book franchise 9 times out of 10 the company pushing it whether it be Warner Bros. or FOX they normally capitalize so 3 times on one character is almost craziness.This story is one that isn't 100% confirmed as of yet so take it with a grain of salt but if it becomes true with not so much good coming from the Spider Man camp as of late it wont be a good sign for Peter Parker and Spider Man.

Terminator 5 Now Has A New Name

This film is going to be on my next years top 10 most anticipated of the year because first hearing Arnold was coming back to be in the Terminator franchise and then hearing Jai Courtney and then Emilia Clarke from Game Of Thrones fame was added to the cast things just got better and better for this movie and seeing the little shots of it that seemed like they were in a hospital I was amped for this film and excited to see it when it is finally released July 1st 2015.Now today Arnold took to Twitter which I found funny to begin with all together but then he released a picture of him sitting in his chair and everything is sort of silouhetted and the only thing that shows off is the title which is confirmed and is officially Terminator:Genisys.Alot of people already knew about the Genesis title but I guess they are taking a little turn on the title and using the turn of words and letters and maybe that ties into the story somehow and most of the time it does so you think there is a good reason for the change and showing off the snappy picture right now a little under a years release.You have to think that this film will already be better then Salvation because that film sort of tanked at the box office and having CG Arnold and the whole Christian Bale freak out stuff you already know this film is going to be better then that so they definitely have that going for them because it has a lot to top when it comes to the classic first and second films.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ready To Shell Shock The Box Office

The rebooted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film is going to be released this friday and when people thought that either the film looked "Too kiddy" or "Too Silly".Well you can throw that out the window because most interviews are becoming more and more positive and this film might actually make the money projected at this weeks box office and could even give Guardians Of The Galaxy a run for its money when that film is like the hottest thing on the planet at this very moment.But now with a lot of people speculating whether this movie was going to tank because of Meghan Fox or many of the other actors in the films that are characters or even the voices of the turtles but it is just being received as a better film then advertised a month or two ago so we will see how it performs and I will report on the box office draw later in the week.

Movies A Plenty Finishing Shooting

With a full cast selfie being released last week involving the new Fantastic Four and it was posted by Kate Mara and the caption for it was "Wrapped! #FantasticFour".Then you had Jurassic World follow pat in the wrapping of their film as well with director Colin Trevarrow posting a picture of dino bones and the board with the Jurassic World title with the caption Wrapped.Just when you thought 2 big films being done isn't a big deal then having one of the biggest comic book releases ever has also wrapped with Joss Whedon wrapping production on The Avengers:Age Of Ultron and he just posted a picture of the cast saying filming wrapped and a picture of him in Avengers colors saying Avengers Wrapped! Now with all 3 of those films basically in the can and in post production it makes you think when we will see the trailers for them or which trailer we will see first cause while talking to my friend I had mentioned to him not to get his hopes up about Age Of Ultron cause I am betting they are gonna push that during a big IMAX movie like Interstellar,Gone Girl or maybe even Mockingjay if they wanted to go that route but if they all show the trailers before the years end I am betting that it will go Jurassic World,Fantastic Four then finally the big Avengers trailer that people can finally see that was shown during Comic Con and which wasn't talked about as much as the Batman Vs Superman stuff but it was talked about nonetheless.

The Legend Of Conan Could Start In Spring 2015

Since the rebooted Conan The Barbarian film that came out a few years back that had started a young and coming Jason Mamoa who played Conan and the film basically got blasted by every critic who saw it and was known as one of the worst films of the year and now we might get something to fix all of that.The Legend Of Conan is speculated to start shooting in spring of next year and yes you better believe that the big man himself Arnold is going to be back playing Conan the right way and doing it right and many fans of the original films have wanted this for years and years and now they get their chance because in films nowadays anything can happen.There isn't a set release date for this yet so they don't have a day to shoot towards but knowing where they are going to start is a good place to go from and then you can go anywhere from up from here.

Scream Is Coming To TV

Scream was known as a film series and a horror film series that sort of changed the horror game much like Saw and Paranormal Activity has in the past 10 years.When the first Scream film came out and even continuing on all the way to the 4th one that was released a good 8-10 years after the 3rd installment but still left its mark regardless.But now it looks like with shows like Gotham and Arrow showing you that you can make a successful show and still go ahead and make a movie about it and have it be its own little universe in itself it does look like thats what MTV is going to do with this and start out this series in its own universe and everyone is new and brand new and its basically a very very long movie now instead of something that will end in 1 hour and 48 mins approx.MTV is famous for having Teen Wolf when people thought that was going to be a blasting success because of the 80's films and everything and it is going on as long as it has is sort of a surprise to me because it hasn't really rated well with audiences as the seasons go by and it makes you wonder if it is going to get cancelled by seasons end.When I first did hear this news on Scream I did have a little on the inside that was like NOO!!! and I wanted it to be like the movies forever and have the films be the way they are but the films wont go anywhere and you never know the series could be great and it could be something that I end up and many end up getting into as it is released over time and could end up lasting many seasons like Teen Wolf has and becomes a smashing success like it has for the network itself whether or not if people love it or hate it.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer

Dawn Of Justice Comic Con Panel

Captain America The Winter Soldier Trailer


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