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Entourage: The End of an Era

Updated on September 30, 2012

Yesterday night marked the end of one of the most iconic television shows of the modern era.  HBO’s “Entourage” has been around since 2001, and developed a massive fan base all over the world.  Eight seasons later, it ends in fantastic fashion and wraps up one of the most simple, hilarious and charming sagas of a group of friends living the dream.

The show is based loosely on the life of movie star Mark Wahlberg and his rise to stardom, and the group of friends he dragged out of New York with him.  Each season charted a big event or the quest to land a particular movie for Vincent Chase (the main man, based on Wahlberg), but includes numerous side stories, individual drama that each character faces, lots of romances, corporate warfare and hilarious antics.

Very few shows have been able to combine quality comedy with genuine drama, but Entourage has truly been able to create this, especially in the recent series.  As the show continues you find yourself genuinely caring about each character and their individual quests for success or stardom.  The show has a charm to it that is infectious and addictive, and it is this charm that makes the comedy seem so much more personal and you almost feel as though you are laughing as a part of the group rather than a viewer of a television show.

Now we could go over some of the shows greatest moments but that would give too much away so that will be saved for a separate article.  But in honor of one of the best shows ever to grace HBO or any other network, lets take a look at some of the things that make the show so great, and most importantly the characters who make up the “Entourage”.

Vincent Chase

The main man of the program, based on superstar Mark Wahlberg and his life after becoming a star.  Vincent is a charming, good looking, talented actor who is also a bit of a ladies man.  He is loyal to his friends beyond belief and despite his success, never forgot who and what got him there.  He is the rock of the show, and most of the main storyline is based around him.  His steady role provides the story and allows the wide variety of supporting case to provide most of the humor.  Adrian Grenier does a fantastic job portraying Vince’s flashy but humble character and really starts the show of well.

Eric “E” Murphy

Eric is Vince’s best friend and manager, and is the most conservative of the group.  He tends to be the quieter one but deep down is just as loyal as Vince and has the best interests of everybody in mind.  Played by Kevin Connolly, who has had a lot of recent movie success, he brings a character to the show that is a bit more grounded and realistic, who many viewers can best relate to.  However, despite this, he still finds a way to provide quiet comedy, and some of the shows most important romances and side stories include Eric and his own personal life and successes.  Eric coming out of his shell at rare points throughout the show were some of the most iconic moments in the shows life.

Johnny “Drama” Chase

Kevin Dillon portrays Vince Chases delusional, long suffering older brother Johnny.  Drama is far less talented and not as good looking as his younger brother, but has had success in a number of made for T.V movies, and cult television shows.  He is generally looking for work now that his youth has passed and is the long suffering character, who nothing goes right for.  When things do go right he generally finds a way to mess them up immediately.  However, despite his shortcomings, Drama provides the show with a character to really root for, who is caring and has a good heart.  Drama is always thinking of his brother and acts as the groups bodyguard when they find themselves in trouble.  Every group of friends has a person who is their “Drama” and that’s what makes his character so much fun.


Jerry Ferrara may have had what looked like the easiest part to play in a television show, in that he basically portrays an everyday guy, who just so happens to be great friends with a movie star, and is living the dream accordingly.  However, Turtle actually has a deep down desire to succeed in his own endeavors and wants to do something for himself.  Due to this, throughout the show we get to watch Turtle come up with all kinds of schemes, some crazy, some not, and attempt to pull these schemes off.  He is a wannabe entrepreneur who has the financial backing he needs through his friends, but not always the good fortune or good planning that is necessary.  Therefore, some pretty funny situations arrive, and a large portion of Entourage’s celebrity cameos come as a result of Turtle’s ideas.

Ari Gold

Finally, wrapping up the main cast is the character who in many peoples opinion defines the show and will be immortalized in television history.  Jeremy Piven has won numerous Emmy awards for his portrayal of the excellent, crude, work obsessed, foul mouthed and often close to psychotic talent agent Ari Gold.  With some of the most hilarious one liners, tirades, staff firings and momentary losses of sanity that you will ever see on television, Ari Gold is the reason many people love Entourage.  From his treatment of his marriage counsellor during his wife’s therapy sessions to his treatment of his homosexual, loyal and trustworthy secretary Lloyd, Ari is truly a legend of the screen, and Jeremy Piven is a comedy genius who brings him to life like nobody else could.  However, as the show goes on we get to see more and more of the real Ari Gold and what really matters to him behind his work.

While these are the main members of the “Entourage”, there are so many other characters who bring some great things to the show.  There are beautiful women such as Eric’s love interest Sloan and Ari’s much suffering wife Mrs Gold.  There are some classic celebrity cameos, such as a legendary appearance from Seth Green in Las Vegas, and an all important storyline featuring Marc Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks.  There are hilarious side characters such as off the wall director Billy Walsh.  The show has had it all and much more.

More appealing than any of the above mentioned facts, is the theme of friendship that flows through the shows veins stronger than anything else.  For anybody who has a fantastic group of friends, each with their own individual character and each bringing something different and unique to the group can relate to what Entourage has shown us week in and week out.  Friends stick together and they share in each others successes and failures, and quite often play a huge part in them either way.  This is what really appeals to people about the show and I know that it will be missed by a lot of people, including myself.

Thanks for a great 10 years, and I really hope the rumoured movie gets made to really senf things out with one last hurrah.

Who is your favourite entourage character?

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    • profile image

      ssalunkhe 5 years ago from Philadelphia

      At least we know that Entourage will survive in repeats. I never get bored of watching old episodes. I watch them on

    • Goldentvmemories profile image

      Goldentvmemories 5 years ago from London.

      Great stuff. Hope that the film is really going to happen. :-) Thanks - interesting read.

    • jmartin1344 profile image

      jmartin1344 6 years ago from Royal Oak, Michigan

      A lot of people said that. I personally was fine with it and enjoyed it but I was already aware there was a movie coming so maybe that's why it was fine to me. (There was a part after the credits in case you guys didn't catch it by the way)

    • Nickalooch profile image

      Nickalooch 6 years ago from Columbia, MD

      i was disappointed with the i know they are doing 2 movies to wrap everything up but i just felt it was meh

    • jmartin1344 profile image

      jmartin1344 6 years ago from Royal Oak, Michigan

      Me too, sad sad day! It was very positive, and it was nice to see even drama have a happy ending!

      I've never watched Dexter but I'm a huge Mad Men fan so that is currently filling the void.

      Thanks for the comment!

    • Fullerman5000 profile image

      Ryan Fuller 6 years ago from Louisiana, USA

      I was so sad it was the last episode. I wish the last episode would have been longer. I really like how positive this last season was. Now, next month Dexter begins.