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Entertainment News Roundup For The Week Of September 21st-27th

Updated on September 27, 2015

Jason Fuchs Talks About Wonder Woman And The DCEU

Screenwriter Jason Fuchs work can be seen next with the upcoming release of "Pan". When asked in an interview if he was helming the script for the upcoming "Wonder Woman" film he just replied with that "Warners has been very kind to him." So it isn't a yes or a no but at the end of the day if he did it wouldn't be a bad thing since it would push the movies status forward. Fuchs then quickly changed the subject to talking about how the DCEU has been notably taking a "Darker" turn compared to all the other comic book films out there and the possible reasoning behind it. He went on to say that it is much more "Grand" and "Slightly darker" and "Grittier" then everything else out there and that Fuchs was happy being a fan of DC Comics growing up that everyone who actually knows something about the properties was being able to as he stated "Flesh them out" the right way for everyone to enjoy and get it done right. With him saying this and for what he could say without Warner Brothers throwing a bag over his head and kidnapping him but I do like how he put it because for the people who love seeing these films when they are released and are counting down the days to the mania that 2016 will bring it will be a great and advanced pace to have not 1 but 2 bases churning out properties left and right for fans to see for many years to come.

Scream Queens Has Solid Premiere For FOX

One of the most talked about and anticipated shows of the fall aired this past Tuesday and it was Ryan Murphy's new crazy creation in "Scream Queens". The show tells the story of a cuttthroat sorority on a campus run by Jamie Lee Curtis as the Dean. But once you get to know the players in the show and why people end up hating the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority then you quickly find out that the sorority itself has many skeletons in its closet among one Devil of a villain chasing them. The show starts in 1995 with nostalgia running wild with everything from the set design to the outfits and the music made you feel like you were watching an old film from the time or something that set up the time perfectly but before you can get comfortable you see one of the sisters of the KKT house has her hands covered in blood and 5 mins into the episode you come to realize that this night will control the show forever. After watching the first episode that was a 2 hour special and ended up being the first two episodes mashed together as one for better viewing. The cast is something that can be laughed at with the nicknames given to the pledges(With Lea Michele being handicapped and her name being "Neckbrace" and the one girl who is deaf in the group with a slight obsession to Taylor Swift given the nickname "Deaf Taylor Swift"). While the names are very on the nose and demeaning Im pretty positive thats the point and its suppose to make you hate the characters as much as possible before you see them shed their layers down the road in the 15 episodes it says will air. The tease does show that some cast members who were killed will return and some cameos will come into play by other teen acting names as well and I will post the trailer tease at the bottom if your interested in the show. Now while this doesn't spark my interest as hard as the new American Horror Story:Hotel does with it star studded cast and the idea of making singer Lady Gaga a main player in the series is something to watch and see what happens so only time will tell if AHS:Hotel and Scream Queens strives on throughout the year or if only one makes it to the finish line unscathed.

Dawn Of Justice To Have Another Event Night For Their New Trailer!

UPDATE****This week looked like it was going to go without a bomb being dropped from Heroic Hollywood and Umberto Gonzalez, But fear not fellow readers as today(Being when this was posted) is Batman day and something big was saved just for this occasion!! According to Gonzalez and while it is being taken as a "Hot Rumor" for the time being but during the premiere of Supergirl on CBS on October 26th it looks like two networks will join marketing forces just for one night as during the hour of Supergirl's airing we will get one teaser for DOJ that will be heavily based on Superman and then after Supergirl ends and the people who have enjoyed it all will be able to turn over to FOX and watch Gotham and during one of their commercials will be a very "Batman heavy" DOJ teaser that will ultimately lead to a brand new trailer that is rumored to being put in front of films like Mockingjay Part 2 and Creed two films that people will come out in packs to see already. I have to say having the ability to use two characters and shows to market the film is smart because they basically took that night and made it their own and while being able to bolster the films anticipation even though it doesn't even need the help people who wait to see the teasers will give great ratings for both Supergirl and Gotham in the process and FOX and CBS will most likely see a bump in those timeslots from it so kudos to Warners for being smart on that front.

The X-Files Revival Gets It's First Two Part Trailer...With A Catch

UPDATE******This news did come later on down the road and is sort of in the same vain as the Dawn Of Justice news above except you won't have to hop back and forth on channels for these trailers. So FOX is ready to reveal the first trailers for whats being called the "X-Files Revival" and after showing off little 15 second teases to get big time fans like myself hyped for the release I have to say with this news above FOX was able to pull the rabbit out of the hat twice when it comes to marketing genius and getting people to see what they want. The first trailer will air during Gotham this coming Monday during episode 2 of the new season and cut off at a point for which it will tell you that the rest will play out during a commercial break during "Minority Report" so not only are they getting you to watch two of their primetime properties for the night but waiting what seems like the whole Monday night to do it almost seems like pure genius for the fans who are clammering to see that 2-3 minute trailer with the slight chance it becomes leaked online early from The X-Files crew itself but for how they are handling this I really doubt it.

Jared Leto Ticks Off Fanboy Nation AGAIN With His Comments On His Take Of The Joker

UPDATE*****During a Q&A session in Dubai while on one of his few stops on a short tour with his band 30 Seconds To Mars, Jared Leto was asked by a man in a Batman shirt what his Joker role was going to be like and if he could shed any light on the character within the limits without him getting in trouble. Without even missing a beat Leto started the comment with one of those sinister cackles you hear in the teaser trailer for Suicide Squad and then he started with this statement."You're really brave" then adding that "I can't wait for you to see this-They're going to lock me away in a box after this movie comes out". Now again when I first read this as much as you know how much I like him and the character I even said to myself "Wow cocky much?" But at the end of the day until the movie comes out theres not a lot else that can be said on the topic since the only real people that know just HOW good his version of the tattooed Joker is is the people on set,the cast and director David Ayer. I made the mistake by reading comments on the first post I saw on this since Heroic Hollywood was the first one I saw to report this story but a lot of people were thinking just cause he made this statement he was in a nicer way of putting it "full of himself" in more ways then one. Lots of people said he would get put away because the film would suck and others just hated how he said it and its getting to the point where if Leto even says anything on the topic or breathes in the makeup then the so called "Fanboy nation" is going to have something to say about it before even paying to see it and with this report just being off of a quote I think thats the saddest thing that its come to that.

Prometheus Sequel Gets A Name And Its Different

This new sort of took many weird twists and turns before being laid out to the audiences that will pay to see it and can finally get an idea of what will come in this series of films. Yes Ridley Scott mentioned having an idea of the possibility of 3 or more Prometheus films then having the last one ultimately tie together with the classic and iconic first Alien film that everyone who loves the genre knows and loves. Another little tidbit mentioned was the new title for the second Prometheus film and it is titled Alien:Paradise Lost...Yes Scott has decided to completely drop the "Prometheus" name all together for the sequel that will start shooting sometime next year and has decided to just give the fans what they want and what they desire and it looks like we are going to get that Alien connection a lot sooner then expected. To be honest for how much I like Ridley Scott's films and being one of the few people that didn't mind Prometheus for what it was and how visually amazing it was, Scott is getting up there in age and if he were to make this thing like a Hunger Games and have it be 3-4 films then we might not see the ultimate Alien connection until 2025-2030 which is almost ridiculous to think about because me as a fan being 27 right now I will be 41 when that moment happens and for some that is something that would be awesome to see but waiting and patience is a crazy thing because if you handle it just right it can pay off greatly in your favor and if your TOO patient then it can end up blowing up in your face before you know it..


Everyone ready for some more remakes?!?! Just today alone there was at least 3 announcements of films and franchises getting remade and some were not as surprising since time has passed on them,another going from cartoon film all the way to becoming the real deal and lastly taking a classic horror film and trying to redo the magic that was once done on it way back when. Well to start it sounds like the "Men In Black" franchise will be making a comeback but without Will Smith leading the comedic charge and two different actors helming the series as Agents J and K. The last film in the series did end up making a respectable amount of money and went out on good standing ground which is probably why the studio wants this redone to see if fans would even want this again and if they do for more then 1 movie? The conversion film is Diablo Cody taking a stab at the "Barbie" franchise as she is going to try and make a live action version of the doll line and cartoon film series. Now I know some of you reading this might be like "Why even report on this??" but to some you would have to think that much like Magic Mike did and hear me out on this the Female audience driven films when they are released like the Nicholas Sparks stories,Sex And The City film or even the Magic Mike films make money in a big way because people come out in packs to see them opening weekend and then some and after the theaters the DVD/Blu Ray sales are huge as well. So whats the next best thing to that? Something where parents could go but its just as widespread popularity as Frozen or any of the Disney princesses? Then Barbie is the answer and done right it could become the cash cow the studio wants and maybe even needs. The last one almost pains me to even report on cause I can't believe its true and being considered. There are certain films in certain genre's that just shouldn't be touched and redone in different casts because redoing is almost like slapping the original in the face. For drama I think we could all agree its The Godfather, Comedy could be something like Christmas Vacation or Airplane! and down the line with the many other genre's but whenever most people ask what the best Horror film is more often then not you hear either "The Shining" or "The Exorcist" come out of their mouths after asking and sadly enough a studio wants to try and redo The Exorcist. I don't understand the appeal really for it after making about 20 exorcism films in the past 5 years it seems and only a handful were deemed successful and with the most recent reboot of "Poltergeist" basically being a flop in the US it almost seems unnecessary. So if any of these pan out and one has to go I hope the first two just take a shot to see what happens and the last one treads lightly because there are still hardcore fans of the original Exorcist film where it could backfire in the worse way possible.

Upon Gotham's Premiere, Bruno Heller Teases Something HUGE

Some people aren't the biggest fans of Gotham's first season and what it had to offer because some called the season "Lackluster" and "Overrated". Now for me on the other end being able to hear the names of Hush and many others as young kids or way before they become what everyone knows them as is awesome to me so I guess it wasn't the biggest draw to some. This season has been labeled as "The Rise Of The Villains" and with the first episode already aired and the tease showing whats to come it definitely promises the tagline and then some for everyone who loves the villain side of Batman and Gotham alike. The first episode was more out there and in your face it felt like and with one of the big bad guys suddenly dying because he wouldn't follow "Orders" shows that no matter what or how many you kill you can still be taken down a peg in a heartbeat in Gotham. The one thing they do push at you quite a bit in this new season is if Cameron Monaghan isn't a big time player by the end of season 2 then the show runners did something seriously wrong. The tease shows Monaghan's Jerome getting covered in blood on numerous occasions and even dressing as a cop to infiltrate the GCPD. The other player who was getting dismal reviews was Erin Richards character of Barbara Kean but seeing she is set free and on the loose with Jerome and company things will start to get interesting to see if she can get fans on her side this season. There was even a giant grain of salt rumor that since she hangs around Jerome and and wears nothing but red and black in what we see from the tease that Barbara could be a front and her name might possibly be Harleen instead but the chances of that are very slim. The big thing was Bruno Heller took the time to say a fan favorite amongst readers was the "Court Of Owls" and it will be coming in Gotham during season 2 so fans of that series will be in for a treat when the time rolls around for that. I have never not been a fan of this show I just hope they process everyones story out like they did in season 1 because they did it right and churned out the details at the right pace but having too much of certain characters could end up proving costly for a show that isn't a lock for renewal every year as of yet.

The Girl On The Train Circles Two DC/Marvel Signee's

This news was reported on Monday and was something I looked into deeply because of the past reports on the film and given the two most recent actors to join talks. Just when you thought it wasn't possible for DC and Marvel to get along after all the trash talking going back and forth in the news then the casting people over for the film adaption of the book "The Girl On The Train" have decided to get into talks with Chris Evans and Jared Leto to play the roles of the husbands in the film possibly. After hearing this and seeing it pop up on many outlets minutes later I knew the story was something I had to look into since I myself haven't heard of the book. The story is reported to involve a woman who takes the same train route everyday and while on said train she plots out different things in her head like many people would and sort of figures her life out again like most people would and on the trip she sees a house and always mentions thats her "Dream" home and where her family will live someday. Then after a trip back home on the trip she wakes up after being knocked out to being covered in blood and not knowing if she committed a crime or witnessed one and now that she is alive and coherent it is time to put the pieces together and put whoever did this to rest. The cast is already taking shape with Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson and Haley Bennett on board in multiple roles for the film. Tate Taylor is slated to direct the film and the script duties are being handled by Erin Cressida Wilson. The said roles that Leto and Evans may ultimately play by the end of shooting would have Evans playing Rebecca Ferguson's husband and Haley Bennett's would be Leto.

Relativity's Bankruptcy May Have Destroyed The Crow

After Relativity Studios went through the very public downfall and is most likely still going through bankruptcy that means films that still ended up under the "Relativity" name are taken under wraps for the time being. The films in question are Masterminds which may never see the light of day unless some studio wants to end up paying whoever buy Relativity the salary of the film and then some to get it off the ground. But the real sad thing is that even after losing their star(AGAIN), The Crow reboot was one of those films that Relativity seemed that no matter what they were going to try to get made because of the lasting impact the original has on the the fans who still enjoy it. Now it sounds like the director on the reboot who has stayed around a lot longer then most others even have has had no choice but to exit the project because even if lets say the film does get filmed and made then of course for him being the director he has to get paid. But sadly since the title is still under the Relativity name they have no money to even pay him his quota or even something to get going and with that news this could basically put the hypothetical toe tag on the film.

Morgan Creek Selling Off Library

If I were to ask you if you have ever seen a "Morgan Creek" film then some of you might automatically raise your hand and say "Oh yeah" but some might scratch their head and not even know what I am talking about with this creek. But Morgan Creek back in the day made such films as True Romance,Major League,Ace Ventura,Last Of The Mohicans and Robin Hood:Prince Of Thieves. One other big property under the name is The Exorcist but I already covered that news above and theres more news attached to it as well. Apparently Morgan Creek has hired an investment banking group to sell of the rights to their 78 films under their docket. Now some might just say "Wow having the properties to these films not to mention old films whooptie do!" But some people said that about the property of Spider Man back in the day and we all know what that started. The only thing is if someone were to pay top billing for someone like the Ace Ventura series then the idea of it being remade is almost a forgone conclusion and thats why the Exorcist news is so upsetting to hear but if all 78 films were sold then this news will just continue on and on as time goes by and as the years go by as well we could very well see these titles down the road whether we like it or not.

Gyllenhaal And Cumberbatch Are In Talks For "The Current War"

Jake Gyllenhaal and Benedict Cumberbatch are in talks to go the historical route next with the film "The Current War". Gyllenhaal would play George Westinghouse and Cumberbatch would be Thomas Edison in this film that is in talks to be helmed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon and written by Michael Mitnick. The film will take place in the late 1880's and it will revolve around two characters and the ultimate power for the supply of electricity. Now if you were to google both of their names you can get a crash course in what happened or what they became to be(If you didnt know already) and this one could definitely be one to watch since Gyllenhaal is making waves yet again with his new release "Demolition" coming and Cumberbatch playing Stephen Strange.

How Does The Idea Of 10 Plus Films Being Remade/Rebooted?

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Demolition Trailer

Scream Queens Season Tease

Gotham Season 2 The Maniax Teaser

Major League Trailer


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