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Episode Review: Inspector Gadget Cartoon Series The Emerald Duck

Updated on December 8, 2017

Inspector Gadget with the American Flag


Introduction To The Emerald Duck

Inspector Gadget, the famous animated TV series that aired between 1983 and 1986 had 65 episodes in its first season. One such episode was the one titled “The Emerald Duck.” The episode begins with some interesting music as one of the museum staff leads a group of people into an area that has a very special item or artifact. For the purposes of this review, let’s just call it a very special item. You can call it an artifact if you wish to. Gadget, his niece Penny, and their dog Brain are put onto a plane that has no other passengers on it. In the cockpit of the airplane, there are only two dolls that are dummies. Gadget does not realize that the plane is on automatic pilot. Dr. Claw sitting behind a computer in his castle manipulates the plane’s controls. The plane starts to gradually lose altitude and makes its slow descent to the ground. However, because of the intellect and intelligence of his niece Penny, Gadget is brought to safety. Penny was able to override Dr. Claw's controls using the powers of her very special computer book.

The significance of the episode

This special item is called The Emerald Duck. It is thought to have secret powers. Anyone who possesses this weapon will have the power to wreak havoc and destruction upon the world. The significance of this episode is that Inspector Gadget has been assigned by his boss Chief Quimby to make sure that this powerful weapon does not get into the hands of Gadget’s arch enemy and the main villain of the series, Dr. Claw. Another enemy or foe that Gadget must deal with in this episode is Macho Miguel. Macho Miguel is an agent that is a Mexican mariachi player. He is hired by Dr. Claw to try and eliminate Gadget. Miguel has two of his buddies with him that play the guitar and banjo. They play flamenco style music that makes this episode very fun to watch. However, Dr. Claw is not amused whenever Miguel plays the music and says Arriba! Arriba is the Spanish word for above. It can also be used in the context of trying to inject some enthusiasm so that friends can get excited. Dr. Claw’s main goal is to eliminate Gadget and anything less than Gadget’s elimination will not be enough for Dr. Claw. The other significance of this episode is that the setting takes place in colonial Mexico. You can notice it through the style and structure of the buildings in this episode.

The role of the character Macho Miguel and conclusion

Macho Miguel leads Gadget through the jungle, exposing him to various traps. Gadget thinks that Miguel is there to help him out. But Gadget is so clueless that he does not realize that Miguel is actually trying to get rid of him. Miguel uses a series of traps to try and get rid of Gadget. Some of these traps set by Miguel in the episode are:

  • A block that slowly disintegrates
  • Quicksand
  • A huge rolling ball
  • A trap room full of sand
  • Piranhas’ in the water. These are creatures that can tear their prey to bits. The hilarious part of this is that Gadget thinks that Miguel wants to go for a swim! Gadget hates getting his coat wet.

With the help of Brain, Gadget escapes these traps. Gadget also uses his gadgets to escape these traps. As Miguel looks through the eye of the Sun God, he is able to see the spot where the duck must be placed so that the crystal weapon gets activated. Gadget is traveling with his copter. He sees Miguel with his mariachi buddies and asks him if he needs any help. Miguel says that Gadget can help him, but then he takes the emerald duck out of the bag and throws the bag into the copter. Gadget falls down to the ground. However, before Dr. Claw is able to get the crystal weapon, Penny destroys it using her laser. When the Chief congratulates Gadget for a job well done, Gadget always replies back to him, giving him an interesting answer. In this episode, Gadget says: “Oh it was nothing Chief. Things just kind of fell into place.” The Emerald Duck is one of the best episodes of the first season and it is recommended for anyone wanting to have a great laugh and lots of excitement.

The Emerald Duck


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