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Entertainment News Roundup For August 3rd-7th

Updated on August 8, 2015

Deadpool Red Band Trailer Premieres On Conan And Takes Over The Internet

Many people waited hours and hours to finally see the promo for Conan start at 10 pm when every fan of comic book films and the character alike were waiting to see the HD quality version red band trailer for Deadpool that was all the rage from Comic Con. After Conan chatted with Ryan Reynolds for about 15 minutes then Reynolds just sets up the story quickly about how his character has cancer basically all over the most important parts of his body and needs a way to live on and chooses this mans proposal to "Become a superhero". Then Reynolds does crack the obvious Green Lantern gag before going under saying that the suit can't be "Animated" or "Green". Then as soon as you hear that Salt N Pepa song start the fun begins in the best way possible. Much like having Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine and some people agree he IS Wolverine but Reynolds personality and humor make him the one and only person that can play Deadpool and pull it off with flying colors.

Whether its little things like "Daddy needs to express some rage" and making the "Uhhh!!" sound after killing a group of men on the highway just totally make the scene that much better and does make you as the viewer something you want to watch again and maybe 3 times in one sitting. A lot wondered who the villain would be since you do get a quick shot of Colossus in the film and even the director teased the character "Cable" for a sequel when he time comes but seeing him fight the new "Transporter" guy is someone people might have to look into before going in to know more about his character and how he will match up with the Merc with a mouth.

Channing Tatum Closes Gambit Deal After All The Drama Involved

After all the thoughts and rumors about the possibility of a film that was going to start shooting in months losing its star and being basically in shambles with the company. Now everything and everyone involved can take a deep breathe and know that the papers are signed and Channing Tatum IS your Gambit. Theres rumors you may see him in an after credits scene for X-Men Apocalypse basically setting up the Gambit solo film and showing everyone who pays to see X-Men like "Ladies and gentlemen who don't follow the news, This is your Gambit". For like a day I was wondering how this would all play out who would end up where but after watching reports on it it was brought up that the studio and Tatum could end up just working out the kinks like a sports player works out his contract so everything works out and they don't have to go back to it later on which does make sense in the end and Tatum and Co can just go to work and move on.

Another addition to this story is FOX has a shortlist of who will be the leading lady for Gambit and these names may pop out at you or totally leave you in the dark. The first is Rebecca Ferguson, You will most likely know her because she is the new girl in the brand new Mission Impossible film Rogue Nation. The second name listed is Lea Seydoux and as she is well known for the indie film Blue Is The Warmest Color, She was also in Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol and is going to be in the new James Bond film Spectre coming out at the end of this year. The last name is Abbey Lee, The only film you may recognize her in is one of the girls fleeing to safety in Mad Max Fury Road. Her name is The Dag in the film but her other listed credits are as a Victoria's Secret modeling show so having that on her resume shows she is definitely muti talented like Cara Delevigne is trying to be. Either way if FOX ends up choosing one of these 3 they all sound good to me I am just excited to see what will come of it from the first trailer to poster and everything else.

Jurassic World 2 News From Director Colin Trevarrow

Even though it isn't completely "Confirmed" yet but the idea is that Colin Trevarrow will move on from the dino franchise to a galaxy far far away with one of the Star Wars chapters, It does make you think who will take over the helm with the producers working on the next installment. Even though Trevarrow might be on his way out he did offer some pieces on the second film and how it could be so big on a scale much like the new Apes films are and those films kill almost every time they come out. The idea is that the next film since they went wider with a park now they want to take it outside and do it better and essentially erase the second and 3rd ones were with Dinosaurs being all over the world but this time its gonna involve Dinosaurs like the original T-Rex from the first Jurassic Park basically ruling the world and running the order and the humans are now lower on the chain and would be something interesting to see since the Planet Of The Apes films old and new were much about human survival around the Apes rule and seeing Dinosaurs in that place will be an interesting take and you know people will go see Jurassic World 2 since its the 3rd highest grossing film of all time so when 2018 comes Jurassic fever will come with it.

Prometheus 2 To Being Production In January 2016

After Ridley Scott's next release "The Martian" is released, Scott did mention he would either dive into Blade Runner 2 or Prometheus 2 and it looks like he has made his choice. It is being tossed around that production for Prometheus 2 will being in January of next year. For the people who enjoyed the film this must be good news since the film does leave it very open ended for a second film with the obvious "Alien" reference shown. For the ones that don't enjoy the first Prometheus and what it brought to the screen I do apologize for this news but if the sequel does promise some things that can be certain its that Ridley Scott made some shots of the first film look amazing and since he has a tie to the original Alien film I know he won't treat it like its another movie so he will take care of it instead of just throw whatever on the wall to see what sticks.

No other information was given at this time but the production start and for some thats better then no news at all..

Familiar Character Spotted In Berlin With Civil War Cast

Captain America Civil War is being regarded as one of Marvel Studio's most successful and groundbreaking films because of how popular the story is in the comics and what will take place with the extra cast involved as well. With Black Panther,Ant Man and even Spider Man being introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe how could this movie get any bigger?? The only way is by adding the big angry green guy. Mark Ruffalo was spotted on the set in Berlin with the cast and many know that saying that "Where theres smoke theres fire" well how about "If Mark Ruffalo's on a Marvel set, So is the Hulk". It should be interesting to see if they make true of the rumor of William Hurt's character General Ross possibly becoming either another pivotal character in the series or even becoming something to match up against Ruffalo like Red Hulk. When I saw the report on this story the picture used was the Hulk fighting Red Hulk so we will see what plays out.

Frank Grillo Back For The Purge 3

For the lone some that went out to the theaters to see The Purge:Anarchy were mostly underwhelmed by the turnout much like the first film but it did end up doing enough to make another film and giving the series a trilogy to be proud of. One of the proudest moments of the Anarchy was Frank Grillo's character playing someone who was hellbent on revenge on the night when anything is legal and he was out to claim his revenge once and for all. After grouping with the gang of people he befriends and later on becomes a different man and if you have seen the film you know the outcome and how it all plays out and how he could end up in this. Grillo was an instructor in the film Warrior and is well known for being an MMA expert and knowing certain things(Insert Liam Neeson Pun now) But in the Purge he was a complete badass and did make the film worth watching as he went through stage after stage of guys and going through them with some sort of ease it seems like. So seeing him fight through the night again will be interesting to see how it all plays out and if he will actually survive the next installment of The Purge.

Rumor Involving First Villain For Marvel Studios Spider Man Film

Leave this report up to Umberto Gonzalez and Heroic Hollywood who continuously drop monster scoops and people follow up on their stories after because Gonzalez's track record is so good its most likely true. This time around it involves the first standalone Marvel Studio's Spider Man film and its villain. For who you could possibly think that director John Watts would choose to fight against Peter Parker..Well its the first time we will see a big screen adaption of Kraven the hunter if true. The story goes that Sony execs were found carrying around issues of Spider Man that covered the arc involving Kraven and instead of asking Marvel "Hey can we use some copies for research to help you?" Instead Marvel made them apparently go the long route and find them on their own. Or at least thats the story and man is it a crazy one since Marvel is so high up in the game you can't even be like "sure Sony take the research" But at the end of the day it sounds like Kraven is the guy and he is a stone cold hunter and nothing but so it will be fun to see an actual big game hunter hunt down the Spider. Marvel Studios is off to a great start if true.

Skull Island's Cast Is Starting To Take Shape

When JK Simmons and Michael Keaton dropped out of the King Kong based film "Skull Island" some wondered where the film would recover and continue on. When they teased that what sounds like amazing tease for the film at last years Comic Con many had it on their must see list when it was going to be released. Then now with the heat of Straight Outta Compton gaining tons of traction for being a great biopic film like Ray and Walk The Line. Actor Corey Hawkins was cast in one of the roles along with Tom Hiddleston who has sort of been the guy who has stayed on longest. But the newest additions that are giving this film some big push is Tom Wilkinson,John C Reilly and even the great Samuel L Jackson. Brie Larson was also cast into the film as well and you may recognize her as the sister from Amy Schumer's Trainwreck which did massively well at the box office. There is a lot left to be unknown about this movie so far and the chance of seeing any footage at all could be a year or 2 down the road but the chance of getting a cast in order is a great first start for Legendary to begin with.

Sony Releases Monster Movie Slate

First Marvel Studios brought the heat with their giant slate for Phase 3 and then DC followed showing the world their DCU slate and what people can expect from them going forward. After the two comic book giants moved in then Disney took their turn showing off everything Star Wars and Pixar that they have in store for the next 5-6 years. Now since Sony Entertainment was having a bad time with the hackings and everything getting leaked they can now take their turn and show the world with their slate that they released Wednesday. One of the big surprises was that Stephen King's Dark Tower finally has a date set and Sony is aiming at a 1/13/17 date on it which gives it enough window to get the cast needed and make a film the die hards will love and appreciate. The Barbie movie will see the light of day on 6/2/17 and I honestly had no idea about this until hearing the news about this slate. Sony also keeps video game fans minds and hearts in tow with another set date for the Uncharted film with no cast or director but their goal is to have that film out by June of 2017 and I believe Sony is hoping for the last game to boost the news towards the films favor somehow that they can get an actor and director on board. The other big shocker was Sony announced and FINALLY announced a Bad Boys 3 and even a Bad Boys 4!! 3 would be released in 2017 sometime and 4 is getting the aim of 2019 which is way way down the road. One film that Sony is choosing to remake that is known to some as a kids classic for being great as what it was is Jumanji. Even with the passing of Robin Williams not even 2-3 years out and Sony is moving forward with this film and they want to release it next December 2016. I almost have a feeling that the date will be moved but for the time being its all set for now so movie fans get excited!!

Laurence Fishburne Joins Cast Of Passengers

The film Passengers is one of those sleeper movies that is going to be released December 21st 2016 and the cast is slowly becoming an ensemble piece. First the film got Jennifer Lawrence which was a big draw for it enough and then to make things even better the film lands Hollywood's IT man of the moment in Chris Pratt. Now the newest addition is Laurence Fishburne and to say this cast so far sounds great for how the story is being played out. The basic plot of the story is a spacecraft is traveling to a distant planet and transporting thousands and thousands of people as passengers to either safety or just another home were not sure yet and in the sleeping chambers one person wakes up from a malfunction 60 years before everyone else. Now the catch with that is once your in the chamber sleeping its almost like your frozen in containment and can't age but waking up your going to age and get older and put a wrench in the process of why the person who wakes up whether it be Pratt,Fishburne or someone else on why they boarded the ship in the first place.

New Line Cinema Planning On Remaking Nightmare On Elm Street Again

After Platinum Dunes and Michael Bay's horror run made the Jackie Earle Haley led remake to Nightmare On Elm Street some thought that the film was dark and off the mark from what the original was trying to shoot for. Although it was a jumping off point for actress Rooney Mara and other young stars like Katie Cassidy,Kyle Gallner,Kellan Lutz and even casting Connie Britton as Mara's mother in the film so the cast was a well known one at that but the film wasn't. After seeing it with a friend who loves Freddy as much as his love for superhero films the story really threw the things Freddy Krueger did to the young kids to make the parents kill him and turn him into what he is without really going a different way about it. Some of it I personally did enjoy and I have watched it this year but if the studio considers it a failure and wants to try again with a horror franchise which now are becoming like Deflatgate stories and there is a new one announced everyday. So someday it'll get done right just like Jason is being redone as well so I guess the Freddy Krueger mythos can take note that its not alone in this saga to try and find the classic horror tale it once had back in the day.

Will Mad Max:The Wasteland Sign Charlize Theron Back As Furiousa

Now for you as the reader I might shock you by typing this but over the weekend I finally got around to seeing Mad Max:Fury Road. Yes something that is being hailed as better then Age Of Ultron and one of the best movies of the year and could even get Oscar consideration for how beautifully its shot I just caught before being taken out of theaters. Im just gonna glaze over it and say that yes the critics and fans are beyond right and oh my god its good. Having George Miller back for it was the best thing that could have happened and him saying he wants to commit to 2 more films after this one was like music to the fans ears and to now mine as well. But the big news is could Charlize Theron come back as the almighty Furiousa? Many thought going into the film that Tom Hardy would lead the film as Mad Max but no no this film had a strong major female character in Furiousa and she was something else. Nothing has been set in stone yet but getting Theron back for how the story of Fury Road ended would be a great idea to keep that great combination in play for the next two films. There is little rumors flying around that Miller might pull double duty and be tapped for the next Superman film later down the road which would be HUGE news for DC if true but again take it with a grain of salt and many thought after Charlize's performance in Fury Road that she could be tapped to play Carol Danvers AKA Miss Marvel in Marvel's first female led movie but that is just another rumor that may or may not play out later on.So you can see how all of this is something that could be reported later but for now its a lot of smokescreens and reports to mull over until something concrete comes along.

Gotham Season 2 Releases Poster Praising The Villains

After the season finale of Gotham we got a very eye opening reveal to......Ok if your still going after the periods you can handle the spoiler but young Bruce Wayne and Alfred found out about the secret passage behind the fireplace while Bruce searched through the study trying to find the ultimate secret left by his father. While the ultimate tipping point leading to the reveal was sort of a reach with Bruce saying his father was a "Stoic" like the character involved in the book and once he finds it he gets closer to the truth. We already have been teased that Cameron Monaghan's Joker will have a bigger role in this season instead of having the tease he had from season 1. The new posters and images showed the fact that the villains are coming in full force and they are here to stay and Gordon and Bullock have a lot of work to do when the premiere comes around on September 21st.

Marvel Studios Calls Doctor Strange A Darker "Fantasia"

So many Marvel comic book and movie fans completely lost it like One Direction fans when they heard the name "Stephen Strange" uttered in Cap 2 and now next November the film will be a reality. Having Benedict Cumberbatch playing Stephen Strange himself and getting major talent like Chiwetel Ejiofor playing Baron Mordo and right there you think your set on the cast and talent enough to go but then Marvel casts Tilda Swinton to play "The Ancient One" who is known to be the man who teaches Doctor Strange and Mordo their ways before they break off and one goes good and one breaks bad. So having Swinton take on another challenge that you know she can crush will be amazing to see. Then if it couldn't get any better hearing the rumor of Rachel Mcadams joining the cast as an unnamed character and possible love interest is something thats still up in the air but would be an amazing add if confirmed down the road. The report that goes with the title above states that Marvel Studios sort of gave of tease into what the world of Doctor Strange could be for people who love reading the books and people who have no idea about the story. Marvel called it more of a "Dark Version Of Fantasia" which as a kid Fantasia could have freaked you out like no other because it does have dark moments but maybe Marvel is saying something by adding it'll be "Darker" then that and saying they are going to go deeper and somewhere they haven't been before in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Dawn Of Justice Screens To Warner Heads And The Reaction May Surprise You...

When the higher ups who basically run everything and then some over at Warner Brothers were able to see the first screening of Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice you might think they have some notes to nitpick over for certain scenes that could need fixing because thats just the way its been for DC. The rumor was that that was one of the reasons that Green Lantern was such a bad film because so many cooks got into the kitchen on that then it became a giant disaster. So you would think the same fate would be coming for DOJ?? Well think again, After the screening in front of director Zack Snyder and other people who gave blood,sweat and tears on the set and making of the film were in attendance and they were received with a standing ovation when the lights popped up and the credits started to roll. After the screening Warner Brothers was so happy and overjoyed with the news of their first step in the brand new DC Universe that the big rumor is the studio is offering Ben Affleck total duties on not just 1 Batman film anymore but they want to bump it up to a brand new Batman Trilogy with Ben Affleck starring and directing and overseeing everything involved. Now some might think "Woah woah Warners! Slow your roll and wait until the thing has a monster opening first!" But Warner Brothers went on record and saying that they believed that Ben could be considered amongst everyone who played the caped crusader before as the "Definitive" Batman that will define a generation. So basically they could either be blowing smoke up everyone like it sounds like FOX did with Fantastic 4 since that movie is slowly going down like the Titanic or they are sticking their chest out much like their counterpart and saying Batfleck is going to really be a game changer and something they are proud they pulled the trigger on when they got the chance to. No matter what the case I am excited to see where this goes and hope the rumor is true about the trilogy because after 2020 and the slate that was released earlier where is Warners and DC going from there?? You know they have a gameplan but what could it be and maybe this is it.

Deadpool Trailer

Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice Comic Con Trailer

Gotham Season 2 Teaser


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