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Entertainment News Roundup For The Week Of August 10th

Updated on August 16, 2015

D23 Takes Over Anaheim!

If its this time of year and your a fan of movies then you must know then its time for Disney's D23 to show off what they have in store for their fans in Anaheim, California.Now the news for this will continue on throughout the weekend with things like Star Wars The Force Awakens and Marvel Studios taking their turns at the event showing off new stuff for the fans who are highly awaiting each film under each slate for the respective franchises. Those two fanbases whether it be Star Wars or Marvel are what people are wondering what they have in store and with everything else Disney will bring is just pure surprise to everyone else. The first day which was today/Friday where the main room saw the showing of all the animated films being shown off like in the beginning of the day a wall showed off some new poster art for such films that some knew about like "The Good Dinosaur" and "Toy Story 4" with other posters coming out for "The Incredibles 2","Alice Through The Looking Glass","Finding Dory" and "Cars 3". With that slate coming out you would have to think if every film comes out swinging then Pixar and Disney could be back to shape they were in back in the day. Later on during the panel people got surprise appearances from Johnny Depp for Alice Through The Looking Glass and how some wondered "Why make ANOTHER Alice In Wonderland movie?" But for how the poster looks it does have that magical and majestic look where anything can happen much like the book portrays so if this new film is anything like the first then it could be promising, Another surprise was Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson showing up to promote one of the surprise projects that he is doing called "Moana" about a powerful demigod and apparently during the showing of the stuff for the film he got worked up about it which some did not expect. While today could be D23's "Mic drop" and where all the news goes insane and what everyone wants to see it is good to know that Disney is still trying to bring back the great franchises we all love and remember from back in the day.

UPDATE:Right as I finished typing out this article all the good stuff started coming out of D23 for the fans which was the panel involving Marvel Studios and Star Wars. When the panel started it was being called as the "Live action" panel since the footage shown Friday was the "Animation" stuff but it started with Kevin Feige talking about Doctor Strange and while for some who weren't in attendance and following crazily on Twitter(This Guy) Some thought Marvel might surprise and show some footage from the film and really take over the day but instead Doctor Strange himself Benedict Cumberbatch filmed a video talking about what the film will be about and how magic will intertwine with the world of the MCU. Some Doctor Strange concept art was shown but for someone who looks at all news and everything news regarding comic book films, The pictures were leaked about 2 weeks early so when some people were losing their minds over them it was a step back for Marvel since they were already online. Then they moved forward with their prized fighter in Civil War. This time around they HAD footage to show in a trailer and it sounded like it was a full on complete trailer that could get added to screens later this year(Force Awakens??) But it talked about how there are in fact teams for Cap and Iron Man and you do get to see Scott Lang/Ant Man fan boy over Captain America and mess up on his words when meeting him. But other then that you hearing about was seeing shots of Black Widow fighting Hawkeye and many little quick one liners to make the trailer what it is and it was the best thing of the panel for the time being. Then right after Marvel moved on and Disney talked about their live action Disney based films in "Jungle Book","Petes Dragon" and "Beauty and the Beast". Jon Favereau is the director for the live action Jungle Book film and he also brought along footage for fans and once it was shown people were astounded and blown away by how good it looks and some said that it makes the CGI in "Life Of Pi" look mediocre and once the trailer/footage was over it received a standing ovation and the cast and Favereau in attendance were very gracious about the honor.Then Bryce Dallas Howard came out to tease some footage for "Pete's Dragon" which was definitely a tease because many didn't want this classic story ruined and I guess the story for the people who saw it enjoyed it but you don't get to see the dragon in the footage shown and Disney sort of leaves it in the shadows for now until closer to the films release. The final live action film before the headliner was the live action Beauty And The Beast, Some shots from the film were shown showing off Emma Watson in the iconic yellow dress and all of the set designs being in massive scale and making it something special since they know from history that the original Beauty And The Beast is a classic film. They also showed a little sizzle reel showing Luke Evans as Gaston and Josh Gad as Le Fou and the scene showed Evans singing the "Gaston" song that is played in the beginning of the original film and the director of the remake said that the film will be in fact a live action musical keeping in touch with the original and the details the original did so well. During Pete's Dragon presentation I had posted something on Twitter saying that once Marvel walked off the stage and had their time I quoted it as "Lebron walks off the stage and D23 does things right by letting Jordan(Star Wars) finish" Now some of you hardcore Marvel fans might be jumping down my throat right now but when it really comes down to it when you can vote as Jedi and get away with it and not Tony Stark its a bigger thing then anyone can ever control. Last but not least Star Wars came up to show off what they had to give all the hardcore fans and man did they deliver..One rumor was resolved when the Episode 9 director was confirmed in Jurassic World director Colin Trevarrow and that was something that was reported during Comic Con like a month ago by Umberto Gonzalez so he was very relieved to have the scoop come through and have everyone be happy about the announcement as well. Another surprised was JJ Abrams,Kathleen Kennedy and co. talked about Star Wars:Rogue One and how it was considered as a "Star Wars Story" instead of a "Anthology" piece now which I mean take it or leave it on that and the big surprise was that not only was the film shooting but they even had a cast picture of the most of the cast in their full outfits! The presenters even added that Mads Mikkelsen from TV's Hannibal and Alan Tudyk were added to the cast as well which really got people going. A lot were wondering if we would see any new footage from The Force Awakens but news was already given that it was a no go but instead they announced that Disneyland and Disneyworld are going to be expanded to have "Star Wars Land" and you'll be able to walk the world of Star Wars and even drive the Millennium Falcon! Last but not least this rumor was being tossed around the hall during the panel and was confirmed on Twitter during it as well but we WOULD see a brand new Drew Struzan designed poster for The Force Awakens adding onto Struzan's iconic work that he has done on all the other Star Wars films and to top it off every fan in attendance got one poster for free!

LEGO Batman Movie Taps Zach Galifanakis For Joker Role

First comes Will Arnett with the obvious casting as the Dark Knight himself after Will played the same character in "The LEGO Movie" so that sort of went unsaid. Then in the casting news was the casting of Robin with Michael Cera playing the voice and nobody has had an issue with that one. Now the casting director has found their clown prince of crime in Zach Galinfanakis. Yes the guy from the Hangover movies can be added to that illustrious list of actors that will be playing The Joker on screen and now his career and playing the character will now forever be looked at under a giant microscope. As far as the the news went for Zach getting this role it went from talks to him basically doing it in 2 days because for an actor its a rare occasion when someone says no to playing that character. My big question is now that they got the main characters out of the way and its all voice casting who they can get for characters for the LEGO Batman movie to get people to see it because when it comes down to it the sky is really the limit much like the game because without comic book nerds freaking out you can do a Poison Ivy and Penguin without anyone causing a fuss on who it is or what it might cause to the universe much like what is happening over at Warner Brother's DCU they are trying to build next year.

First Official Shot Of Tom Hiddleston As Hank Williams

For Marvel movie fans most people might have a hard time when it comes time to see actor Tom Hiddleston acting in something else that isn't the fan favorite character "Loki". The one that comes to mind is the Guillermo Del Toro directed horror thriller "Crimson Peak" which seems like a stretch for him since Hiddleston as Loki is SO good it might be something different and just not his place when it comes to horror. But if you think that is out of his element he has also decided to tackle the biopic element the only thing that swings his way so far in this is he really DOES look like the guy he's playing! When the film "I Saw The Light" was announced about the story of country legend Hank Williams and that Hiddleston was being tapped as the character many didn't know if he could do it because when Marvel asks you do be a character your almost married to the character for your career until said character dies which seems like never in that universe. But recently with this photo that was released, All it could have possibly taken was maybe clothes and a haircut and he is basically Hank Williams's doppleganger and the look is uncanny how much they resemble each other side by side. Also since its just a picture and no trailer has been released either I can't say much else on this but on the picture front this is a home run so far for me.

DC Gets Commitment From NBC For Workplace Comedy

In news that came out yesterday that was very surprising to me, DC Comics has worked out a pilot production commitment with NBC to produce a workplace comedy called "Powerless". The show is coming from A to Z creator Ben Queen and is being compared to something like "The Office With Superheroes". Now when I was explaining this story to people and jokingly asking if they would even want to see this? Some said it could be funny if it had that fun side like The Office had where absolutely anything could happen in The Office during business hours, Another surprise was that I joked was is this show gonna be Clark Kent asking Bruce if he got his TPS reports for the day? But apparently the show creator doesn't want to use big names and use the ones who are more ordinary hence the title of the show "Powerless". But apparently the workplace instead of a paper company will be an insurance company and they can often get jealous of the ones who they see in the papers or on the news making headlines for example the two names I just mentioned above.

CBS Orders Pilot For Training Day Series

For the people reading this who have had the chance to watch Training Day what is your favorite scene from the film? Because there can be numerous ones since it is such a memorable and quotable film. For the ones who haven't, Save this page go away from your computer get the movie whatever way you have to go watch it as soon as you can because besides End Of Watch it is one of the last cop dramas I have seen that has been so gritty and raw and to the point which makes it such an amazing film. So after about 14 years then you would wonder where Denzel Washington's Academy Award winning performance would go from there?? Well to CBS of course, CBS has chosen to pick up the rights to make a television show for this and sort of tell a stripped down version of this because even though that shows like "Criminal Minds" and "CSI" sort of go heavy on the violence Training Day is a completely different beast and if you have watched the movie you get it so it will be interesting to see who they cast in the roles for the characters that Washington and Ethan Hawke played and what scenes they will re do as well to recreate this one of a kind cop drama.

Patrick Stewart Confirms Role For Wolverine 3

With the anticipated release of X-Men Apocalypse coming next year and it being hyped as one of the most anticipated along with Civil War and Dawn of Justice because of how well Days Of Future Past did when it was released it really was a sign that FOX's X-Men franchise was back in full force and everyone wanted a slice. In Apocalypse we will not see Patrick Stewart playing the other Charles Xavier much like in Days Of Future Past and didn't sign on for the film which sent a giant "BUMMER!" throughout the nerd universe. But now in recent events after Hugh Jackman said there was going to be another Wolverine film that could possibly be the fan favorite "Old Man Logan" story, There Stewart did say he would come back and his Charles Xaver would play a key role when he does come back as well ramping up a film that was announced almost a month with nothing else to go on so kudos to Stewart to stoking the flame for Wolverine 3 early and getting the fans excited.

Straight Outta Compton Heading For Number 1 Weekend

Music's most dangerous group's biopic is coming this weekend and many thought is this going be like the field of 50 Cent's movies where only his fans saw them but they weren't touted as the greatest things on screen. Or is it in the realm of Walk The Line and 8 Mile to keep it in the genre where its getting praised by critics everywhere and both Walk The Line and 8 Mile got Academy Awards nods and wins. Well I am going to check out the film this weekend "Straight Outta Compton" is something that has gotten the right amount of hype to get it a 5 million midnight opening which to me was a surprise because I thought 1 or 2 at most but good for the film. Now with so many people hearing the good praise its getting an amount of 48-55 million dollar weekend and getting a for sure spot at number 1 for the weekend with only Mission Impossible Rogue Nation which could still have viewers but it sounds like people are either all in for Straight Outta Compton. The only other competition for "Compton" is the updated Guy Ritchie directed "The Man From UNCLE" which will possibly drive more adults to see since it is based off of a 60's TV show and the whole nostalgia factor could be put on play if Ritchie does the movie right but with the heat and force critics are putting on how good of a biopic Straight Outta Compton is it sounds like a longshot it will not be Number 1 for the weekend.

Bad Boys 3 and 4 Without Will Smith??

When Sony announced Bad Boys 3 and 4 and made it that much closer to the reality that we could see the boys back together again for more violence and laughs much like the last 2 films that may be disliked by some but are loved by more. But with time comes consequences, Since its been over 12 years since Bad Boys 2 things have changed and apparently there is going to be a possibility of Bad Boys movies without Will Smith's character Mike Lowrey not being involved in it but Martin Lawrence is. Will Smith did add that he wouldn't be completely cut off from the films but Smith would work as an Executive Producer on the 3rd and 4th films. To me as someone who still watches the 2nd one today and loves it and shows it to people like its a great action movie but seeing those two break up and have Martin Lawrence work with someone else and call it a 3rd Bad Boys just doesn't feel right to me and I really wonder if these films on the slate will come through or fall off the map like Sony's Uncharted plans have been.

New Marketing From Lionsgate For Mockingjay Pt.2 Shows An Enormous Red Flag

100 Days.....The new marketing is clear and obvious for the last Mockingjay film and it gets fans over the moon excited with just the announcement on a poster of "100 Days" in front of Jennifer Lawrence's face with the Mockingjay painted on her face. Now for some after they stop freaking about the 100 day thing if you take a REALLY good look at the promotional posters you will notice a grave GRAVE mistake by Lionsgate that might end up costing them mounds of money in advertising. Among everything going on in the poster and since you get a very close up shot of Jennifer's eyes and the "100 Days" is up close as well but what you don't notice upon first glance is that over Lawrence's nose they add an "Until" to obviously make it "100 Days Until" but adding that until over the last 0 in the 100 is where they tripped over themselves. Now as this sounds confusing I am going to go on a limb and post the picture on here and hope that this site doesn't ask me to take it down and if so then you might have to google it. But if you look around the left part of her nose it says one of the worst words you can call someone in the arsenal of cuss words. So when you think in the back of your head of things that could accidentally end up on a poster???? Its worse lol So take a look and see for yourself the giant mistake made and see if it ends up effecting what the advertising outcome is for Hunger Games moving forward.

Ride Along 2 Trailer And Poster Release

Out of nowhere in the beginning of the week a poster was released showing Ice Cube and Kevin Hart together again as partners this time for "Ride Along 2". Since the first Ride Along was such a success it was only a matter of time before a trailer and this announcement would come along and what the story would be and where they could possibly go with it. So me viewing it I took it the same way I watched the first one as well and just watched it for what it was but 30 seconds in to the teaser I was roaring laughing as Kevin Hart is flying around hitting ceilings and shooting off his gun carelessly and being the same guy he was in the first one which worked so well for him before. The end of the trailer which I won't spoil because I am going to add it on the bottom of the page but the end is one of the highlights as well showing how great of a team Ice Cube and Hart are together on screen.

Fantastic 4 Review

So where to start on this film...To begin, I won a prize pack for this movie from a local radio station so I won a bunch of swag from the movie and won free tickets for the film so before anyone goes "YOU PAID TO SEE THIS?!?!" I got to see it for free. But at the end of the day once the lights came on and the credits rolled and I threw away my popcorn...Fantastic 4 could end up being one of the worst films of the year alongside movies like Pixels and Vacation but in the Comic Book movie side of it its not the worse EVER. I just did a recent article saying are we fortunate to have these movies or are privileged and think we deserve these movies because since us as fans know things about these movies we think we deserve to control them as well when thats not the case and never will be. But when you think about the aspect of comic book films that have been released EVER you could throw out Catwoman with Halle Berry because I haven't met someone who actually liked that movie yet and then you have Batman & Robin which basically killed the Batman franchise until Christopher Nolan got a hold of it and made it something that will never be let go anymore. When it comes down to Fantastic 4 you could bring up the other 3 movies that came out before this one on the characters and us as fans are just bummed that FOX didn't make what WE wanted so this is us lashing out at them hating their "New" property instead of just saying it could have been better. Hearing all the rumors didn't help this property either on the stuff on director Josh Trank and how he got thrown off of Star Wars from how he behaved on the film and everyday another rumor comes out with the newest being he almost got into a fistfight with Miles Teller who plays Reed Richards in the film. While I watched it I didn't have the greatest expectations because people basically compared it to something along the lines of bile and cat food mushed together in a giant mess. But while watching it with about 15 minutes left I had said to myself when Doctor Doom comes into play that "Unless this film has a "Gallows" type ending it isn't that bad" which i am mentioning the horror film "The Gallows" which had a horrendous ending. But it did what it had to do and if the rumors were true about FOX and Trank clashing on what they both wanted the film could have ended openly with Doom alive and leaving questions unanswered but it doesn't do that(SPOILERS) it does what the Jessica Alba/Chris Evans ones did and finished off the villain when the group needed to. Now I am not gushing over it like it wasn't the greatest film ever but it wasn't the worst at all either when you look at some of the comedies that have come out this year that have tried to be "Great comedies" and have failed this should be able to get a pass as well because in 3 years comic book fans won't remember it with the 18 movies coming out in the future.


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Ride Along 2 Trailer

The Good Dinosaur Trailer

Straight Outta Compton Trailer


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