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Epik High 99 Album Review and Information

Updated on March 16, 2013

Epik High - 99: "Though I crawl on the ground today, I'll be in the sky tomorrow"

Epik High's 99 album is very different from their previous albums; it's more upbeat and uplifting overall. Despite the obvious change in sound, I can still hear and see the traces of Epik High. They are still themselves, but as we all know people change and evolve as time goes on. I was actually hoping for something different with this album, so I was pleased. I enjoy their previous albums, but I always hoped for more upbeat and happy songs. It may be different, but it's still their style; people are multifaceted. Why wouldn't musicians and artists be as well?

99 is Epik High's seventh studio album. Park Bom from 2ne1; Lee Ha Yi from Su Pearls; and Gaeko from Dynamic Duo are featured on this album. 99 was released digitally on October 19, 2012 and physically on October 23, 2012. On October 22, 2012, a commentary film was released that features some behind the scenes of the music videos for Up and Don't Hate Me and studio recordings.

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Unboxing of Epik High's 99 Album

1. Up

Up featuring Park Bom

My Rating: 5/5

Up Music Video

Up English Translation, Romanization, and Hangul

I immediately fell in love with this song, especially because I was going through a tough time at that moment. I love Park Bom's powerful voice and think that her voice was ideal for this song. This was a very good collaboration. Up is perfect for helping motivate you to keep on persevering when you're stuck in a rut. This energizing song is about getting back up when you fall down and refusing to let any obstacles stand in the way of your destination. Up is also about overcoming your fears and focusing on the present instead of the past. Epik High also expresses that it may seem like you're trapped with no way out, but there's always a solution: "There's an enemy before me and there's a river behind me, but I fly high. I look up."

Some people have said that Park Bom's voice sounds strained in this song, but that's just her singing voice that is full of emotion. She always sings that way and I like how much emotion is in her voice. Listen to Park Bom in It Hurts by 2ne1 and We Belong Together by Big Bang. I don't think her voice sounds strained. I think her voice is ideal for r&b and hip hop. Her way of singing reminds me of Mariah Carey when she sings with a lot of emotion.

Making of Up Music Video

Epik High Performing Up on Inkigayo

2. Don't Hate Me

Don't Hate Me

My Rating: 5/5

Don't Hate Me Music Video

Don't Hate Me English Translation

Don't Hate Me is a rock song about not caring if everyone else in the world hates you, as long as that one special person loves you. I really like this song because I can relate to it and I like how different it is from their previous music.

I think that Don't Hate Me can also be interpreted as a more personal song by Epik High for their fans, so they are meaning that they are fine as long as their fans are clapping for them. Their haters don't matter, yet they are grateful for the hate that makes them stronger: “Love and hate! I'm grateful for both.”

Making of Don't Hate Me Music Video

Epik High Performing Don't Hate Me on Inkigayo

3. A Word That Shouldn't Be Said When In Love

A Word That Shouldn't Be Said When In Love

My Rating: 4.5/5

A Word That Shouldn't Be Said When In Love English and Romanization

A love lesson from Epik High! A Word That Shouldn't Be Said in Love is an 80's pop style song that humorously teaches phrases that must be avoided at all costs in a relationship. I wish I could have heard this song before I said some of those things in the past! G-Dragon may have helped you get the girl in Hello, but Epik High helps you keep her with A Word That Shouldn't Be Said in Love.

Epik High Performing A Word That Shouldn't Be Said When in Love

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4. It's Cold

It's Cold featuring Lee Hi

My Rating: 5/5

It's Cold Music Video

It's Cold English Translation and Romanization

It's Cold is a slower and more depressing song than the first three tracks. I was so shocked by Lee Hi's voice in this song because I'm used to hearing songs by her that are very soulful. That's not a bad thing though because she pulled off the empty and cold feeling very well. Her beautiful high voice matched the theme of this song well. The way she sang her lines in such a numb sounding and cold way expressed the song perfectly. In addition, her feminine voice contrasted nicely with the male voices of Epik High. It obviously would have been strange if she were singing like she did in her single 1, 2, 3, 4.

Epik High Performing It's Cold

5. You Don't Deserve Her

You Don't Deserve Her featuring Gaeko

My Rating: 4.5/5

You Don't Deserve Her English Translation and Romanization

You Don't Deserve Her is a rap song with beat-boxing about a girl who dates men that don't treat her well. I really love how it starts off with just beat-boxing and it slowly builds up until the chorus begins. The singing is very beautiful and complements the song well.

6. Get Out the Way

Get Out the Way

My Rating: 5/5

Get Out the Way

*Get Out the Way English Translation, Romanization, and Hangul

Get Out of the Way is an aggressive, fast rap song. I really like how fast they rap at some parts and aggressively say “bikyeo”.

Note: Get Out the Way comes with the CD version only.

Get Out the Way Performance

7. The Bad Guy

The Bad Guy

My Rating: 5/5

The Bad Guy English Translation and Romanization

The Bad Guy is a fun song about preferring to be a bad guy because it's more exciting than being a boring goody-two-shoes. He extends this to women too by saying he only likes bad girls. My favorite part of the song is “I don't just spend money... I kill bills.” The first time I heard this song, I actually laughed out loud because it was unexpected and amusing. I REALLY want a shirt that says that on it now.

The Bad Guy and Kill This Love Performance

8. Ghost (Interlude)

9. Kill This Love

Kill This Love

My Rating: 5/5

Kill This Love English Translation and Romanization

Featuring light dubstep, Kill This Love is a great song about desperately wanting to stop loving someone. No matter what you do, you can't seem to get over the person: “I've set fire to our recollections. I hoped that my regrets will become a pile of ash. But, they've only gotten hotter.” You even resort to begging God to help you kill your feelings.

Kill This Love Performance

10. New Beautiful

New Beautiful

My Rating: 5/5

New Beautiful English Translation, Romanization, and Spanish Translation

New Beautiful is an upbeat song about how being different and real is what's really beautiful in a person. This song also tells off close-minded people who think you're ugly, weird, or perverse for daring to be yourself.

See What Epik High Has to Say About 99

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      It's good to see Epik High try different things and not just be "stuck" being a pure hiphop band. I think their signing to YG helped a lot with that, starting with Tablo's solo album (love that song with Taeyang, "Tomorrow")... Don't Hate Me is tablo's alternative reaction (versus what he put out on his solo album) regarding the lowest point in his life where anti-fans almost destroyed him and his family by wrongly accusing him of lying about his Stanford BA & MA degrees (seriously, WTF?? he's a rapper, not a university professor, who cares?)... It's a light-hearted take, and a response that is even powerful than being depressed and sad. It's almost saying, the more you hate me, the more I'll love you, so keep hating me, giving me attention. Because the flip side of famous is infamous, both validate the person in question... And the rock/punk style of music is fun and rockin'. It's my favorite track I think (I voted that way, I see lots of others did too). I love Leehi's feature song "It's Cold"-- perfect execution and just perfect for that song and lyrics... Very similar to what Younha did for "Umbrella" but a totally different emotion. Bravo to Epik High and Leehi! I'm actually a fan of 2NE1 (prob. the only kpop band I really listen to and follow these days, I'm almost 40 years old lol, not your typical kpop listener) and I adore Park Bom and love her unique voice color.... However, more and more she's going downhill, it's sad-- what suits her voice best are lower-range R&B songs. But they keep giving her really high parts to sing, where her voice doesn't sound that good at all, and she strains. It's disheartening to see her destroy her voice like that, cos her voice is such a treasure, so beautifully soulful (go back to pre-2NE1 days, e.g. BigBang "Forever with You", or Lexy "Baby Boy", or BigBag "We Belong Together", or that RedDoc/Masta Wu song...)... The last two features, GD&Top's "Oh Yeah" and Epik High's "Up" is exactly the opposite of what her voice was made to do-- it's too high, she's straining, and it doesn't sound that good at all, makes me cry to see someone get told to sing something that isn't fit for their natural range... :(( So yeah, "Up" the song itself I like, it's upbeat and fun. But Bom's parts, as much as I love Bom, just makes me cringe... :(( They really need to get her to do R&B songs like she was initially planned to do pre-2NE1... Anyway, enjoyed your review. Thanks for reading my long rant. :/

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I love the song Get Out The Way. the beat is fantastic, so kudos to DJ Tukutz, and like you said i also love the parts where they rap super fast, it goes great with the beat. its just such a good song i love it!