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Eric's Confession Final: Sad Video

Updated on August 20, 2012

Eric's Confession Final

Below is a video that is called Eric's Final Confession. The man in the video is Eric McLean, and he has cancer and he has been battling cancer for over 8 long years. The video is called Eric's Confession Final for a reason, because he has lost the battle to cancer, as he has begun his hospice care, according to McLean.

McLean has been uploading videos to YouTube since 2009, updating people on his fight against cancer. In the video McLean talks about how he has lost the battle against cancer and he talks about how he feels about the situation. He tells family and friends that he loves them all, and he talks about how he is scared.

In Eric's Confession Final, McLean talks about how he fought cancer for a very long time and his doctor said that he has won the cancer, and McLean talks about how he fought cancer right to the end. He speaks of stepping up to the plate and swinging hard but "the ballgame" is over. McLean then finishes the video by saying goodbye to everybody for the "final" time and wishes everybody lives a long and happy life.

Watch the video below, it is really hard to watch and it is sad.

Eric's Confession Final


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