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Entertainment Summer Movie Preview!

Updated on July 31, 2014


I am starting this article with it being known that I will cover movies that have already been released as well it just has to fit in that window of coming out on May 1st to the end of August.So on with the article!

The first film being talked into question is The Amazing Spider Man 2 and I know that most of the people reading this have probably already went to see this whether it be once or twice and we all know now that due to its overly HIGH expectations it sort of underperformed but now we can talk about the things we liked from it.Some of the big things from the film that everybody liked a lot was the relationship that Peter and Gwen had in the film and it did help that they are actually dating in real life to help with the on screen chemistry.Some moviegoers of the film felt betrayed by the worst kept secret in the film because of how attached you get to Gwen and then yeah.Also the talk of having Paul Giamatti as Rhino felt like too much and he was almost too goofy of a character and hoping that he will be changed before the big Sinister Six film arrives in theaters.

On May 9th was one of the funniest if not THE funniest film of the summer with Neighbors.With the tagline for the film describing it all in Family Vs Frat when a frat moves in next store to Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne and their very suburbaneque family.Many things that you would see in a Seth Rogen film happen in this although having Efron playing the president of the fraternity was the perfect person because he complements Rogen in such a good way.The things the houses do to try and one up each other is what makes the film hilarious and this one was sort of a surprise because people thought and knew it would be funny yes but it definitely exceeded expectations in a big way.

May 16th was the daddy of all monster films with Godzilla.Another one it seemed like everyone has went to go see because of the huge box office numbers and it was well worth it because this film might go down by the end of August as one of the best films of the year.The story keeps its pace and yes it does have its holes in its story but at the same time when it comes down to the monsters and when it is time to actually see Godzilla and the finally battle it is almost a magnificent work of art to watch them battle on screen compared to the Matthew Broderick version we got that everyone wants to forget more and more everyday.

May 23rd was the big and I mean BIG team up film with X-Men:Days Of Future Past.This is where we are so far in the year while I am writing this and while this is the Memorial Day weekend it is breaking records in the US and breaking records overseas that even Avatar set back when it was released.This is one of the most ambitious and hotly anticipated films of the decade since the cast is filled with so many big named people and brings so many of the original cast and new first class people together making it the perfect X-Men film.Days Of Future Past will definitely leave its mark this summer and could possibly be the highest grossing film of the summer when the dust settles and we start to roll into September.

May 30th shows Angelina Jolie in a very different role for her and from the looks of the previews she plays it like it is second nature in Maleficent.This film is what Disney likes to call as their "Other side of the coin" type film as it won't be about the hero this time around and will showcase the story of the villain in what Jolie plays.When the first trailer was released for everyone to see I believe it was during the Oscars I was at home and just hearing her take over the screen for how wicked she could be and the Lana Del Ray song playing in the background and how incredibly good and creepy it is at the same time made it just such a perfect trailer to showcase to people as to what the film was about.Now some people say it has the feel of a Snow White And The Huntsmen with the walking tree's and dark tone but from peoples earlier screenings of the film for critics and such Disney has kept it very kid friendly along with making it open for adults to see as well.

The last film in May also being released on the 30th is the comedy A Million Ways To Die In The West.The film is based off the book that Seth Mcfarlane wrote and then turned into a film and based off of the trailers which after you see the normal one and red band are about as whacky and crazy as you get in a western film.Also talk about having a full slot of guests for a cast as well as making it a very interesting time at the movies as well.

Although we already know The Amazing Spider Man 2 has made like 650 Million worldwide I think that given a good week or two X-Men will be able to catch up to that and will also have more legs then Spider Man given such bad reviews.So I think the big winner for May will be Days Of Future Past in a big big way.


June 6th is the much talked about Tom Cruise film Edge Of Tomorrow.This films early reviews will make for it to get a good jump start on the box office since the look on it just going in blind from the trailers was a little up the air.But from the critics point of view after seeing the film they loved the direction it took and how fast paced it was and most of them did compare it to a Halo type game with the respawn factor that happens to Cruise in the trailers when he is in the middle of battle.Still for me personally after hearing that this story is based off of a book that is title All You Need Is Kill and they were going to name it that I would have preferred they kept it that way but I mean it is just a title at the end of the day so it won't change how the movie is in full retrospect.

June 13th is the second installment of the Jump Street franchise with 22 Jump Street that shows the undeniable bromance between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.This time around they are going to college to stop a big drug ring and I think for most moviegoers people will go to see different high jinx between Tatum and Hill even though the plot is somewhat similar to the first film just not in high school.From the trailers it does look like it will be a funny film and I mean if you want that senseless comedy every now and then this is definitely you film because I think thats what they shoot for making these comedies is just trying to have a good time.

Also on the 13th is the second How To Train Your Dragon 2 now while I like the first film a lot because at the time of the first films release animated movies weren't big heavy hitters like Frozen is right now.But I have a feeling that the second Dragon film can carry kids and old fans of the first one in and give that nostalgia feeling that the one had before.Also if you see it in 3D it also has the little addition to having some of the best flight scenes in film that some plane scenes can't even pull off.

June 20th is the sequel to Think Like A Man 2 where from the looks of the trailer this time its a wedding in Vegas.It also looks like all the major players were back especially Kevin Hart who after the success of Ride Along is being listed as one of the hottest comedians out right now.I think this film could be just as successful as the first one but of course bring in the fans from the first film much like How To Train Your Dragon does even though the crowds are much different in age.

June 27th is Transformers time with Transformers:Age Of Extinction.Before when the first trailer was released around the time of the Super Bowl in February the movie heads were pushing the angle hard of it being back and it being the 4th film in the franchise.Now that whole moniker and thought is gone because people were asking why it would be the 4th film in a rebooted series? But having Mark Wahlberg in the Shia Labeouf role and a much lesser known cast of friends made this film tempting to see when the trailer came out.The obvious big draw with the trailer here is that this is the first time in the Michael Bay orientated franchise that the Dinobots will be around and you even get to see Optimus Prime fight Grimlock in all of his glory on screen.Now with each film has come by Michael Bay has made the franchise die a little more each time but with each film that was released it made even more money which is like a once and a blue moon experience so you know when this is released even if Wahlberg was attached to it or not people would see it and it would make 100 million dollars the first week easily just cause of the name.

The obvious one with this to win the month is Transformers because it could win 100 Million over time maybe more and overseas I don't even want to speculate because the sky is the limit with that.The dark horse in this month though is 22 Jump Street to me because after the wild success of the first film and how both leading actors are basically at their peak right now this film could have that high end unstoppable weekend that Neighbors had when it was released too.


July 2nd is Melissa McCarthy bringing along her usual funny side in her new film Tammy.The first trailer for the film is short and doesn't really say much other then you see Melissa strolling down the street to Gangster's Paradise then out of nowhere she ends up robbing a fast food joint.Now while this was a funny preview when the next one is released it would be nice to see more of the story to see what we are dealing with too because I am curious to know what more is going on in her life that made her need to do that.

July 11th is going to have one of those big juggernaut type films when it brings in the release of Dawn Of Planet Of The Apes.The first trailer of this didn't show a whole lot until the end it just had a big speech from newcomer Gary Oldman and at the end you finally see Caesar sitting in the rain in the trees with his army of Apes and it makes you seem that they can't be stopped.Now about 2 weeks ago another longer trailer was released and was more in depth into the story and you even hear the great Andy Serkis use his voice while he is Caesar but also mentioning that things spiral out of control quick.This film has everything an apes film wants.It has apes on horses,apes that speak in almost full sentences and the only thing they left out was Franco who was in the first one but I heard he was in talks to do a cameo in the film so people who like him could be drawn to see it as well just for that reason as well.

July 18th is the release of Jupiter Ascending which is the next installment of the film from the makers of the Matrix trilogy.This film stars Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis and from the looks of the trailer Kunis is some sort of queen in another planet and Tatum goes to save her even though on this next planet that does look amazing in its own way does have another royal who doesn't like her arrival either.I have to add I was a little taken back by seeing Tatum with blonde hair and a blind goatee for this film because it is so not him and something he has never done but then again the whole different level of look for directors of the film suits them.

Another July 18th film is the sequel to The Purge with The Purge:Anarchy.For the people that did see the first film the second one is on a much bigger scale now that it shows a hurt father who goes out at night and you see him help two innocent strangers and then a couple who's car dies on the bridge while a crazed motorcycle gang is on the other side.This one is certainly using its resources and when you watch the new trailer it makes you think that while the night goes on of the annual Purge anything and everything can happen on screen.I thought it was just going to be another version of the first with the first one undoubtably being better in the end but as it gets to the point in the trailer where all said characters get kidnapped and are auctioned off in a hole for purging is something that was different and could change the game all together in the sequel.For the first film you knew that the wife ended up being the rock and holding everything together as they made it through the night but now when its no holds barred it makes you think no character is safe.

ANOTHER release on the 18th is Planes:Fire and Rescue.This film must have made a big impact on the box office with the studio because out of every animated film that has come out in the past 6 years this is the one I didn't expect to have a sequel at all but then again why not? I haven't gotten a chance to watch the trailer for this one yet but instead of the regular Planes film this one must have more of a personal touch with the Fire and Rescue touch and could be more of a film that will pull at your heart when it comes down to it if it tries to at all.

July 25th is the Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz led Sex Tape.This film is another comedy that could be a dark horse of summer because the premise is so out there and different that could end up making the film a ton of money.The main premise of the film is Segel and Diaz are together and the love life is getting in a bit of a rut although in the red band trailer you see them doing it ALOT and when the rut starts Segel suggests to start it again and spice things up with recording it.After it is all said and done and they move on it ends up being put to the cloud and downloaded to a bunch of iPads they gave as gifts to friends and many other formats.So the story goes as they must stop everybody from seeing it in any way and having Segel's best friend be Rob Cordory in the film is probably the best choice for this film because he definitely knows how to be filthy when the time is right given if you have ever seen Hot Tub Time Machine.

On the 25th as well The Rock is back with the big Hercules film.The first trailer shows Johnson but he doesn't say anything until the end and it looks very dramatic and action packed which is basically what Dwayne Johnson eats for breakfast nowadays.The poster looks very menacing as he is screaming holding a sword with a lion on his head and the film will be in 3D as well.It will be tough to tell how this film will do because the big talk is if this film does well it could be the big start to getting other films made like a new and rebooted Conan and the He Man film that a lot of people are asking for right now.

I am just going to go on a limb for this month and say that the Apes will rule this month because SO many people have been waiting to see this film for such a long time and to see it done right.The one big dark horse that I could see have a big week would most likely be Sex Tape because the idea of it is so fresh and different and just hearing the premise alone could make you want to sign up and by a ticket for the show.


August 1st is by far one of the biggest films of the summer because it is the big Marvel film team up that ISN'T called Avengers in Guardians Of The Galaxy.This film shows a different group of heroes with Star Lord,Gamora,Drax The Destroyer,Groot and Rocket Racoon as the rag tag team that gets captured and teamed together to try and stop the work that is being done by Ronan The Accuser.Another character is Benicio Del Toro as The Collector and his character has been shrouded in mystery so far but from the flashes you see of him in the trailer he collects certain things in the universe that other Marvel characters come for.Like in the after credits scene from Thor 2 you see the Collector grab the Tesseract and he know has hold of that but there has been talk of him being the holder of the infinity gauntlet which is owned by Thanos who was seen in the credits of the first Avengers film.This film could be the one that takes the cake although it is so late in the movie summer but for it being a Marvel film I think it will have legs to do it.

August 8th brings back the heroes in a half shell with Michael Bay's new reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.This film does start Meghan Fox as April O Neil the reporter that the turtles look after for advice and befriend.Also William Fichtner plays the iconic role of the villain Shredder.This time around people looked at the trailer and the first glance of the turtles and they liked what they saw and how real they looked instead of having it be completely CG which was good that they chose not to go that way.This film could be either really good or really bad given who produced it in Bay because he has been known for being very hit and miss on his project and with one that is so beloved I think that he will be able to handle it correctly.

Also on the 8th brings along the film Lucy.This time Scarlett Johanssen is center stage in her own action role.The premise of this makes it seem like after a deal goes wrong and south for her she turns into a super solider with the logic and sense to think ahead of whatever anyone else can possibly think.Most people are saying it is like the Bradley Cooper led film Limitless but now it has a women and the film has more action in it.

The 13th is a big surprise after the trailer was released for the film Let's Be Cops.This film has Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr of New Girl playing friends who go to a costume party and in the beginning they don't have the brightest idea what to go as and when they decided "Lets just go as Cops".That line completely changes their entire night as well as the whole story.While walking to the party in full uniform people start to look at them and take notice and act as if they were real cops.So Johnson gets it in his head to see how far they can take it while dulling up their car like a squad car and even hooking up a CB radio to get calls and answer them when needed.This film is another one that has a very fresh take on a comedy and could be a very awesome film to see.

The 15th is the 3rd installment in the mega action franchise the Expendables and I guess now it will be a little toned down and be rated PG-13.But now with an even bigger cast and newer all stars in the film this one makes you want to pass but at the same time you want to see it just to see what Stallone and company can come up with this third time around.It will be interesting to see what they can do with a non rated R film and the ultra violence an expendables film brings but if they can do it right I don't see a problem with it.

The 22nd is the sequel to the Sin City franchise with Sin City:A Dame To Kill For.This film does bring back some of the originals and continues the story that Frank Miller brought along in his graphic novels so long ago.This time around we won't see Brittany Murphy's character and Michael Clarke Duncan's character are being replaced since they have both passed in the time it took to make this film.The only thing this film has going against it is that it took like 6 years to make and some people may have just moved on from the fact of how amazing the first film actually was.But no doubt to any fan of the first film or novels they will be a fan of the movie because it is sure not to disappoint in any way.

With August being the end of the line for the summer movie craze it is a for sure win for Guardians Of The Galaxy by a mile.I think this film will have multiple viewings for many people and make a ton of money.The big dark horse is either The Expendables 3 or Sin City which could both bring in huge weekends depending on how their fan bases react.

End Of The Season

The end of the movie season will be something to look forward to because SO many great movies will be released this summer but at the same time when this season is over people like me and everyone else can look forward to next summer which will by far be one of the most legendary movie summers ever with all the great films coming out and also for all the San Diego Comic Con goers will have one perfect time going there this year and the next because of all the great summer films.Now at the end of each month I did list each one I thought would be the winner and I do think there will be an overall winner and someone who will stand above the rest when the dust settles.For how much money Guardians Of The Galaxy makes in august I honestly think that X-Men could be the biggest film of the summer and could just graze under a billion worldwide if it keeps this pace.On the comedy end I think the top two will be 22 Jump Street and Sex Tape although A Million Ways To Die In The West will give both a run for their money in a big way since Seth's films are expected to make a ton of money regardless.So there you have it when the school year starts and it is all done and over the ruler on the kings chair won't even have to have the chair because it will be Professor X and all the other mutants with X-Men.

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