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ERA FOR A MOMENT--- Heart With Balls

Updated on August 16, 2011

If Heart had had balls...

... they would have sounded like Era For a Moment, no doubt about it. Don't get me wrong. I was a Heart fan, of sorts (until Roger Fisher came into the record store at which I worked and wrote 'Fisher Roger was here' on every conceivable surface, flesh and otherwise, in indelible ink). I had two of their albums--- Dreamboat Annie and Dog and Butterfly--- and I listened to their music when I didn't have to sometimes, though I certainly got enough of it at work. In Seattle during the Dog and Butterfly years, if you wanted CBS ad money, you played Heart. We played Heart. A lot.

They were good. Of course, they would have been a whole lot better if they had been a real band instead of a musical holding company supported by two rockin' females (a rarity in those days) and a whole lot of money. I can hear the screams coming out of Seattle as I type, but that's what I saw and heard. They may have been a band when they started, but they soon became a business. And musically? Take away Ann's somewhat formidable pipes and Nancy's signature kick and you have, what? Not Era For a Moment, that's for sure.

Ladies and Gentlemen--- Era For a Moment

Shelby Carcio fronts this impressive Massachusetts fivesome and she is frontman for the press as well, but she is hardly the whole story.  Put her on stage and she is front cog on a five cog machine, the other four pistons pumping horsepower Heart only dreamed of.  Crunching chords worthy of a rock crusher one moment, they turn on a dime the next, creating a dreamscape of guitars and voices.  It is a heady combination and one can only imagine the highs and even bigger highs of banging heads or floating away.  There is magic in this band.

Even sitting down with acoustic guitars... which they don't do here...

...they rock!!!

Most vocalists have a hard enough time hitting notes in full battle gear and under ideal circumstances, so when Carcio hits hers somewhat effortlessly, sitting on a stool in a TV studio set up for news rather than music, that says something. Add to that the way they take a hard rocking cruncher like Calling You to an 'unplugged' level and you cannot help being impressed. Used to playing it full on with stacks of amps, they make it appear a simple adjustment, though musicians know it is not. You have to be good to make that transition. You have to be better than good to make it sound right.

Era For a Moment released their first album, Realize, in 2005. Between then and now, they navigated their way through four years of the equivalent of busting rocks--- late night gigs, countless hours of rehearsal, working contacts. That glorious life of a musician you think you know? It only exists on MTV and VH1. It is hard, hard work, not the least of which is writing the songs which set you apart. You think writing songs is easy? Try it sometime.

Well, they wrote eleven songs for their new album, When Earth Meets Sky, and what can I say? If I'd been lucky enough to have found the band from the beginning, I would say 'here we go again.' For myself and others, it is just 'here we go,' but that's enough. After hearing When Earth Meets Sky, I'm ready to go. I'm even considering catching these guys live, if they ever haunt my neck of the woods.  The kids would probably think I was a narc.  Then again, as good as I think these guys can be, they probably wouldn't even notice.

By the way, the twelfth song on the new album is a cover of Rockwell's 1984 hit, Somebody's Watching Me.  When I heard it all I could think was, Rockwell never sounded like this.


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