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Entertainment Tidbits For Monday 5/5/14

Updated on May 5, 2014

David Ayer's WW2 Drama Carries An All Star Cast

In David Ayer's film Fury which isn't set for release until November of this year stars a fully loaded cast by the two pictures the director has posted online.The cast includes Brad Pitt,Logan Lerman,Michael Pena and Shia Labeouf who will hopefully spring forward after taking a backslide as of late in his life.The film circles around a war general played by Pitt named Wardaddy who sends a tank and his group of troops behind enemy lines into Nazi invaded Germany to try and stop what is going on and plan a strike on the Nazi's once and for all.The film is slated around the time of awards season so if the acting is good enough and everything is done right you could possibly see this one being nominated for some awards in the near future.

Neighbors Opens This Weekend

The much anticipated film Neighbors will be released this week and is leaded by nothing but positive talk after everyone watching the previews giving it some of the funniest things I have seen in a film in a while since Seth Rogen's last film was so crazy in This Is The End and Zac Efron's last one was basically a rom com for him.So this is definitely as they say back to Seth Rogen's roots but so far away from High School Musical for Zac Efron that it is crazy and crazy in a good way as he is more open about his recent addiction issues and ready to work past them into making good films instead and you can clearly tell he wants to keep his shape in order since him losing his shirt was one of the main highlights of the VMA's.This one should definitely be one of the films of the summer along with 22 Jump Street it should compete for comedy of the summer so after seeing it this weekend we will see how it all comes out.

Halo Live Action TV Series Just Might Come To Showtime

Halo fans and fans of everything that involves Halo can now rejoice in the fact that a live action TV Series has been ordered to Showtime.If the news does end up coming in and becoming a real deal thing then it will no doubt be a watched event for fans and then if it is as good as lets say Game Of Thrones or True Blood like any other shows that are on premium channeling then you can expect it to be on air until it is demanded that their is a true live action full length film finally for the fans.Also having it on Showtime gives it no filter which means the most violent possible thing can happen on the show and it won't be an issue because it is premium channeling and really anything goes unless it sticks to the story and its good.

Veronica Mars Fans WILL Get A Spinoff Series

After many years of Veronica Mars on the air and growing an undoubtedly unstoppable fan base through the years even after 3 season on television it didn't stop fans from wanting more and they even RAISED money themselves to fund a movie to see Kristen Bell do one more case but this time on the big screen and after seeing it it actually wasn't that bad of a film.Now the fun for the Veronica Mars fans doesn't end there because the digital only channel CW Seed is developing a series starring Ryan Hansen or series regular and favorite Dick so hens forth the show will be called Play It Again,Dick.At first I thought this was going to get on actual television and I thought that the title wouldn't fly because people who didn't watch before would be all confused by it as to what it truly is but now knowing that it is a digital series that can last as long as it needs then it can do whatever it needs and play off of the story beautifully and just so you think if you are a fan of the show then you may see more series regulars come up in cameo roles per episode to help Dick out which could be interesting.

Fox Orders Batman Prequel Show Gotham To Start

The hotly anticipated series Gotham that will air on Fox has just been green lit and has been ordered to be a series first so fans of it regardless will at least get a season out of it if it ends up not working out for the show.But if it does and you haven't heard what its about it basically is about everything in the world and city of Gotham that has happened before Batman himself has arrived.Like from what I am hearing the character who is playing Bruce Wayne is a 10 or 11 year old boy and his friend fittingly named "Selina" is the same age and most fans of the series or Batman will know that she becomes Catwoman some 10-15 years down the road.This series does have a lot of good actors cast in the role with Ben Mckenzie from Fox's hit show The OC playing the pivotal role of Dectective Jim Gordon and Jada Pinkett Smith is cast as Fish Mooney who works for her boss who soon becomes The Penguin.Oswald Cobblepot is also in the series and being played by actor Robin Taylor and for the way some of the actors look on the posters you can already see some of the stories forming together and it hasn't even aired yet so yes from this fanboy's perspective I am a very excited person for this series and hope it goes on to finish its much anticipated story.

24 Is Back Tonight

For fans of the show 24 you are in luck because the comeback series 24:Live Another Day is premiering tonight and from what is being told it just continues off of what has happened after all the hotly popular series that was out a few years ago.It also takes place over seas and big man Jack Bauer tries to stop someone from assassinating the President before it causing another World War and before it all falls apart.From the looks of the trailer that has been on television it seems Jack gets pinned for it and has to go on the run with his partner that he meets over there and it becomes a plan to reveal the person who tried to go through with this evil plan and reclaim his name as a good person as well.When the first preview was released during the most recent Super Bowl it quickly became a hot topic on Twitter and then was one of the big things to talk about the next day as well so I can see how tonight is a big night for Bauer in america.

Transformers:Age Of Extinction Releases More Pictures With Release Date Looming

The new and certainly rebooted Transformers film starring Mark Wahlberg and just released a few more shots from the film that aren't jaw dropping but involve Stanley Tucci and Li Bingbing in their respective roles.The shots just show them talking and one of Li just standing there looking away and it doesn't give much more then that but with the release of The Amazing Spider Man 2 and Godzilla I am sure we will some more marketing for the film to make people get more hyped for it before its big release on June 27th.This film is going to be very up in the air because doing it all over again and still calling it the "4th" film leaves it to some speculation so we will see what more of the story they have to offer.

What Film Are YOU Most Excited To See This Summer?

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Neighbors Trailer

24:Live Another Day Trailer

Transformers:Age Of Extinction Trailer


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