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Entertainment News Roundup For The Week Of September 14th-20th

Updated on September 19, 2015

Bill Finger FINALLY Gets His Due!

Many people who know who Batman is and have either read one of his stories or either went out to the theaters to go see the movies knows from the credits that it is stated as "Batman created by Bob Kane". Well now that will have an addition that is very well deserved and something that should have happened a long long time ago. Bill Finger was someone who went unnoticed over time for his contribution to comics and now film for basically creating over half of Batman's core villains and even creating the character himself with Kane when the inception came about. But when it came time to put "Who did what" DC and places like Warner Brothers thought it would be too sticky of a situation and too much money to hand out to put two names on a masthead what have you then just putting Bob Kane's and saying Finger had no involvement whatsoever. But today it was announced that Batman V Superman:Dawn Of Justice and the TV Show Gotham on FOX will add Finger's name to the creation title and he will be added to many more down the road and even though Bill Finger is no longer with us and he has changed a lot of lives for his work(Including this persons) His work will live on forever now and his name will shine bright much like the bat signal does on a rainy night in Gotham.

Woody Harrelson Joins Apes

The first place I saw this was on The Hollywood Reporter as their exclusive and the big report is that Woody Harrelson has been cast as the new villain in the "War Of The Planet Of The Apes" film coming out July of 2017. When you look at the trailer of the second film you don't know whether to call Gary Oldman's character the villain or for how angry Caesar was where he could become the villain but once it was released it was all painted like a beautiful portrait and made clear. But having someone who can clearly play a loose cannon if you have seen him in "Natural Born Killers" then you know that Harrelson is a great choice for this and someone who would look great all dirty and in post apocalyptic much like the first film felt. Other then that report nothing else has been said about the film and when checking on the date on IMDB Harrelson's name wasn't even attached because the news was so fresh so more will come from this movie soon.

Big Time Director Rumored For Tomb Raider Reboot

The past two Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider films are something that you either like to watch as guilty pleasure films because of the love of the games or you just think they are beyond cheesy and hate them. Well for the fans of the second choice your going to get a reboot it seems and if the studio decides to go the route of the new games where it is very dark and dirty and gritty then the viewers are all in for a show. The best thing that can come for this reboot is having an amazing director to bring all those things I just named to it and the person that is being eyes is one hell of a choice..Apparently the top pick at this moment is Kathryn Bigelow to direct the film and given the fact she won a Best Picture Oscar for "The Hurt Locker" which could be said that some didn't see coming that year just amped up her cred. Bigelow also directed the drama filled and Oscar nominated Zero Dark Thirty as well about the story and team that went to take down Osama Bin Laden. The little known one that some might forget is that Bigelow did direct the original classic Point Break film way back when and that film now is closely getting cult status from fans and with the 3 films I just listed it is abundantly clear that Bigelow KNOWS action and the kind of action that takes place in the rebooted games is something that you would see in her films so this news is most definitely good news.

Booster Gold/Blue Beetle Film In The Works Over At Warners

This news is going to be short and maybe sweet to some as it could transpire into something down the road and become another film for the Warner Brothers stable to add to their superhero film slot or it could just completely fizzle out in a month. But the news is that Warner Brothers is working towards making a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle film and I mean for the normal people that only know people like Iron Man and Batman this would seem like something where moviegoers will scratch their heads before paying to see it given the possibility of an amazing trailer and good material. But for Warner Brothers I do give them kudos for not being afraid to do much like they are doing with their TV properties and digging down deep into the back catalogs and making these characters big deals down the road. If they do end up making this film and it makes 100 Million dollars then its just another franchise that starts in the superhero franchise and something that can keep it going and lets say something that won't let it go the way of the "Western" anytime soon.

How Long Has The New Spidey Been Around?

New week and new big news from Heroic Hollywood and Umberto Gonzalez! This guy's site does nothing but break the internet when it comes down to releasing geek news and doing things like giving the fans what they want to hear on a weekly basis. This week it involves just how long has Peter Parker and this incarnation of Spider Man being around the world and the MCU. Apparently according to the report the rumor is that Spidey has been active for "A little over a year" and much like the world we are going to see for Batman in Dawn of Justice, Spider Man will be considered as an "Urban Legend" and "Myth" type around the city. With the 2017 standalone Spidey film coming in 2017 we will have time to see Tom Holland really BECOME the character and then we won't have to have the same old 'Origin" thing we have seen over and over and we can just get to the good stuff when the release comes around in 2017.

Another story that got released a little earlier today that seems a little foolish and almost weird to report was late last week Zack Snyder was reported to have said that Dawn Of Justice wasn't going to be an "Ant Man Flavor Of The Week film" and basically talking smack towards the rival studio when it wasn't needed. Then today The Winter Solider or in his actual name Sebastian Stan said that "At least they aren't trying to make a better Christopher Nolan movie or something like that." Which I mean granted some could say "OHH SHOTS FIRED!!!" But at the end of the day what these two say to each isn't gonna stop the fact that butts are going to be in the seats during both of their opening weekends. I know I just mentioned it previously above but someone mentioned that this whole Marvel vs DC thing is the new "Rap beefs" that were a thing a few years back but now nobody cares about that anymore and much like the way of the western it went away so seriously instead of talking smack lets be thankful 2016 is going to a year to remember instead.

Bryan Singer Heading Under The Sea

Bryan Singer is looking to finish up his latest X-Men property X-Men Apocalypse. While many are excited to see the film and the trailer is reported to be attached to The Martian when it comes out October 2nd. Singer already seems to have found his next project and its a story that everyone knows or has at least heard of. Bryan Singer will take a step back from the superhero genre for a bit to tackle "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" and finally get a great version of that film done the studio involved. The Wrap reported the story when I had first heard about it and I mean why not have Singer have a go at it because if he can be the guy to get it to come on screen then more power to him and having the really story of "Leagues" live on for years and years as well couldn't hurt for anyone as well.

Nickelodeon Taking It Old School This October

This October people, If you were ever a fan of Nickelodeon before Miley Cyrus and Wizards Of Waverly Place took over and you want to be able to turn on a channel where you can find shows you used to watch like "Hey Arnold!","Rocko","Rugrats" and "CatDog" then look no further then "The Splat!". The Splat! is going to be a block of programs where it will be all the shows you grew up with and everything you knew that you loved back in the day. October is the planned release for this and if this sticks this time instead of having the retro TV on at 9 PM on weekends or however they had it then sign me up every day,week and night because those shows were something I watched after coming home from school and while they were totally off the wall and nuts they were my childhood and something were the nostalgia factor is going to drive this HARDCORE and if it pays off then it could end up helping it and bringing younger fans on as well.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Adds A Perfect DLC

I rarely cover video game stuff unless its hugely noted over the week and something that really rocked the week as well but this time Assassin's Creed really won me over. Assassin's Creed Syndicate already did look like a great game and I don't know reader if you are a fan of this game series but I have bought all of these and either have seen these played out or helped the story played out to be beaten and now with the news of this DLC It just sold me on the news of something I will work to beat for sure. Coming with the release with a video as well showing what looks like Virtual scenes from the film "From Hell" and instead of having Jack The Ripper look like someone who's quiet and calculated this Ripper basically taunts the new character you play as and the last line you hear is "Come and get me". I mean I know it sounds grim but the story of Jack The Ripper is fascinating because of the unsolved part of it but the way it can be handled in many platforms and everything else that has also gone unsaid as well beyond just the stuff you always hear on the surface so yes very excited for this game to be released and could very well be on the pre order list as well.

Elizabeth Banks Talking Charlie's Angels Reboot

Were you a fan of Pitch Perfect 2? How about a fan of Elizabeth Banks? If you said YES! or ABSOLUTELY! to either or both of those then this news might just be up your alley then. This news is just rumor for now since no pens have been put on any dotted lines as of yet but the word is that Elizabeth Banks is in talks to direct the "Charlie's Angels" reboot film and when the films with Cameron Diaz,Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu made decent amounts of money and was good enough for a sequel before falling off I guess it is time to revisit this and who better then Banks herself who could also be a fan of the series which does help the stories integrity. Now Pitch Perfect 2 I did enjoy but a lot of people knocked the directing style and Banks did direct that film but these are two very different films so if she does end up accepting the task to direct could she get the job done?

Simon Kinberg Weighs In On His Many Properties

So Simon Kinberg by the end of 2016 could either be labeled as a madman or a genius for what his plans are and his thoughts on his properties he has over at FOX. Now X-Men Apocalypse is poised to make its money and then some since it is going to be one of those films that people will want to see multiple times and if it does end up becoming one of those special superhero films then it could make even more. But Kinberg has more plans that involve things like sequels,collaborations and tie ins and trying to get properties off the ground. With the recent news of Rupert Wyatt leaving the directors chair for "Gambit" and kind of putting that movie on pause until a replacement is found Kinberg is always put with his back against the wall. But he has had a few thoughts and a few of them are great and one of them hasn't been received the greatest by the people that have to take it in. The first is that Kinberg is more then ready to start a Deadpool sequel whenever everyone else wants to get started because he loves the first film that hasn't even been released yet THAT MUCH. So take that into consideration which I don't believe will be a bust since everyone ate up the trailer over and over but waiting until a number 1 opening might be more ideal. Another idea was having the obvious "Universe" like the DCU and MCU where everyone is together but the X-Men and Deadpool and Fantastic 4 would end up mashing together at one point down the road which I mean if someone doesn't like Fantastic 4 thats fine but in the point of a fan of the characters I will take the hit in seeing this incarnation of the 4 if they mash together completely before 2020. The last one and the big misstep to fans is that Kinberg is really planning towards moving forward with a Fantastic 4 sequel and not really reporting much else on it so far but really considering that the film is known all around as a bust and having poor ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and other sites that FOX is going to stick to their brand and keep it going and sort of saying "You don't like our group we compiled? Too bad get used to them." So this is going to become interesting by the end of next year to see how this all pays off and hopefully that Gambit gets off the ground as well because I was very very excited for that one and it keeps hitting more and more roadblocks which is horrible for the property.

Ghostbuster 3 Wraps Production With Some Surprises

UPDATE*** Director Paul Feig posted a shot to his Twitter saying that the 3rd installment of the Ghostbusters franchise that will come out July of next year has wrapped production and will head to the post production phase here soon. The Twitter photo had one Funko Pop! character and two DOMO's that are all Ghostbusters based and are set up on top of the screen used to shoot. It is good news for this film that everything went well for it and no problems came up so Ghostbusters 3 could make their July 15th 2016 date next year. A few surprises has been coming in that have made some fans happy, With the news of Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd agreeing to do cameo roles in the film and on the last day of shooting people who were onlooking on the set got to see the one and only Ernie Hudson on the set as well doing his very own cameo so with the sad passing of Harold Ramis this makes the team coming back to the Ghostbusters franchise complete. Another addition is Annie Potts who played the receptionist in the first two films has also been reported as to filming a cameo as well. So the nostalgia will most definitely be in the air when it comes time to see this film and It will be one to watch when July 2016 comes around.

Would You Be Open To FOX Mashing Together All Their Properties In A Film?

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Deadpool Trailer

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Jack The Ripper DLC Trailer

Fatman On Batman:The Truth On Bill Finger From Marc Tyler Nobleman


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