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Epic Badguy Showdowns

Updated on April 25, 2017

5. Dirty Harry defeats Scorpio

Back in 1971, a dramatic, hard nosed cop called Harry Callahan walked up on to rooftop pool to investigate a murder. A fuse of psychedelic rock and acid jazz follows him as he studies the grisly scene. Thought to be incredibly violent for its day, Dirty Harry, still manages to both thrill and shock. Callahan bears a mean grin as he totes his 44 caliber magnum, that he touts as 'the most powerful handgun in the world,' and uses it to hunt down and finally end the psychotic devastation caused by the 'Scorpio Killer' who was based on the real life 'Zodiac Killer.' Harry does the dirty work no one else will and he corners the perp and delivers some swift justice.

Do you feel lucky...punk?

4. Major Arnold Toht's interrogation days are done

Classic Indy has the titular hero battling nazi socialist soldiers, leaders of demonic cults and soviets. In every Indiana Jones movie, the protagonist dies in the most gruesome and spectacular ways imaginable. Before horror and gore-loving epics such as the Underworld series, Game of Thrones and Tarrintoes bloodfests, the movie adaptions that were inspired by other original characters like Alan Quartermain and Fleming's James Bond had some pretty violent moments. But the thing that joins all three films, setting it apart from the ill-plotted fourth 'Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull,' is that each deals with religious themes and supernatural power. Raider's of the Lost Ark was the first to explore these, as Indiana Jones, aka Henry Jones Jr, searches for the ark of the covanant: the holy chest said to contain the ten commandments that Moses brought down from Mount Sinai. The enemies, including one very unfortunate Major Arnold Toht, feel the full force of the Ark's destructive force.

The Major feels the full power of the ark

3. Aragon slays Lurtz

One of the most epic fantasy action movies ever committed to film is, of course, Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings.' Fans are divided on which film is the best in the trilogy, while the more hardcore complain about all the materials adapted or left out. Whatever movie goers opinion may be, the trilogy is a tour de force of modern film making, that outshines dramatic classics like Spartacus, and the 3-and-a-half hour long Ben Hur, starring Charlton Heston. Boasting around 12 hours in total, the extended edition of The Lord of the Rings is filled with the kind of detail, endearing characters, battles, magic and stunning locations that create a living, breathing world full of wonder, mysticism and mayhem. Each of the films deals with hordes of orcs or goblins, as well as greater opponents such as Saruman the Wise and the demigod, Sauron. But perhaps one of the most fantastically choreographed action scenes is where Aragorn, son of Arathorn, defeats the Uruk-hai, Lurtz, in 'The Fellowship of the Ring.'

Saving Boromir!

2. Ra's annhiliated

In light of Kurt Russel's resurgence in some great movies, such as The Hateful Eight, The Fate of the Furious, and most recently, as Peter Quill's father in 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' it felt kind of nostalgic remembering another blockbuster he was involved in back in the 90s. Who could forget 'Stargate', a story that is as much about pioneer exploration to outer star systems as it is about pre-civilization cultures encountering advanced beings that were revered as Gods? Just understanding the power these technologically advanced race, under the governance of the power-hungry, despotic 'Ra' can be felt when Colonel Jack Oneal, his men and ? ? meet the inhabitants who see them as gods themselves, when ? unwittingly reveals a medallion bearing a symbol that represents their ruler. But as the lore at the beginning of the film shows, what with an aged extraterrestrial being searching for innocent's body to continue life, right up to the final show down as Ra seeks to escape (without any heed or love of the people he has ruled), Ra is chiefly depicted as a selfish and cruel being who deserves the atomic annihilation he gets.

I've got an idea..special delivery for a despotic ruler

1. Karl Drogo crowns Viscerys in gold

Instantly and unforgettably horrific, there is a scene in the second season of the Game of Thrones that is filled with that trance-like, re-playable, incredulous horripulation. The television series has gained fame for brilliant acting and set pieces, but also has gained its fair share of infamy: in brutal deaths involving, for the most part, the demise of both our favourite and despised characters. The episode involving the Targaryen prince Viscerys horrible death was viewed by well over 2 million in the US alone and its writing and story line were praised by critics the world over. Soldiers can die by the sword, the brotherhood of The Night's Watch can die by cold, but challenge the khaleesi within the Dothraki's sacred city, and while pregnant with the clan warlord leader's child? Be it so: you bring death upon your own head there, sir. In anger at his threats and demands for an army to reestablish his line upon The Iron Throne, Kahl Drogo pours molten hot gold upon Viscerys' head as he declares: 'a crown for a king.'

A crown for a king


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