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Entertainment News For Wednesday 9/3/14

Updated on September 3, 2014

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 To Stick With Star Lord As The Lone Human

The now much anticipated sequel to Guardians Of The Galaxy has started to lay its ground work on where they are heading and director James Gunn has stated that he only wants to have Peter Quill become the only human character people/moviegoers will relate with that is from Earth.The report was made with Collider during Dragon Con and it wasn't something he said HAD to happen but something Gunn preferred to do for the storyline as a whole.Alot of people now think that the possibility of seeing Carol Danvers AKA Ms.Marvel making a cameo during the next film looks slimmer now with this comment but also everyone sort of has their bets at the tables placed on seeing her pop up during the after credits when you go see Avengers:Age Of Ultron.Another thing that was brought up during the convention that has been stirring up some hype was the alternate Stan Lee cameo sequence they were thinking of doing that was shot down by Disney and the big people there.But the scene instead of having Lee being a guy hitting on a woman like he is in the final cut that makes it in theatres now but instead having him held captive in The Collector's room in one of his cases and when the Guardian's walk by he would flip off Groot to show how angry he is being in the box or cell that he is in.I myself hope they did shoot it and it makes the Blu Ray and DVD in the special features where it ends up not mattering for viewers if little kids see it or anything like that and it would almost double the mountains of sales they are going to make on the movie anyways when it decides to be released as well.

How To Train Your Dragon 3 Pushed

After 2 installments of a very popular and different franchise has now sort of been put on blocks for the time being with the 3rd installment of the How To Train Your Dragon series getting pushed to 2017 when I thought that the previous set release was around late 2016.The second movie just passed the 600 million dollar mark worldwide and is considered a success much like the first one and if you think about both movies as a whole when it comes to acting,grapic style and soundtrack it just got better and better and the people over there really know what they are doing with the franchise.This series is definitely on the way up so hopefully this push back doesn't hurt the movie and push the film out of peoples minds where they don't care anymore because it is one of the kids movies that is sort of for everyone now since Pixar isn't pushing out the movies like they used to anymore.

True Detective Season 2 Is Coming

The HIGHLY anticipated season of True Detective is now making waves with a report coming from the writers and directors that they will start shooting the episodes for the second season in September sometime and they are shooting for a summer of next year release on HBO.The first season of the show basically took the world by storm when it was released and started to get cult following fanbase when it aired along the likes of True Blood and many other HBO shows that they have aired in their past.With two GIANT actors at the helm playing the main characters in season 1 in Woody Harrelson and Matthew Mcconaughey playing the lead detectives it just basically drove ratings and the story having them together working off of each other.When the Emmy's came around and the nominations announcement happened it got nominated like crazy and I don't think it ended up taking as much as it deserved but at the end of the day you do know that it is a show that is here to stay among the big boys on HBO past and present.The rumors still coming on who would play the detectives this time around are Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn but those were just rumors and at the end of the day is something different then what they just had in season 1 with Harrelson and Mcconaughey.

DC's Reveals 4 Film Slate Via Domain

It is something different and crazy when a domain name pops up around the internet and blogs around the world like I remember when The Avengers domain finally came up and people's heads started to spin like in the Exorcist and not even knowing it was going to make the impact it would make much like the first time the word "Facebook" was put into domain.Now I know HUGE comparison when you look at how much Facebook has made money wise but I am just talking about impact and it looks like DC is taking that route to see if people will really latch on and either believe it for one or actually like the choices they are deciding to go with.The domains that were listed besides the now obvious Dawn Of Justice film was,,,WonderWomanThe four movies are the ones listed and thought to be the big next step for DC after Man Of Steel and Dawn Of Justice.When you look at the movies listed and if they are actually legit and not just something of a way to get fans going for the time being but releasing a Wonder Woman movie which has been wanted for like EVER by hardcore fans and many female comic book fans alike.Shazam isn't a huge shock since The Rock has been working out on Twitter and basically pushing his involvement in a DC film and with the domain coming it doesn't totally say its happening but its getting there.The Justice League one is another non surprise because you obviously know that's going to happen and they are going to team the group up as fast as they can.The biggest surprise and probably out of everyone in the group is Aquaman because yeah he is "Supposed" to be in Dawn Of Justice but actually going all out with a movie or possibly an origin story on Aquaman is the gutsiest thing they could do because it could really fly or it could really backfire and for how much people talk smack about them because they don't do much during a rebuild I hope it soars like Guardians soared so comic book fans are happy and every can just shut up about this fighting stuff sooner rather then later.

Cee-Lo Green Gets TBS Show Cancelled After Comments

Many might know Cee Lo Green as either a musician and the guy who sings that song "Crazy" but lately he might be remembered as the crazy dressed judge who shows up on The Voice every now and then since they switch off judges.But now it looks like everything involving TV and Music might be taking a GIANT halt because without even knowing where it came from he took to Twitter to talk on the topic of rape and he left a comment that literally was a GIANT smack across the face to anyone who has ever had it done to them and a big punch in the gut to anyone who liked him before as well.The quote that was released on Twitter but later moved said "People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!!!!!" then continuing with "If someone passed out they're not with you consciously! So WITH complies consent!".After these popped up on his Twitter people just got ANGRY and couldn't believe what they were reading and by the end of the night last night his TBS show "The Good Life" has been cancelled and I am guessing NBC is going to do the same with his seat for The Voice as well.You might think he could rebound from this but at the same time those quotes are SO SO bad that it might just be something people wont forget for a long long time.

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True Detective Season 1 Trailer

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