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Entourage review

Updated on June 5, 2015

My summary: Vincent from the show is planning on directing and starring in his own film that needs more financial backing that his agent played by Jeremy Piven has to get from guys in Texas. These guys are putting up a fuss about providing more money and they will only do it if they replace Vincent's friend Drama. It's simple enough you can follow it and not care that you know where it will go. You just want to see a guy's fantasy version of LA and relationships.

The Good: Well it has everything you were expecting from a guy fantasy in the movies. The stakes seem high despite no real danger because they have plenty of money, the relationships always work out for the guy, the girls come easy and hot, the goodlooking cars are everywhere, and a lot of sex with random model looking women with no real repercussions in the end. The show was known for basically having an "entourage" of cameos. They are everywhere and mostly well placed. Mark Wahlberg shows up with his posse in a funny scene. Emily Rataikowski, the mistress from Gone Girl, has more than just a cameo and I seriously want to see this girl in a lead role soon. Piers Morgan is in it with some funny lines. Liam Neeson shows up in a car being pissed off by Jeremy. I don't know which cameo I liked the most. But they all were fun to see. Haley Osment I have no idea what he did to himself since Sixth Sense but he looks freaking scary as hell. His face looks like it was stapled to a different body. He had a wonderful performance and I swear he is having the time of his life here. I both loved and hated his character. Okay I will say it yes there are many sex scenes in this film and they are well done. You probably won't believe the guys or any guy could get away with anything these guys do because I didn't. Again it is what it is so you either take it or leave it. But the main star of the film is Jeremy Piven. He is just the almost believable movie agent who is driving himself crazy and you just can't help but enjoy it. He sounds so offensive at times then completely believable and sympathetic. He changes moods so quickly its hard not to enjoy his performance.

The Bad: First off nothing you will see in here will shock you and it can kind of feel a little underwhelming. And of course most of what you see is offensive. Women are in no way shown positively in the film. They are either controlling detriments or sexual prizes. The guys are constantly indulging in sex and the men are all selfish pigs. I am kind of tired of bro fantasy movies because they just seem so boring with the complete unreality. I knew going in what to expect and that is all I got.

Verdict: Fun

It is an escapist film for guys to go see and forget about afterwards. I can't hate it too much because I enjoyed it for what it was: a mindless bro film. These are nice to see every once in a while just as long as every guy can agree to leave it in the movies and not think they can treat or see women that way. If we can all do that we can all have a good time and then come back to reality. I had fun watching the movie and that's all I could ask for here.


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