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Entertainment News Roundup For The Week Of September 28th-October 4th

Updated on October 4, 2015

Michael Uslan Teases Something HUGE Is Coming To New York Comic Con

Michael Uslan might not be a name you know or come to know when you go out to the movies or look into the DC universe side of things. But Uslan has been apart of every Batman film as an Executive Producer since the 1989 Burton Batman film. With that history attached to his name and being interviewed during a "Fan Theory" podcast he let some very intriguing details come out that some fans are counting down the days for. Uslan told the podcast that on "October 10th at 1:45 in one of the large rooms we plan on making a major announcement". Now most people in the movie business have to watch everything they say word for word because sometimes it can come back around and work against the person promoting the property. But for Uslan he is teasing something HUGE it sounds. For what it is is honestly beyond me and is up to speculation until next weekend for the time being but for the people that went on record saying what they possibly thought it could be the possibilities ranged everywhere from the new DCEU to video games to even comics and novels. But the most popular assumption is Affleck would surprise in attendance and could possibly announce that Warners and Co. ARE in fact creating a solo Batman film and possibly films into a trilogy like what was mentioned earlier flying around all over the internet. The other popular choice is the possibility of announcing the coming of MORE Arkham games or even just Batman video games to go into their hugely popular games they have already released. The other one I have heard was the possibility of having cover art and even maybe a scene or 2 from the animated version of "The Killing Joke" that is being made as we speak. So no matter what it is check back for next weeks news because the top story is bound to be a doozy of a story.

Dawn Of Justice Gets An Official Rating

Dawn Of Justice was going to touted as one of the darkest and original comic book films ever made. It was marked on numerous occasions how dark the film was going to be and something that did worry some fans since having almost NO comedy in a superhero film is almost unheard of since Marvel Studios pushing the opposite in their properties pretty hard. But the ratings board gave Dawn Of Justice a PG-13 rating for everything you would think..Except for one. One thing stated under the official rating was that there was going to be "Sensuality" in the film and that could mean really anything your mind could think. When I told some people the news of this rating many were mad because they were going for an all out in your face R rating and I said it could possibly come in August with Suicide Squad but for trying to target everyone walking into a theatre I REALLY doubt it. Also I had brought up the point that the first Expendables film was incredibly violent and had maybe 3 curse words in the film(I think) when the sequel also had an R rating for the same thing but when you go see the 3rd film they kept practically all the violent and cut out the cursing and somehow made a PG-13 rating so maybe in the end of it all we could get a very gritty and violent Batman Vs Superman film or at least as violent as it can be while still be true to the content.

Sudden Suicide Squad Rumor Sends Fans Scurrying

This is just simply speculation and something that should be taken with a grain of salt and by the end of this article you will see why. I was listening to the DC Movie News podcast where they gather everything from DC in entertainment and talk about it for an hour. Well one of the people doing the cast mentioned that she had heard from someone who drives a town car around that the driver happened to pick up a producers wife for Suicide Squad and she openly said on the phone in front of the driver that she picked up the script and read the entire thing which led the driver to ask questions and become enthralling intrigued. Once asked why she read it and what her thoughts were the woman said her affiliation to being able to get ahold of the script and basically own it without working on the film. Then she mentioned to say that she wasn't a fan of the film and it in more ways then one let her down. But don't freak out just yet!! Its not for some outrageous reason like Hulk puppies or anything like that. The woman had stated that for most of the film it covers the "Origins" of each character and she didn't like that the film was handled that way and just thought it could have gone differently. While listening to this and again it was Roxy Striar who broke the news on the podcast and if you would like to listen to it you can it is there most recent one and it should have something about this as the subject header. But while I heard this I was thinking "Great! this is JUST GREAT!" being ticked off about it since I could go on record saying I am more excited about Suicide Squad then I am about Dawn Of Justice for more reasons then the obvious if your an avid reader of this news outlet. But then I listened to them explain it and the 3 hosts said that while the lady may have a valid point why not have Suicide Squad be the origin film that people may ACTUALLY want to see?? With the facts of being able to hear Harley Quinn and Killer Croc's origin among others and how they became the team they are now to help intertwine the stories together and make the DCEU is what it is trying to become is actually the best thing for the film. Then Ms.Striar mentioned that while this film could end up making money on the trailer alone who says there isn't going to be "Suicide Squad 2"?? It is a very honest question and one that could be asked if the first film absolutely destroys at the box office which it is panning out to do next August.

Rupert Wyatt's REAL Reasoning For Exiting Gambit

So I have mentioned this time and time again that Gambit is becoming one of those films that when it finally sees the day when people can walk out and share their opinions on it that it might be known as a bigger success then the actual box office could end up becoming. With this news about the recently exited Rupert Wyatt it doesn't help the films case or even the cred of the Wyatt as a director. Now I am not knocking Wyatt in any way he does his job and he does it well but the immediate thought from this report is that FOX was claiming that Wyatt wasn't totally "Committed" to the project and FOX was sort of questioning his faith in making the film by doing what they did and apparently if this report ends up becoming true did backfire on FOX because now they are left without a director while Channing Tatum who is playing Gambit in the film is left sitting passing on multiple projects until this film he has already committed to gets handled so he can work and do his job. It is a very sticky situation that I hope gets handled for both sides of the coin because at the end of the day if said person wasn't committed then move on no problem and find someone who is because asking to do a comic book film right now is basically like giving a director a blank check and after making one good the possibilities for them and everyone involved are endless.

HBO In Talks With Zack Snyder Over Watchmen TV Series

Zack Snyder just can't seem to lose in any situation he's in right now it seems. With Snyder being in the thick of promoting Dawn Of Justice and getting everyone he can that isn't excited for the film already as amped as they can be this news came along to help things out. Apparently HBO is looking into making another long running series after Game Of Thrones and other big runners end their runs and HBO was looking into the idea of making a series on the "Watchmen" book that Snyder did turn into a film a few years down the road. While more people then others ended up not liking the Watchmen film for being something that the book wasn't or many other reasons maybe this is the way to go on this so you can build the properties of the characters from scratch whether it be the heroes from the 1950's and go decade by decade to the ones we followed in the film so for the people that loved the film will have to watch and follow and wait to get to the point they need to get to which seems like a smart play for both HBO and Snyder. I honestly don't know if Snyder will do this since he has 2 Justice League films to do and if anything he could act as a producer on the series until time frees up for him but until this consider this story developing.

Final Spectre Trailer Hits The Web

For all you Bond fans out there still listening to the new Sam Smith song "Writings On The Wall" in anticipation for the films release next month then you did get a bit of a treat when you got to see about a 1:12 trailer that showed some new footage and even a good back and forth between Daniel Craig and Christoph Waltz getting the excitement amped up for everyone who has had this film on their calendars for a while now. A report came out that they spent an absurd amount on cars because they kept destroying them and blowing them up which means you very well could see a lot of explosions and wreckage and more then Skyfall had to offer which is truly saying something.

El Rey Network Giving Constantine A Sudden Heartbeat

Just when we thought the only time we could see John Constantine again was going to be on Arrow, Well fans of the show and those who tried so hard to keep it on NBC will be happy to know it could have a pulse again at another network. The El Rey network is something that is much lesser known then NBC(Obviously) and it plays shows like Lucha Underground,From Dusk Till Dawn as original stuff they have weekly and every now and again you will see old movies and repeats of shows like The X Files and Dark Angel. So El Rey went ahead and bought the distribution rights to the show making it theres and something that could either go really well or stay the way it is. It could just be something they let stay on the shelf for a long time where no one cares anymore or El Rey could be purchasing the rights to fast track a season coming before the years end possibly to 2016 then having the appearance on Arrow and this news makes things look so much brighter for the Constantine crowd.

Hasbro And Paramount Have BIG Plans For Transformers

I know I won't get a poll on here but from the Rotten Tomatoes score not a ton of people were pleased with the last submission in the Transformers series and even to the point where the moniker attached to the last film got the term "Age Of EXSTINKTON" Instead of its correct spelling. But apparently people over at Paramount like Michael Bay and many others who work with Hasbro have plans to keep the Transformers haters mad in their seats for many many more years. The main plan is to release more Transformers movies all the way until 2025! Yes 2025 so another decade of seeing these movies marketed all over the world and even the possibility of them making nothing but bank overseas because it did make 100 million here in the US yes which compared to some is small but overseas was the main anchor to getting the last film past its billion dollar marker its currently sitting at now. This franchise has gone through an actor switch and even a cast switch and making everything different without even a notice to the ones who enjoy it and instead of anymore reasoning why we will see these films for 10 more years is that were going to go up to Transformers 8 apparently having this get into "Saw" franchise territory. I am just hoping by the next two people realize that you can only feed a problem for so long before you get sick of it and it implodes on itself.

Testing Begins For Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Reboot

The rebooted Mighty Morphin Power Rangers film is making good headway to naming a cast as it has started testing kids to play the roles of the rangers and in the report stated it listed each kid who tried out by the color of ranger they tried for. KJ Apa tested for the role of Jason/Red Ranger and he was in Shortland Street and the MTV series "The Shannara Chronicles". It was also noted he will be in the new Kevin Smith film "Yoga Hosers" so if people don't know who Apa is now they will later on after being in his film. There are two listed as vowing to play the role of Kimberly/Pink Ranger, The first is Naomi Scott who can be seen in The Martian which is pushing a big release this weekend. The other listed is Stephanie Scott, Who has no credits to her name at this point. Daniel Zovatto tried out for the role of Zack/Black Ranger. Zovatto has the highest credit as he was in the past years horror hit "It Follows". The big story on this is that it will play out like the ultra cheesy films and show did and the first film is aiming to have a "Female led villain" and rumors are flying around that the main villain in the film could possibly be Rita Repulsa. I found the report on Movieweb and the person who covered the story recommended Cameron Diaz for the role just sort of throwing it out there and at this point why not? Anything that happens until the cameras start rolling is just pure anticipation and setup to filming.

Paramount Ships The Ring Sequel "Rings" Off Its Intended Release

Paramount has decided to remove The Ring sequel titled "Rings" off of its 2015 release date that was set for very close to the end of 2015. Another date has not been announced but with the facts of there only being 2 months left in the year and we haven't seen a single teaser poster or trailer leading to this then it says something that Paramount was excited to continue the franchise of The Ring but they most definitely jumped the gun on this one. When I heard the news they were bringing this back it sort of gave me the nostalgia feel because I remember seeing the first film in theaters and being completely terrified at the things it did and just how off the wall creepy it is and to some people I know it is STILL the scariest film they have seen in the horror genre. Continuing the franchise with just 1 to maybe 2 more films can adapt on how the world is much like Scream 4 did with social media and the use of almost everything has a screen now and can be attached to power so instead of getting a phone call you could just not answer after watching the tape and then receive a picture message of Samara or whoever it may be this time under water carving "7 DAYS" into the well wall with blood. Yes its out there and sort of terrifying but I have a feeling people won't see this film because its been so long since the last one and they need to show up with a punch to get people and moviegoers interested again in the legend of "The Tape That Kills You In 7 Days When You Watch It".

Serial TV Show Might Become A Reality

Serial is something I am trying to get through right now on a weekly basis as I clean house or do any other house thing. But while I listen to it it is something that is brilliant in its own right and more times then not I have said to myself while listening "This needs a TV show or movie!". Well to the people who have listened and completed the task then you are getting your wish as the creators of The LEGO Movie. Phil Lord and Chris Miller are two of the hottest names in Hollywood making the LEGO Movie what it was being able to move on and do things like the possibility to write and direct the Flash standalone film for the DCEU when it is released down the road. Now while that is all just hearsay the thought of these two tackling something like Serial is a fantastic plan and something I can't wait to see more of down the road.

Big Premieres Coming For Arrow And The Flash

Next Tuesday and Wednesday marks the returns of The Flash and Arrow to the CW. With The Flash ending the way it did and Amell calling himself the "Green Arrow" now leaves a lot to be answered and the two trailers released for both shows gets you amped more then ever for something that is hours away. In the Flash you will be able to see Jay Garrick playing the otherworld Flash which was teased when the helmet flew out of the portal and you will get to see him in full form and costume. In Arrow many other stories will grown and questions will be answered too. One big one was the new addition to Diggle's helmet and how it almost looks exactly like a Magneto helmet. When asked about the helmet he just said that "When I am in action you won't be thinking about Magneto". So I guess until these releases you can take that as good news and keep the countdown going!

Rocker Corey Taylor Lends His Voice To Doctor Who

For the fans that know who Corey Taylor is then you mostly know him as the lead singer of the hard rock/metal band Slipknot or some like to think of it as the "Band your parent would never like" but Taylor has also been stated as an author of his many books telling stories of his life on the road and just life in general from him. Now he can scratch acting in one of his favorite shows off of his list when he was asked to provide his signature scream that many people know from listening to just about any Slipknot song will be attached to one of the monsters in the episodes called "Under The Lake" and "Before The Flood". Now before some go to watch the most recent episode that aired Saturday night which was "Under The Lake" if your going in to watch the show and look out for his contribution you might want to just wait until next week because his big reveal won't be shown until then but for stories sake it isn't a bad watch to know whats going to happen and connect the dots. I do like that the creators of the show had the idea and called Taylor's scream "One of the most recognizable in music history" and saying his voice/scream was a perfect choice for what they were trying to do for the episode.

How Do You Feel About More Transformers Films?

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Arrow Season 4 Trailer

The Flash Season 2 Trailer

Final Spectre Trailer

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