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Entertainment News Roundup For The Week Of August 24th-30th

Updated on August 29, 2015

Captain America Civil War Trailer Screenshots Leak

Just when all those lucky fans at D23 thought they were safe and in the clear from the animal that is "The Internet" Today showed off some of the first things we would see from Captain America:Civil War. Pictures and GIF's were released early Saturday morning stating that this was the "First look" at what everyone got to see at D23 in Anaheim a few weeks back. Now it does have a telling sign that they may possibly have been shown somewhere else because every shot and GIF has Chinese watermarks attached to them on the bottom. Although the first shot you get to see is Black Panther in action would be enough to get people going but then scrolling down you see the teams that were mentioned earlier this week as well as you see a shot of Cap's team walking in perfect formation towards what you would think is Iron Man's crew. You also get to see shots of Frank Grillo in the full Crossbones gear. The big shocker would have been if someone got a shot of Tom Holland in the Spider Man gear since now that this has leaked it kind of seems like the only huge draw Marvel has to unveil at this time. Now you could say Benedict Cumberbatch as Strange but Spider Man has been arguably noted as Marvel's greatest hero over every Avenger that has been shown in both films and Spider Man's reveal is going to cause the internet to stutter off and possibly even break for a bit when the official shot is released. The first place I got the tip off for the pictures was from and many other sites have joined in on reporting the story as well. Some Twitter handles and Facebook's have started a hashtag to get it trending saying "ReleaseCivilWarTrailer". Much like the fans did with the Comic Con Suicide Squad trailer fans leaked it early and many people have already watched it from the camera version on someone's phone to end up having Warner Brothers confess that they tried to fight the videos releases on Youtube then decided to wave the white flag and give the geek community what they ultimately wanted in the end and for me personally I think Marvel should do the same because once the ACTUAL Suicide Squad trailer was released it gained more views then both Batman Vs Superman trailers and Deadpool still has about 20 million views to even catch up to it. So the extra publicity is never a bad thing for anyone so all we have to see is if Marvel decides to show it off and or make the mass community of fans beyond excited for this film wait months longer to possibly December when it could be attached to The Force Awakens which could seem like the obvious choice given the Disney connection from both camps.

Some Of 2016's Most Anticipated Wrap Filming!

For the people counting down the days until 2016 rolls around and the new and amazing crop of films starting rolling into theaters it is always promising to read the news when they wrap production and are moved onto the post production things before being 100% and finished. The films I am talking about are Civil War,X-Men Apocalypse,ID4 2 or Independence Day Resurgence and the most recent Suicide Squad which reportedly wrapped last night. Now out of all of these it almost seems unfair to rank each one by most anticipated because each one is going to leave its mark on the outrageously busy 2016 but after watching on set shots and everything come together is definitely a special thing to be apart of as well. The Civil War cast and crew all had a party that looked very swanky and upper class which is what they need after all the hours put in for filming. The cast also signed a menu for where the party was as a thank you of sorts for letting them party there. X-Men and ID4 2 have been less public about showing what they have worked on with simple shots of director Brian Singer teases the massive displays that will take place in the new film to ID4 2 just out of nowhere being wrapped with filming and the only publicity around it was the live cast they did with the director and some of the cast. The most public however and you should know if you follow the postings I have weekly that Suicide Squad was reported to have wrapped Sunday or Monday then director David Ayer took to Twitter to say "Few More Days To Go!" giving last night the final night of production in Toronto. Ayer released a "Where's Waldo" type cast photo where it shows every person that worked on the film even the stunt doubles dressed as their characters in the film so when you think you found Margot Robbie as Harley you might have to double check in the middle of the pile to find her with a prop gun to her head and her tongue out. The only member not in attendance was The Joker himself, During the week Leto took to his Instagram to report that his Joker Green hair was gone and showing a picture of the cut hair on the floor and even another shot of him growing back his eyebrows and dying his hair to a different shade. While the cast seems to have grown into a little family with the gifts they gave and most of the core cast getting "Skwad" tattoos from one another shows they had a great time and while Leto could challenge people like Christian Bale and De Niro for being "Method" in every film they do it was understandable why he wasn't present for the party since no one knew him as Jared during filming..

First Look At Michael Fassbender In Assassin's Creed

This really came out of left field for me, On Thursday Yahoo! stunned most of the geek world in the morning by showing Michael Fassbender in his full costume for the "Assassin's Creed" film that coming out Christmas time of next year. For one person who has reported on this film going back and forth in development hell it was surprising that a picture has surfaced showing Fassbender as the character "Callum Lynch" who is going to be based specifically for the film. For someone who is a big fan of the games and buys them whenever they are released I will say that they got the look down on Fassbender while still being able to look mysterious and menacing all in one shot so kudos to them for that. Other then that it is being directed by the same director who did Macbeth with Fassbender and Marion Cotillard who are sharing the creed together in AC and for the critics that have seen the film or gotten a chance to see footage of it Macbeth's Rotten Tomatoes score right now is a 92% and a 98% on the fans wanting to see it side so if the director sticks to the same blueprint that he does for Macbeth then you know it'll stay true to the games history and will look as authentic as possible as well.

Doctor Strange Taps Hannibal For Villain Role

Just after the big news of being an addition to the cast of Star Wars:Rogue One, Mads Mikkelson is being eyed for the villain role in the "Doctor Strange" film opposite Benedict Cumberbatch and Chiwetel Ejiofor and Tilda Swinton being cast as "The Ancient One" in the film. Now while nothing is set in stone as of this week anything can change where he signs on or someone else snags the role but if Mikkelson ends up getting it I mean I am giving Marvel Studios and standing O on their casting choices for this film. Normally like you see in Thor with Odin being played by the amazing Anthony Hopkins and Robert Redford being cast in Winter Solider you know that Marvel Studios does like to cast talent in their roles but so far Doctor Strange is wall to wall with exceptional talent saying that Mikkelson agrees to play the villain role. It is safe to say I am beyond excited for footage for this film when it finally roles around.

Another Member From "Straight Outta Compton" Joins Kong:Skull Island

After actor Corey Hawkins soared beyond what many thought by playing an out of this world portrayal of Dr.Dre in "Straight Outta Compton" Hawkins later agreed to take on the biggest and most iconic ape ever in Kong:Skull Island. Now actor Jason Mitchell who played Eazy-E in "Compton" as well has decided to follow in his friends footsteps and join on to the film as well. With a cast of Mitchell and Hawkins joining the likes of Samuel L Jackson,John C Reilly,Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson making this look like one promising cast and even though a tease was shown a year or 2 ago at San Diego Comic Con I have a feeling this film is going to be one of those dark horse specials when it is released in 2017.

Vin Diesel Confirms XXX 3

Vin Diesel did make everyone in the geek world jump for joy when he announced that he would indeed come back to play the fan favorite character of "Groot" in Guardians Of The Galaxy 2. Now Diesel is trying to live out one of his dreams by making a XXX sequel with him in the leading role. The second film in the series "XXX:State Of The Union" had Ice Cube in the XXX role and was more government oriented then spy and espionage like the first film. Another bad draw was people prefer the Vin Diesel led first film over Ice Cube's if you are a fan of the series. Now you will be able to see Diesel go back to his action filled roots and do what he does best. I personally didn't hate the first film and feel as if the second one with Ice Cube could be considered a "Side Story" to the XXX lore since around the time of Bond's success many copycats were trying to be reproduced in a Jason Bourne,Ethan Hunt,Jack Bauer and of course XXX. Diesel added that the film will begin shooting in the Philippines in December so it looks like its a for sure thing and theres no turning back now.

Steven Knight Gives Update On World War Z 2

The first World War Z film was one of the most anticipated films the year it was released and everything from the posters and marketing to the first trailers that were released made tons of people want to see what this movie was about and if you read the book that you would figure skyrocket in sales because of the film seeing how "True to form" it was with the original base material. Well after it was released there were some who praised the film for showing furious and angry zombies which were some we haven't seen since Zack Snyder's "Dawn Of The Dead" and the scene on the plane was one of the more notable frightening scenes for people who have a fear of flying. If you were on board for the first film or not writer Steven Knight has given an update on the sequel saying that his first draft of the script has been completed and turned into the studio. Now thats like step 1 or 2 in getting a film made so once the studio which i believe is Legendary Pictures will go over it and possibly love it or pick it apart until it serves them well. So this news can be changed before Monday rolls around and another draft could be done. One thing is for sure though that I hope Knight and company stuck to the material from the book because a lot of readers felt the first film just took the title of the book and made it something completely different so we will have to see how this one develops over time.

The Possibility Of A "Straight Outta Compton" Sequel Are Looking Clearer

With Straight Outta Compton looking to own the box office for a 3RD straight week, Many wonder where the music/biopic films go from here? Since "Compton" is looking like its going to become the "American Sniper" of the year and don't freak out at me saying that given both stories content I am just comparing it to that film because nobody expected "Sniper" to own the box office as long as it did and be one of the top earners for the year that wasn't a comic book film. It appears that the idea of "After Compton" is happening and being shopped around with the idea of seeing Tupac live out his career and adding characters like Warren G and the Notorious BIG into the mix and basically continuing the history that "Compton" told so very well from director F Gary Grey. It would be pretty sweet coming from someone who covered the history of the genre to see the whole "West Coast/East Coast" rivalry being shown on film since the only time it was truly covered in depth was in documentaries and hasn't been told in a loose form like "Compton" was. Also seeing the rise of Snoop Dogg's career and everyone he met and brought into the fold of Hip Hop to make him the superstar he is today. Now it is always fair to ask "When is it going to become TOO much seeing stories like this?" Seeing fatigue over the genre or having the story go too far to the point where people could just stop caring is a fair thing to mention since it can happen but with the fact that since "Straight Outta Compton" was released NWA has received their first Billboard Hot 100 hit with the track that is the same for the movie and the album "Straight Outta Compton" shot all the way up to number 5 or 6 on the Billboard 200 album chart. In a world where practically half the world has given up buying albums or records and resorted to iTunes as a way of getting their music fix. You can at least see and tell that the power of nostalgia is very strong and alive today and possibly seeing this story played out could work out for the best for this film.

Gambit And Channing Tatum May Have Just Found Their Female Lead

Gambit has become one of those comic book films where people have become excited for it while still being on the fence about the whole idea of it. Whether it is Magic Mike gearing up to play the card welding cajun Gambit or the fact that the film fell on some harsh rumors with the thoughts that Tatum was going back and forth with the studio about signing on to do the film and even having rumors of him dropping out of the role as well. Once those were quickly changed and Tatum signed on officially to play Gambit it was the studios next job to find who will play "Bella Donna Bordeaux" in the film. Well look no further as it seems that FOX has locked a deal with actress Lea Seydoux to play the character in the film. Seydoux has played the "Bad girl" in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and even playing the new Bond girl in the upcoming "Spectre". While these are the only two big names in the film there isn't much that can be said on the subject until more news is released or even footage if were lucky down the road.

Borderlands Movie In The Works

The video game "Borderlands" has become something of a cult hit in the gaming world. Where some either always look towards games like Madden and NHL when they are released on a yearly basis or the group of fans that will show up at midnight at a Best Buy to get anything "Call Of Duty". But for Borderlands it is one of those games where special editions of the game have been released with special items for fans and they get snatched up like a black friday special. So the basic thought of a movie for this franchise almost seems like a no brainer and something that should have been announced a while ago. But with the upcoming films like Warcraft and Assassin's Creed vowing to rake in tons at the box office I guess the studios think this could be the next option for something to keep fans faith in the idea of producing an excellent video game film.

Season 2 Of Gotham Gets A New Trailer Showcasing Madness And Villains At Their Best

I just recently binge watched the entire 1st season of Gotham to stay informed on what I either missed or needed to remember before the premiere on September 21st. I personally enjoy how they incorporate names and characters into the story to still make it flow at a great and enjoyable pace. I do like how they waited until the season finale to show young Bruce finding out more about his dads secret in his office. Now in this new season it is being poised as the "Season of the villain" and the new trailer is showing that in full force. With shots of The Penguin and his climb to become the villain we all know and grew up with from lore. Also one character who was showcased quite a bit in the new trailer was Cameron Monaghan's character Jerome or if you've seen the trailer its safe to say he's a young Joker. When you watch how he deals with mob bosses and breaks into the GCPD in full cop attire while providing many scenes with that signature cackle he owns to a T. I will post the trailer on the bottom of this for the ones who haven't caught it yet but it is definitely something to watch and is as enjoyable a series to stand up to the ranks of other shows like Arrow and Flash which will both be returning as well this year.

Which Wrapped Film Are You Most Excited For?

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Gotham-Villains Rising

Macbeth Trailer

Borderlands 2 Trailer


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