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Esmee Denters YouTube Video Marketing Strategy

Updated on October 9, 2009

Promotional Tips for Aspiring Music Stars

Esmee Denters is a Dutch recording artist. She is signed under Justin Timberlake's Tennman Records, where Timberlake serves as Chairman and CEO. Denters is one of the most popular YouTube success stories. She started out just recording herself doing covers of songs by Beyonce, Pink, and some of her other favorites. Denters also started writing her own songs and posted those to YouTube, as well. Her debut album is called "Outta Here," and it has had some moderate success in Europe.

Esmee's success does not come solely down to her YouTube marketing strategy. She is also a gorgeous woman, and I think most people would agree with that. But she also writes her own songs, and that is a big plus when it comes to working with others and eventually getting a record deal. In fact, her songwriting may have been the final clincher in getting a record deal with Justin Timberlake, as Esmee's videos on YouTube show that she is not a particularly strong singer. She wimps out on the hard parts of songs, and this is not debatable. However, she is a "pretty good" singer if I'm being honest.

So, other than being drop-dead gorgeous and having eyes that make you melt like ice cream on top of apple pie, what can aspiring singers do to try to replicate Esmee Denters' success? Well, there are a few things that can improve the chances of getting discovered and getting a record deal:

1. If you want to be a singer, actually sing. Get your camera out and start recording yourself singing anything and everything that you think you can pull off. And then post all those videos on YouTube. I read comments all the time on YouTube from people claiming to be vocalists. Yet, they don't have a single video up there for the world to see. Esmee Denters' Official YouTube channel has at least 60 videos up that she has personally posted. If you really want to be a singer, get your butt to work and start promoting yourself. Stop waiting for a miracle discovery.

2. Don't worry about being perfect. Just be yourself and be confident that people will love you. I can't bear to listen to Esmee Denters, myself. She has that same whiny voice as Beyonce but with even less talent. But some people love her. Whether it's her good looks or singing or just the fact that they like the songs, it doesn't matter.

Successful people don't over-analyze things out of their control. They don't worry about life being unfair and all this social and philosophical crap that holds people back. They charge straight ahead and give themselves a chance to get lucky. Yes, Esmee got lucky, but she gave herself the chance to get lucky.

3. Learn to hide your weaknesses as a singer. Listen, people are easily fooled. If you can't hit a note in a certain song, don't make yourself the fool by trying to hit it. Know your own strengths and weaknesses first. Then play to your strenghts while hiding your weaknesses. You can see this in Esmee Denters' performance of Christina Aguilera's "Impossible." This is a very hard song to sing to a Christina level, and Esmee gave a ho-hum performance. But she was also smart enough to improvise on the hard parts that she couldn't hit. And the result - thousands of clueless people praising her who know nothing about good singing.

4. Start writing songs or hook up with local people who write songs. Don't rely solely on doing covers. A record label will be more impressed to see you pull off original songs than to see you doing nothing but covers (even if you sing well). Why is this? Because you need to be distinct and stand out from the crowd. And one of the best ways to do this is to sing something nobody, including the record label, has ever heard before. This automatically gets you some points for uniqueness. It is also just much easier to work with a creative person than someone who is merely a good singer or a pretty face. You don't have to write perfect songs, but at least try to develop some ability in this area.

By following this strategy, Esmee Denters eventually got herself a good manager and was eventually introduced to Justin Timberlake. The rest is history.


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