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Escapade by Pandelic

Updated on October 27, 2017

Artwork concept, illustration, design and layout
 by Sii Soe.


The time is still early. 5:30 in the morning. My coffee on the breakfast table is still hot. Late last night, I hijacked illegal music from some shady website. Gone were those days, when you have to be on a pilgrimage to record shops downtown for handful of cassettes or CD.

But now I have right in front of me is a whole music album which was downloaded just a few minutes ago on my laptop. I took a sip from my coffee and hit play. It's a rare post rock album from Myanmar very first post rock band where only so-called hip-hop & hipster rock bands exists in the box.

What a shame....Underground music scene suffering from gig's naive taste.
Still, from the chaos, Pandelic emerged from out of nowhere with their first debut album which kicked off from rhythmic drums to the journey of adagio strings.

Birth - is an intro of band inviting the listeners to enter their world and join them in their musical journey.

Nonetheless, title track "Escapade" must be one to get to know Pandelic. A wee Eastern vibe, combining with progressive noises and chilling climate of pads, short breaks infused with distorted guitars and bass makes the song came alive. Pulled out the stunt nicely with by sampling the atmospheres and nature environment samples.

After warming up with melancholy tunes, next track is "Meteor Chase" which surprisingly raised sudden death to the peak performance. It's like watching a car chase scene from films as the sun started to set in background setting.

"Goodbye" tune may sounds very 'pop' for some common post rock listeners. But it was (probably) written as another intro for "Mend Me If I Break, Catch Me If I Fall".

"Mend Me If I Break,Catch Me If I Fall" is a masterpiece of Pandelic. It will be no stranger to post rock gigs on sound-cloud. Even though I've heard countless times, this particular song always gets me both emotionally and musically. Its message, atmospheres, intensities. Gives a powerful uplifting feels during breaks. Not to mention playing with story line characters and complex bass-lines makes this track unique.

When we reach to "Mother". Heavy cymbals and electric guitars are gone and here comes the strings. This sad but exhilarating energy is hard to comprehend just like most relationships.

"When she gives me skies, it's sweet" clearly describe beautifully the ideology of Love. Acoustic elements were found with lovely melodic synths to capture the picture of two human beings just having "the moment".

Story behind "EE969" is a tragic and inspiring one. It was written as an tribute to heroic taxi driver who was gunned down at the airport shootings. Highly recommend to watch the music video first which was uploaded months ago.

"For the better days" is a most mysterious track. A lot of riddles in one song. It's was like band saying their farewells or announcing in a way they'll be back. But in my opinion, it's a
beautiful lullaby for a child to wake up for tomorrow
morning or for a better future of the world corrupted with hates & capitalism.

Undoubtedly, since the political changes in Myanmar, media and entertainment transaction progressed fast. Too fast if I may add. Ultimately, mainstream music is still trending as only active media in industry, but off the charts bands
like Pandelic are gaining hardcore community interests and reputations. Eventually; we millenniums will explore the universe which we have never seen before along with our new solar system, technology, science, literature and music. The question is:

"Is it too early or too late to acknowledge eons of creations that are already existed in different kinds of forms, different kinds of cultures, even in different galaxies?"

Mend Me If I Break Catch Me If I Fall

— Pandelic


nyanlynnhtet14 "Another taste for music , love GOODBYE so much, keep it up the good work Favorite track: Goodbye."

nyizawmoe "a great post rock band in Myanmar. Favorite track: Goodbye.

Pyi Thein Maung " Sick tunes. "When she gives me a kiss, it's sunset" gives a nice ambiance and atmospheric feel to the album. Favorite track: Mend Me If I Break, Catch Me If I Fall. "

phyo_myint " Escapade and EE9659 are my favorite tracks! Favorite track: Escapade. "

Bass- Lin Arkar Kyaw, Guitar- Zarni Myint Swe, Guitar- Zwel Mun Wint feat. Grace Oo (The Univoice Choir) on EE9659.

© 2017 Saw Simon Tide


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