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Entertainment News Roundup For The Week Of August 31st-September 6th

Updated on September 5, 2015

Kevin Feige Hulksmashing His Way To Disney

Its safe to say by now that Kevin Feige is one if not THE architect to creating Marvel's Cinematic Universe and making it work out the way it does. But at a time where Feige and Co. do next to everything right Kevin still isn't considered the boss or something close to it, Until now. What is being called as the "Logical next step" in what Disney is planning on doing with their big properties has integrated Marvel Studios with Disney Studios so now the only person that Feige reports to about bouncing off ideas or finalizing things is Alan Horn. Now if you want to know who Alan Horn is just google him or go on Wikipedia to know but this move is a giant leap forward for Kevin in what has been a long and successful journey in building a cinematic universe for Marvel. Feige used to report to Marvel Entertainment CEO Isaac "Ike" Perlmutter and sort of had to go through a few hoops before having things go into play but now he basically doesn't have to answer to Perlmutter anymore and most of Marvel Studios functions will take place in Burbank California and everything else creative like TV and publishing will still go under Perlmutter's wing. It is also reported that co president Louis D'Esposito will also report to Horn and get the same level as Feige which is a good choice since it seems like those two are the ones driving the creative train over there at Marvel Studios and making the big things happen to get big budgets to come with it.

Wes Craven-Remembered

On Sunday night it came as quite a shock to hear from Variety's breaking news that acclaimed director Wes Craven had passed away. Craven was not only known for scaring millions of people with characters like Freddy Krueger and Ghostface and carrying on their legacy to be able to make multiple films and have them be something that fans can come back to over and over again. Craven also directed many classic older horror films like "The Last House On The Left", "The Hills Have Eyes",A few episodes of "The Twilight Zone" and even a "Swamp Thing" film in 1982. In between making Scream 3 and 4 Craven made other Horror projects that didn't make tons in the box office but were something he wanted to make because he loved the genre. From 2005-2010 the films in question were "Cursed","Red Eye" and "My Soul To Take". Craven passed at 76 years old after fighting brain cancer and again to some(Including the person writing this) his Scream movies and Nightmare On Elm Street films made me a fan of the genre and want to look into more films from the genre and if anything 20 years down the road his name should most definitely belong in a "Horror Hall Of Fame" somewhere soon.

James Bond Author Utters Two Words That Shocked The Internet

Anthony Horowitz got himself in some deep trouble this past week for just uttering 2 words about a topic that will become more and more relevant after the release of "Spectre". While Horowitz is known as the James Bond book writer and with heavy rumors of Daniel Craig leaving the Bond character behind after the entire "Spectre" run is over many wondered who would take over the mantle with so much question as to "who would be the next doctor?". The popular choice is actor Idris Elba because he was in contention before Daniel Craig got brought up and took over 3 films and still is considered the "Fan favorite". But to author Horowitz after being asked the idea of Elba taking over the role from Craig and Horowitz responded that he thought Elba was "Too Street" for the role. Now many people were stunned he would choose those words and I am not going to go into the ways people could have either thought or misconstrued what he said but the words "Too Street" aren't the right words in any circumstance. I know Elba was in Luther and 37 episodes of the show "The Wire" and with that I mean I get how Horowitz could interpret it as more "gritty and hardcore" and with the feel of the last 3 films I'm surprised the studios aren't more open to that but I guess we will see if Craig walks away and if the idea of Elba is even a possibility.

A Lucille Ball Biopic Is Coming

Writer Aaron Sorkin has been on a roll lately making biopic's about certain people in life whether it be him writing about Mark Zuckerberg in "The Social Network" or covering Steve Jobs life in the upcoming "Steve Jobs" film he always has another character up his sleeve to make a film about. The newest character I am speaking of is TV legend Lucille Ball. Now if you don't know who Lucille Ball is I mean thats just something where you can google her name and I bet her face will match the name because I Love Lucy was known everywhere by people young and old whether or not you have watched the show before. The idea of the film is that Sorkin will write the film on her life and the studio and Sorkin are looking at Cate Blanchett for the role of Ball and I mean if you want someone to go all in on a character and even have the chance on winning an award for it, Its Blanchett. I know I have mentioned on her before about the many male method actors in Hollywood and while there are a lot trying to be the best, Blanchett is one if not the best female method actresses. Whether its playing Bob Dylan in his iconic black get up from "Im Not There" or playing Katherine Hepburn in "The Aviator" I have a feeling its safe to say that if she signs on and the role is hers that viewers should start getting excited about the film the second she signs the dotted line.

Steven Spielberg Has Big Plans And Comments

Okay, First and foremost I am going to say that director Steven Spielberg is basically a god among men when it comes to directing film and he has been doing it for a very long time and making classic after classic doing it almost effortlessly. Being 68 years old and showing no signs of stopping Spielberg has made some comments about some big changes he wants to make with his company "Dreamworks" and the basic nature of film today as well. Now before you totally jump off the ship Spielberg is pushing just hear what he has to say and why he said it even though me personally I don't agree with some of it either. He mentioned that he wants to move Dreamworks Studios to Universal and away from its most recent home and Spielberg is thinking about redoing such films as "Jaws" and "Back To The Future" over time. Yes he wants to make remakes of 2 of the greatest films ever made to sort of give them a more "Up to date version" of each story, But the real question is...Do we REALLY need it and why? He didn't stop there as if he wants to move Dreamworks to the highest grossing studio of the year by a mile then its going to happen cause its what he wants but doing those films is going to take some heavy lifting and getting a lot of mountains moved before it becomes reality. His comments continued with saying that Superhero films are basically a fad and will "Go the way of the western film" before you know it. So if you don't understand the reference and some people might not, way back in the day when Clint Eastwood was arguably the best actor acting in Hollywood there would be western film after western film and people went to see them and enjoyed it but when you fast forward to the 21st century the only westerns you see anymore are either true stories or directed by Quentin Tarantino. So Spielberg's comments saying that the "Comic Book Film Phenomena" will go away and no one will care about them over time is something to be taken with a grain of salt too since by 2020 us as the viewer will be able to about 40 plus superhero films and is it possible that people won't want to see the Infinity War films or go see Inhumans by the time it is released? Because honestly I don't see Warner Brothers and Marvel Studios planning on slowing down with making more films or the idea of having multiple films on Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel and have it still not stay relevant. Another thing I found interesting was that Spielberg thinks these movies are a fad and will move on with life over time but he wants to recreate two classic films and go the "Remake" route since the success/failure rate for those films is tilted on one side more then the other by the end.

New Spectre Poster Released

This story is a quick one that went unexpected. The first place I saw this story was on Heroic Hollywood and they released the first official poster for the new James Bond film "Spectre". Yes there was a plain black teaser poster for the film when the teaser trailer was released and just had the title and a bullethole in glass it looked like but this one actually has Daniel Craig on the poster wearing a white suit and holding his classic gun of choice and behind him in the poster looks to be his character/costume he wears from the parade in the trailer with the skeleton head wearing the top hat. Other then that the poster does look slick with a dark blue tint to it around the characters and title giving it that "Old film feel" and of course if you have seen Skyfall then you know thats where the studio is heading with the franchise so why not right?

Season 10 Of The X Files Has Wrapped Production

To the fans who rejoiced when the announcement came over the internet of "The X Files" getting a revival season and having most of if not all the main players coming back as well will definitely give the nostalgia factor to an all time high when the series is premiered after the NFC Championship game on FOX. Yes that is a long while away since the NFL season doesn't start for another 5 days but before you know it it'll be playoffs and the revival will inch closer and closer every day. One change that has come into play from previous seasons is that Gillian Anderson and other actors on set have been very active on social media with set photos and their progress in bringing back the revival to the hardcore fans who want it back in the best way. This past week as well actor Robbie Amell who plays another detective in the new series took a photo with Anderson and they both had on X Files set hats with the black X on it and saying they were going to auction them off and give them away and the comic cons they were going to be visiting over time. Now I know some might think this isn't needed and is something that nobody may care about anymore but the fact is the fans asked and begged and pleaded for this revival and over time on Twitter getting it trending everyday and many other ways the fans got what they wanted so in this case if you ask for something enough and beg enough for it you just might get it.

The Next Bourne Film Has Found Its Villain

The next Jason Bourne film that brings back Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon in the Bourne role has many excited to see where they can take the story and amp up the level of excitement any more they already have. But in recent news Vincent Cassel has been cast as the big villain in the film and while some might think "Who??" He was the other heist artist in Oceans Thirteen who matched ranks with the big crew and almost outdoing them at time as well. He was also in the films "Eastern Promises" and "Black Swan" in very memorable roles so when it comes to being a villain I believe he has what it takes to go there and fight for the spot to be the best Bourne villain we have seen yet in the series.

Concussion Trailer Hits The Web

Just when the world was starting to completely give up on Will Smith as an actor it looks like he is making waves again and whether people like it or not Smith isn't going anywhere. Of course people know by now that Will is cast as Deadshot in Suicide Squad and that is something that isn't a really a secret but nobody really expected the film "Concussion". Smith plays Dr.Bennet Omalu and he is a man on a mission who is looking to strike the NFL at its core when it comes to concussions in the sport. The trailer is definitely gripping and something you haven't seen from Smith a very long time because he plays drama to the 10th degree and does it like he did way back when. Although he speaks in a different dialect that we are used to hearing Smith talk he plays the character of Omalu almost effortlessly and shows that if you were worried about the fresh prince going away, Don't count him out just yet.

Do You Agree With Spielberg That The World Will Tire Of Comic Book Films?

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Spectre Trailer

Concussion Trailer

Scream TV Trailer-Wes Craven Tribute

Scream Trailer


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