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Great Britain is Done With James Bond

Updated on November 20, 2015
Daniel Craig at "Spectre" premier in Berlin
Daniel Craig at "Spectre" premier in Berlin | Source

James Bond and the Real MI6 are Working Together

Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), also called MI6, is launching a recruitment campaign. It’s no coincidence their new campaign coincides with Spectre’s release; the agency is well aware the movie will vamp up interest (no wonder they became intelligence officers). But don’t notify your gun-toting, Bond and Bond Girl obsessed cousin with the not so secret desire to kill bad guys, the SSI is searching for a new type of secret agent.

“James Bond would probably not be successful in joining SIS, if he were to apply,” an intelligence source told BuzzFeed UK.

Look out the window- there go our dreams of becoming the best elusive spy caught up in elaborate car chases, love affairs, and ridding the world of “plausible” evils (while sipping on the finest cosmopolitans, of course).

SIS in 60 seconds

How to Become a Secret Agent

The “Bond, James Bond” qualities we go to the movies for are exactly what the SIS is moving away from. Solo spy? Loners rarely achieve greatness in the SIS, according to the same source. Dangerous car chases in million dollar cars where you always escape death because you’re freaking James Bond? That’s a sure way to ruin the low profile, a career ending scenario for a real spy. Fighting bad guys to save your country? Well, replace fighting with making friends and bad guys with foreign nationals and you have it. Admittedly not as word flashy, but if you’re a people person with an aptitude for being more “normal” than Bond, the future may not be so dismal after all.

But what brought about this new campaign? Modern day threats like jihad terrorists and cyber threats have the agency focusing on emotional intelligence and simply put, likeable people from all types of socio-economic backgrounds.

The site, currently accepting applications for a variety of openings, says the SIS believes in a human approach to gathering intelligence. Being understanding, relatable, and overly approachable is now just as likely to get that old tap on the shoulder as Cambridge scholars and world class travelers.

Would you seriously consider becoming part of your country's secret service?

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Is James Bond a Psychopath?

We’d like to think Bond’s psyche evaluations were a factor too. Many psychologists, who seemingly love to analyze popular fictional characters, label Bond a psychopath, pointing out he’s been the world’s most lovable narcissistic serial killer for years.

Matt Damon even played along, calling Bond repulsive when comparing him to Jason Bourne, his character, in an interview with the Miami Herald.

“Bond is an imperialist, misogynist sociopath who goes around bedding women and swilling martinis and killing people,” Damon said.

We beg you to settle down there, Bourne, before you turn green over Bond’s thrill-seeking lifestyle and gambling prowess. It’s undeniably envious, possibly too envious.

Oxford’s psychology researcher Kevin Dutton’s book The Wisdom of Psychopaths lists the “seven deadly wins” of psychopathy: ruthlessness, charm, focus, mental toughness, fearlessness, mindfulness, and action. Bond, business leaders, politicians and mentally unstable criminals are all part of this “socialized psychopath” circle, a type of person becoming all the more common, according to the book’s studies. The SIS may no longer want Bond, but it seems his persona has all the writing for worldly success.

But what’s the most important takeaway for the soon to be recruited spy? The official intelligence officer job description now reads, “You’ll understand what makes people tick and be able to blend into any environment, on any mission - understanding that discretion is of paramount importance,” aka you still get to go on missions. That always beats the desk job, even if you only get to tell people on your deathbed.

Role of Britain's Most Famous Spy

Release Year
Barry Nelson
Casino Royale
Sean Connery
7 Bond Movies
1962-1967, 1971,1983
David Niven
Casino Royale
George Lazenby
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Roger Moore
7 Bond Movies
Timothy Dalton
The Living Daylights, License to Kill
Pierce Brosnan
4 Bond Movies
Daniel Craig
4 Bond Movies


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