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Entertainment News Roundup For The Week Of September 7th-13th

Updated on September 13, 2015

Could This Possibly Be The Plot To Suicide Squad?

Now leave it up to Umberto Gonzalez and the people over at Heroic Hollywood because they have been BEYOND busy this week covering the big news since half of the stories on this page are from them. This one regards the possible plot for Suicide Squad and who it involves and how it all will play out in the end. For director David Ayer you would think he would have a tough job putting a bunch of crazy lunatic characters on a screen and watching them bounce off of one another and see it become something great(Hopefully) or something bad. But for him it run much much deeper then that when it comes to it being 2015 and everything being a shared universe. So in Suicide Squad who will played the potential "Baddie" in the film? Well look no further then Cara Delevigne's Enchantress character. Now again this story was set up with at least 2 RUMOR tags so for now its all speculation but the thought of it is interesting at most. The basis of it is that Enchantress is on the hunt for her brother and is looking to resurrect him and the Suicide Squad must put a stop to that and her main goal to destroying the world.

Heroic Hollywood does good to note that if you watch the SS trailer and give it a few more views that it points out that Enchantress is absent from group shots except for when she is on her own and basically the focal point of each scene involving her. When you really get down to it you do see her searching in a cave without all the get up you see in the group shot and you see her sort of frightened in the bathtub but she is sitting below a bath tub with a pentagram painted above her. With that image and this thought it does say a lot since she could be conducting a ritual to try and connect with her brother and speak to his soul or something to get closer to him if true. It will be interesting how they all have this all play out with the intertwining stories of Harley going from Harleen to Harley and her meeting Jared being the Joker and the molding of his character since I have a gut feeling were gonna see flashes of his character in DOJ but we won't get a bulk of it until this so even if this is just rumor it did definitely amp up the excitement for this film in a big bad way.

Kong:Skull Island Moves From Universal To Warner Brothers

In a move I didn't really expect or see coming since the pieces were coming together on it as the weeks went by, But Kong:Skull Island has decided to move from the now juggernaut studio Universal over to Warner Brothers and still have the Legendary tag attached to it as well that it did before so that will not change but the major studio you will see before any footage will be swapped around. With what seems like a full cast and everything else in play and a firm release date as well, Bigger things can now happen with the studio swap to Warners because now if Skull Island turns out to be a monster hit which I hope it turns out to be given the hype surrounding it. Then down the road we can see the big main event of King Kong vs Godzilla like most people want to see and I know it sounds like something that nobody never thought would happen but with this move it is a big step forward in the right direction.

Christopher Nolan's Next Project Coming In 2017

Theres very few directors now that can put out a movie and have the film make 100 million easy the first week or 2 just off of his name alone and director Christopher Nolan is one of those directors. Whether its The Dark Knight trilogy or the mystery that surrounded Interstellar up to about the month before it was released before people could really get it or understand the plotline of it. Given some peoples opinions of Interstellar he might have taken a step back as a director but to others he could go down as one of the greatest ever when he is ready to hang up his camera and call it a day. Then in 2017 we get to see his next project with his name attached, Whether it is something brand new and mind bending or maybe he stuns the world and goes back to directing another comic book film which I have seen some hoping for on Twitter. The idea of Nolan taking over another DCU film or even having him do something like the Inhumans or something for Marvel would be a big draw in itself so when he does announce what it is it will become headline news because nobody knew what "Inception" was when the news was reported and that film got nominated for Best Picture..Just keep that in mind..

Krampus Finally Gets A Trailer

Just when or if you think your sick of more Christmas films then your getting another one. But this one isn't a slapstick comedy or something thats heartwarming for the family, This looks like something that is going to be violent,out of left field and even a little funny at the same time. Yes you heard me right I am talking about the film Krampus. The poster for Krampus was released during this past Comic Con and it showed a creepy hand holding the house it terrorizes in a snow globe and it just looks like something you need to know more about before you spend your hard earned money to see it. This week, You got that footage you needed. The trailer for the film which has the likes of comedians David Koechner and Adam Scott which honestly didn't have the best wrap since they both have taken their wraps in the Piranha reboots and the box office for those were TERRIBLE. But having Toni Collette did bring another dynamic to the film that I did enjoy and like so acting wise she was a saving grace to the film. The only thing that was a downside to me was whoever cut the trailer made it look like the rebooted Poltergeist film a little bit too much and almost put the scares in the same spots and I exited the screen thinking it was too much like that when I should have been excited for the movie this christmas instead. So when December 4th rolls around we will how this one shakes out cause it could end up being a holiday cult hit but the trailer didn't do it much justice in my honest opinion.

Rebecca Ferguson Top Candidate For Marvel Role

If you haven't heard the name Rebecca Ferguson by now and your still reading this then you need to see the new Mission Impossible film and by the end of that movie then you won't be able to go anywhere without knowing who she is. Now the big rumor is Marvel Studios is looking at her for Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel and again this rumor could get squashed by the morning tomorrow cause it seems like Marvel Studio's hottest acting commodity that they can't seem to keep a lid on acting and rumor wise. Whether the rumors are Emily Blunt or Charlize Theron or like this post Rebecca Ferguson as far as it goes Ferguson may be the front runner now but it seems like a pretty close race until the someone passes that finish line first.

Wonder Woman Casting News All Over!

This is another one that Heroic Hollywood went all in with reporting some casting news on the Wonder Woman front. Again this is quoted as a HOT RUMOR but this is also on the villain side as well and apparently its not just one villain its 2. The roles in question are being eyed for Sean Bean and Eva Green. Having Bean and Green(Cheesy rhyme) together playing villains isn't bad since Bean was a pretty reckless one in Goldeneye and Green was pretty out there and crazy when she had clothes on in Sin City:A Dame To Kill For. Both of those roles would be great if the rumor does end up becoming true. Another one that is had to be taken with a giant GIANT grain of salt but apparently theres been minimal talks of the outrageously talented Cate Blanchett to also be in the Wonder Woman cast but again BIG RUMOR. The second I heard this though if it does end up becoming the truth this itself would become a HUGE win for the DCU since everything Blanchett does is golden and she is just pure talent now and with her most recent Oscar speech after her win you can see why Wonder Woman would be the best film for her to choose as well.

Ben Foster Goes The Distance To Play Lance Armstrong

This article goes along with the question to the bottom. I hope most moviegoers out there are ready for more biopics because it looks like we are going to see a few more in the next year or two with Steve Jobs coming out before the years end and then Hank Williams being played by Tom Hiddleston it is definitely a great time for biopics and the shining talent that can come with it. But how far can one go to possess such talent to be THAT person they are portraying?? I know Cate Blanchett went certain lengths like watching interviews and music videos and even wearing mens clothes to pull off the signature "Dylan" look that she has in the film "Im Not There" and actor Jared Leto played Mark David Chapman by microwaving hagendaz ice cream mixed with soy sauce and it skyrocketed his weight so much that he had to sit in a wheelchair from getting gout in his feet from gaining so much weight so fast. Now what Ben Foster did playing Lance Armstrong in his biopic can be seen as either crazy or very very driven. In an interview where Foster looks damn near like Armstrong, Foster said that he took PED's to get ready for the role and know what it was like when training and get his head in the right area. To me this blows my mind because PED's can wreck your body over time and Lance Armstrong himself knows and gets that now so doing it seems foolish and for a role seems foolish as well but at the end of the day for that illustrious Oscar any actor/actress will do anything.

Rumor For First X-Men Apocalypse Trailer Coming

This story is going to be more of a report then a story as it is rumored that the Matt Damon film "The Martian" is getting major buzz at TIFF and people are raving over it and everything involved from it. So the big rumor that will get extra people to go see the film is that the first trailer for X-Men Apocalypse will be attached in front of the film when it is released October 2nd everywhere in theaters. I do hope this rumor is true because this rumor is slowly becoming the surprise of the year because some teased it as "Interstellar On Mars" and many other jokes but now its like the movie and its all star cast has taken a life of its own and could carry its own weight and make its budget and gain it to become a box office success as well in the end.

Secret In Their Eyes Gets A Poster

I saw the trailer for the this film when I went to see "The Gift" and it really stuck out to me. It stars Chiwetel Ejiofor,Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts and this film made you hate the villain in the film in the 2 minute trailer already which was something that was stunning to me. If you haven't heard of or seen the trailer for this film then after reading this please go watch it on Youtube or IMDB please and witness it because having those three talents on the screens is an amazing thing and the story is really something special and I can't wait to see how it all plays out once its released November 20th.

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Suicide Squad Trailer

Secret In Their Eyes Trailer

Krampus Trailer


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