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Episode Recap: Glee S01E07 Throwdown

Updated on January 8, 2011
Will and Sue having an epic throwdown in super slow motion
Will and Sue having an epic throwdown in super slow motion | Source

When you hear your name called, cross over to my side of this black shiny thing

The episode started with Will and Sue having an fight of epic proportions in super slow motion. It was revealed through their voice-overs that it all started a couple of days ago when Principal Figgins asked them in his office how Glee was coming along. The two of them fake-smiled their way through the meeting, saying they're taking things the civilized way with each of them doing one number for the Sectionals. Despite Figgins warning them that he didn't want them to pit the kids against one another, which was exactly what Sue wanted to do.

According to Quinn, the minority kids in Glee felt like they weren't being heard. For example, Kurt and Mercedes felt like they were doing an awful lot of show tunes and wanted something "a little more black" while Mike offered to "pop-n-lock." Picking up on this, Sue planned on creating an environment so toxic no one will want to be part of that club.

Intending to portray Will as oblivious to the minority students, Sue splits the Glee group into two with "Sue's kids" comprising of Santana, Artie, Tina, Mike, Kurt, Mercedes and Matt. She gave the kids what they wanted, letting them perform "Hate on Me." She then proceeded to sabotage Will's efforts by removing the piano (the black shiny thing) and destroying all his sheet music. She then confessed that yes, it was her intention to destroy Glee club.

Terri told Will he'll need to get nasty to fight Sue. The next day, Sue came to Cheerios practice with a report in tow only to find out that the majority of her Cheerios were academically ineligible. It turned out Will had flunked all of them in his Spanish class. Sue brought this up to Principal Figgins, but when it turned out most Cheerios were terrible students so Figgins sided with Will on this one.

Quinn sowing seeds of discontent in Brittany and Puck
Quinn sowing seeds of discontent in Brittany and Puck | Source

Fellow glee clubbers, it would be an honor to show you how a real storm out is done

Will was left with Finn, Rachel, Quinn, Puck and Brittany. Predictably, Will gave the leads to "No Air" to Finn and Rachel, leaving Quinn, Puck and Brittany to sing back-up. Deliberately, Quinn demanded after the performance "what about us, do you expect us to just sway back here like props?" Pre-planned with Sue, Quinn then turned to the other two after rehearsal and said "I think Sue was right about him, he clearly doesn't like minorities." This resulted in Puck and Brittany defecting over to Sue's kids, leaving Will with only three members. An enraged Will demanded answers from Sue. Sue was willing to bargain with Will, giving him his kids back if she get her Cheerios back in return. Will retorted, "you're going to have to pry those Fs from my cold dead hands."

When Rachel invited Sue's kids to watch them rehearse, Sue demanded her kids walk out after Rachel sang just one line. Fed up, Will started fighting with Sue, bringing the viewers back to the beginning of the episode. Aghast,all the glee kids stormed out of rehearsal.

Sue eventually back down, saying she will back down as Glee co-director but would still like to be kept in the loop about how Glee was going. Will felt like he was about to fall through a trap-door into a pit of fire but Sue alleviated his fears. 

The glee kids singing "Keep Holding On" at the conclusion of the episode for Quinn
The glee kids singing "Keep Holding On" at the conclusion of the episode for Quinn | Source

More Baby Drama

While all the drama was going on in school, Quinn and Finn went to have an ultrasound, discovering that their baby was a girl. Will accompanied them to their OB appointment, feeling left out when he sat there in the waiting room with all those expecting couples. Back at home, he was confronted with Terri making all the baby decisions with Kendra instead of him. Fed up, he told Terri he was going to go with her to her next OB appointment.

Terri and Kendra gang up on the obstetrician and blackmailed him with a frivolous law-suit so that he'll use Quinn's ultrasound and pretend it was Terri's. So at Will and Terri's appointment, the obstetrician said he made a mistake and that their baby was actually a girl. Will was overwhelmed and Terri kissed him, saying no matter what happens, they loved each other in this moment.

Jacob, the school reporter, discovered that Quinn was pregnant and wanted to release this scandalous gossip. Rachel, desperate to stop him, agreed to hand over pairs of her underwear to him. However, when those were discovered by Sue in Jacob's locker room, Sue demanded to know what was going on. Finding out that Quinn was pregnant, she made Jacob publish the news and kicked Quinn off the Cheerios. A distraught Quinn was comforted by Glee when they sang "Keep Holding On" for her.


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