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Tickets Tickets - Get Your Tickets Online Now

Updated on September 30, 2015

The Orpheum

What Kind of Tickets Can I Purchase Online

Times have changed a little since the 1980s.

I was musing about the types of shows that I have gone to in the last forty years. When I was in California, I went to the Ballet. In Minnesota, I had attended a few concerts, but they were at County Fairgrounds and at Ballrooms.

One year, I went to a Dwight Yoakhum concert. It was in a cow barn at the Country Fairgrounds in St. James, Minnesota. I believe my friend's brother had a band and the brother was supposed to be the warm-up band. Then, there was a change of events. Her brother's job got bumped because Alan Jackson was available to be the warm-up band. It was very interesting, because the cow barn was set up with a lot of folding chairs and the band was up on a bunch of tables. Almost a trailer.

I didn't have to pay for the tickets for that show, since my friend's brother had tickets already and my role in the event was to supply a Suburban so that everyone could ride down there in one vehicle.

Alan Jackson, at that time, had just hit the country music charts and was number 8 that day. I had never heard of him before, but I now own a CD of his. He's very talented and I like his music.

Shows I Purchased Tickets for Online

There were a couple events that I went online to purchase tickets for. One was the Cirque Solei show at Mystic Lake Casino.

The other was the Jeff Dunham Show that happened to be at the Mankato Civic Center, now MIdwest Wireless. I enjoyed both shows, but the Jeff Dunham show was my favorite.

I Had Used Ticketmaster for Cirque Solei and Jeff Dunham

I was able to pick my seats and we ended up in some very quiet, very comfortable seats. The Box, they called it. You weren't in a seat like the swinging seats that most auditoriums have. No, it was like being in a leather recliner, like what you'd have at home. Plus, there was a wall that separated us from the rest of the crowd, so it was very nice.

The Jeff Dunham show was in Mankato. We actually got to sit about 9 rows from Jeff. There was a big screen on the stage behind the performers, so I spent the majority of time, watching the monitor. Although we were quite close, the monitor was like being even closer and you could even see the puppets and Jeff's face up close. It was great!!!

Is Stub Hub New - I Have Not Used Them Yet

I wouldn't have even known about them had I not seen the advertisement on a hubpage I was reading. The advertisement started flashing and there was a banjo and a piano player and then a blurb about tickets.

How cool.

Am I to understand that you can get tickets on eBay also? What kind of tickets can I get? Perusing the list, I see I can see Jeff Dunham again. The tickets are for shows in Las Vegas.

For Local Minnesota Shows There's Theater Mania

Theater Mania seems to offer all the Minnesota Shows, like from the Orpheum Theater. The Jersey Boys are coming. I would personally love to go to that show.

I love listening to the line of men who sing together in all voices, and they dance to the music and you go away from the show wishing the show was just starting.

Tickets Online

How About You

Have you ever used an online ticket sales hub to purchase tickets for an upcoming event?

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