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Entertainment News Roundup For The Week Of August 17th-23rd

Updated on August 22, 2015

More Joker Theories Come Along And The Cast Of Suicide Squad Has Some Fun On Set

Another week goes by and yes readers we have ANOTHER Jared Leto Joker theory to talk about even though the chances of it being true are slim to none but interesting all in the same. This theory again comes from a Reddit user where he or she must have watched the Dawn Of Justice trailer from Comic Con on loop until things started to be pieced together. But the main start of it is that when you look at the scene from the trailer where you see the Robin outfit hung up with the "HAHAHA JOKES ON YOU BATMAN!" on it someone placed two red circles showing that at one point Robin was either stabbed at the shoulder point areas or shot where it went through the outfit to leave an indent and possibly even leave Robin with a scar or 2. Interesting enough the other picture on the side shows the much maligned first look at Leto as the new Joker and the same two dots are circled in the area and when you zoom in on the shot by both of Leto's shoulder's you see two tiny scars that basically match up with the hung up outfit. Intriguing no??

But to add to the fire of the theory when you watch the trailer and you hear the line "How many good people are left?" or something along those lines and it makes you wonder at least for a second like Maybe??? But at the end of the day scoopmaster Umberto Gonzalez had to take a flood of questions on this and since he knows enough covering the film that he warned whoever asked would be blocked by him because the theory is THAT ridiculous to even consider. So you would have to think before March rolls around were gonna get like 10 more of these but this one had me thinking for a few seconds before actually knowing that Jared Leto is The Joker and no one else at the end of the day and the speculations are just fun things to talk about until the films release.

The other part to the stories title involves the cast taking some down time and while a good amount of them has been very vocal with fans on social media and sending out pictures on Instagram. The most recent shots show Will Smith giving Joel Kinnaman a tattoo saying the word "SKWAD" which is a weirder way of saying "Squad". The other shots showed Margot Robbie AKA Harley Quinn in the full getup giving people like director David Ayer and actress Karen Fukuhara getting the SKWAD mark on her foot and in a little bit of pain while the picture was taken and shown on Cara Delevigne's Instagram who you would have to assume already had her turn in the chair. Some people might look at this and be saying "MISTAKE!!" Just because its a movie doesn't mean you have to get something so permanent but at the same time I can't even think about the last time I saw a cast become so tight knit together and do crazy things like go to music festivals together and even do something as permanent as get/give tattoos. So I mean for the nature of the film and everything else why not right? The last little bit was released today from Jay Hernandez's Instagram and it showed what looks like a wicker basket with a cover and on top was a note to his character "Diablo" and written almost in a weird and messy way, Something wrapped in a napkin or paper its hard to tell from the picture and a box with a Joker card on top of it. Hernandez posted a caption saying "This is a gift I received from The Joker himself, Inside is a glimpse into the mind of a mad man.#putasmileonthatface. Now since this happened earlier in the day nothing was reported as to whats inside of the box or even what the gift was but for Hernandez to basically say it was something so out there and crazy that it WAS the Joker. He could have said "From my lovely castmate Jared but I haven't heard one person call him by name since filming since he has been in character since day 1.

Ice Cube And Son Could Possibly Make Another Film Together

After the crazy success from "Straight Outta Compton" getting the number 1 movie of the weekend with about a 66 million dollar haul maybe more. So whats the next possible move after this?? A "Straight Outta Compton" sequel involving the leftover stars that made appearances in the film like Snoop Dogg and Tupace? As of right now no but its being talked about. Ice Cube and his son O'Shea Jackson Jr who did and exceptional job playing his father which probably wasn't hard to do. The rumor thats going around is that Ice Cube and Jackson will do a film covering the incident that ties in with the title "April 29th, 1992" Now if you know where I am going with this but for the some that don't that was the date of the LA Riots that took over the world once they started and became an event during the process of the riots starting to actually closing and getting everything in order. There was a 90's documentary that covered everything from the 90's including this incident showing tons of footage of what happened on that day. The film is being classified as a thriller and it really should be because when you watch the footage wherever it could be found and it truly gives you the idea that if you were on the streets on that day no one was safe in any way shape or form and seeing that on screen would really be something interesting to cover and tell the actually story of what happened. As of now both of the actors camps have denied involvement to the film but in a weeks time you never know what could happen so this story is ongoing and could develop in a matter of time.

Ecstasy Origin Film In Works

If i were to tell you that basketball player Steve Nash was going to produce a movie would you believe I was even serious or that it was possible?? Because it is and it looks like the project he wants to do is moving forward. The film will be about the origin of the drug "Ecstasy" or the popular nickname "Molly". Seeing someone tackle how the drug was made and thought of and telling millions of people how dangerous the drug can possibly be if taken the wrong way which is basically every way and also telling the story that it is among one o the highest party drugs out there as well making for a very interesting tale whether it be a documentary or a inspiration piece it will be interesting to see where Nash and the studio take this and if it becomes something like "Traffic" or something that didn't get as much praise like Bad Boys 2 which has become more of a cult film then something that gets praise and accolades so we will see.

Christian Bale To Star In Ferrari Biopic

For all the exotic car fans out there and just fans of the Ferrari brand. The story of the creator of the Ferrari Enzo is getting his story told by director Michael Mann. Now some may ask "Who will play the character of Mr.Enzo?" and look no further to Mr.Method himself Christian Bale. When this news was reported I sent this over to my friend who likes cars as much as I love reporting the news out and he was onboard with Bale as the character and didn't see a problem with it but others aren't seeing it the same way. Now it could just be initial shock and letting it wear off for a week might have differing opinions later on but people weren't happy with the fact that he looks nothing like Enzo does in pictures and people start to mull over how he had to tan for what it seems to be daily to play Moses in Exodus and people/viewers were frustrated over getting two white guys to play the roles that other unknown actors could do just as good if not better. Now on the plus side, A lot of actors go "Method" for a role to look and act almost perfectly like the person being played. Some look at people like Robert De Niro in his roles or how I mentioned above that Jared Leto hasn't been around forever but every movie he does he goes all in to make it the best role possible and if you want to know how just google is method acting habits and some might shock you. Then there's Bale...When you think about Bale now its like "Oh Batman!" but he did put on unnecessary weight and fat to look bigger in "American Hustle" and literally had a beer gut in the film and owned it like it was nothing. The crowning achievement though is the film "The Machinist" where he lost what seemed to be 80-100 pounds and in a shot you could google you can see his skin starting to wrap around his ribcage because he was so skinny during shooting. Rapper Eminem wanted to bite that style for a music video and Bale warned him not to because it destroyed his body so he can go there if needed. When you look over his history whether it be those films or the lengths he decided to go for "The Fighter" I have a feeling Mann and the studio have their guy.

Kong:Skull Island Making More Developments

The world of Skull Island is starting to take shape with the recent news of Corey Hawkins who just played Dr.Dre in "Straight Outta Compton" getting a role in the film and filling out the cast after the departures of JK Simmons and Michael Keaton. Now having them would have been amazing but the pace their going just getting the film out there is the main goal now. Writer Derek Connolly who can be notably known for writing the mammoth "Jurassic World" is being reported to be working on the script for the film and for the atmosphere that "Jurassic" had this is very good news for the film. The other news was another addition to the cast and it is actor Toby Kebbell. Now people might not want to see Kebbell for a while since he played a Doctor Doom to forget in the new "Fantastic 4" film that came out some might wonder what role he has to play and to what capacity it'll be in the film as well. But for the news of Skull Island getting a writer who's film just made more money then anything this year and 2 actors who can really control the story and screen for the better so I am getting more and more excited for something to show for Kong:Skull Island.

The Fantastic 4 Story That Was...

If you read my last week's news you saw my review of this film and how it was lowest graded film that I have covered while doing this. Now to me there are worse and more all over type superhero films that should be in the doghouse more then this film I just believe that fans are frustrated at never having the "Right" interpretation of the Fantastic family themselves. But just think that if it were possible to sort of see into the world of what could have been from the original script for the film that was changed over and over and cause a lot of drama between the director and studio and even certain actors and the director too. But after reading this there was one word that already would have made the film good for me and that word is "Galactus". The simple fact that Simon Kinberg and Co. were planning on using the villain nobody wanted to touch because of his ultimate power and how he is basically "The eater of worlds" is a major shift to what the story ended up being. Other things covered were Victor Von Doom and Reed would become allies for some time but Victor decides to be a covert spy and take what is learned form Reed and the crew and use it against them in Latveria. Then the big scene was that Galactus is what they find when they transport over to another planet and see something completely different then what was shown and the fact that instead of a volcano type thing turning Victor to Doctor Doom but Galactus capturing Victor and making things play out that instead of Doom not showing up in the film until the last 15 minutes. The other thing was that the film would jump around a lot more in time and give more experience to each character and hearing the fact that instead of Johnny Storm being a street racer and trouble maker he would be a reality TV star which at the end of the day you can take or leave but it is something different then what everyone saw nonetheless. So much of what could be read now online isn't things that could save the franchise 110% but it would have been a bigger swing in their favor then what they got and how the film was treated after release.

More Details Revealed On Civil War

This story is another great scoop from Heroic Hollywood and Umberto Gonzalez involving Captain America:Civil War. Now in the film we just were gifted with a shot of Bucky and Falcon running down the street sort of looking like they are either racing each other or trying to make it to the next blue light special but either way the pictures is interesting. It was reported that Civil War will have an "Iron Man" squad and a "Cap" squad for whoever chooses Tony or Cap's ways in the film and one person who is definitely on Team Iron Man is Peter Parker. The news is that we will be able to see where Parker grows up and won't delve into a origin film because its been done over and over again. But at some point in this film that is almost being called "Avengers 2.5" instead of Civil War for all the appearances but Spider Man will try to do battle with Captain America himself and you will see them square off in the film. I know this isnt a big surprise or scoop but for fans anticipating this movie next year over everything else are just waiting and anticipating news for the film everyday since the on set photos are starting to join the ranks of "Suicide Squad" level where people are posting 5 shots a day over in Germany before they wrap filming.

Straight Outta Compton Review

What more can I say about this film that hasn't been said already, I am just going to tell you up front before getting into the details that I LOVED this film and it literally couldn't have been better for me as the viewer knowing about the groups history as well and the genre's history and what played out in the film. The film starts basically giving the viewers a look at the news around the time and before it cuts to the story and the scenes first shot you hear Dr.Dre say "You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge". The film opens with Eazy-E going to a drug house and asking for his cut of the sales and director F Gary Grey immediately locks you into the ride and doesn't let you in a matter of minutes when you hear the police and sirens of the squad coming to bust the house including breaking through the wall with a battering ram and killing one of the people waiting their arrival. Then you see Eazy get out and the title card shows up. This film gives you every aspect to how each member was raised and what they did before deciding to form the group. Some scenes are hard to watch in the film, In example where Ice Cube is one the bus writing and some kids starting giving a car some crap next to the bus and the car stops in front of the bus and the men come inside and threaten to kill the kids with the weapons they have on them. So you know right away that this film is taking no prisoners and its going to be brutal and as honest as ever. Another scene that stuck out to me was Ice Cubes character going home and since he walked around a police situation the police immediately thought Cube was involved and was a "Gang Member" and tried to arrest him in front of Ice Cubes family. Other scenes that played out as some of the funniest/best scenes were when NWA was out touring together. One that comes to mind is on the groups stop in Detroit where they are warned before going on that they cannot play "F The Police" and over amounts of cursing will cause the police to shut it down. Then seeing cops stuck way in the back of the arena you see the entire group of NWA look at each other and Ice Cube starts the lyrics of "F The Police" and it ended up starting a riot in the area after the show. But I will try not to spoil the entire film because if you are a fan of the genre or even music biopic films "Straight Outta Compton" is a perfect example at how to do one of those films RIGHT. Even though the movie clocks in at 2 and a half hours and was reported as the third act being draining and lagging but to the some that know the story and history thats where all of that comes into play where you will see Suge Knight around a lot more and appearances by friends and rap artists Snoop Dogg and Tupac as well. One little thing they mentioned that I did love was that you see Ice Cube on a computer and he's doing the script for "Friday" and says a memorable line from the first film to tip the viewer off which was great to see and hear that Gray even took time to add that into the film as well. This film is going to lead to bright futures from every one who was in NWA and is going to go down as one of my top 10 best of the year by far.


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