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Etceteros: Star Wars and Germany Under Hitler During World War II

Updated on May 14, 2019
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Star Wars and Germany under Hitler During World War II

NOTE: It is ok if you are not interested, I don't need anyone to read this nonsense cause it is really nonsense and won't help you in any other things that you do. I just added this on my note because this made me think how the movie I watched has some parallel instances in history. I also think my intro is longer than what I am intending to write so just as I said it is a waste of time and does not prove anything. But if you have time to waste, then be my guest.

I am a fan of the Star Wars movie. I even have some collectible items from a bazaar. I have watched the eight episodes and want to see the last two installments said to be on screens in the near future. And I want some lightsaber. Recently I've been reading some article about World War II and can't keep on noticing some facts that on my view are somewhat comparable to some things in the movie.

So is it or is it not?

These led me to think if it is intentionally done by the producer (George Lucas) or it is just my imagination that led me to my own conclusions. I never read any review about the film cause I do not feel the need to do so. It is a very good film. But I can't keep but compare some things in those troublesome years into things in Lucas' films. If it is intentional or not, I will never know. There may also be some articles that are written with the same thing prior to this, but please be patient as I share this to you as it made me think for a night. I presume some who will read this have watched the film, but to those who are not, I think you can still get it.


Here goes my List of Comparisons

1. Prior to the "Third Reich" that Adolf Hitler began in Germany during his dictatorship, Germany is a "Republic" called "The Weimar Republic". Adolf Hitler wants Germany to be an "Empire" that will rule all over the world once he conquers it. But as we all know that never happened and he ended up killing himself.

On Star Wars: Prior to the Clone Wars, the "galaxy" is under the control of what is known as the "Old Republic" with all its Senators and the "Jedis" guiding them. (Jedis act as leaders of an old religion, like bishops and popes?) But after the Attack of the Sith, and all Jedis are gone except Yoda, and Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader, it came to be known as the "Galactic Empire"

2. The head of the Weimar Republic is called Chancellor, and up until now, the head of the German Government is called Chancellor (Chancellor Angela Merkel, for example). Before being a Fuhrer of the Nazi Party's Third Reich, Hitler was the Chancellor.

On Star Wars: Before becoming Darth Sidius and the Emperor, the leader of the Galactic Empire was once known as Chancellor Palpatine.

3. German Soldiers are known as Stromtroop (German Sturmabteilung). But this was on World War I and as it grew in number and power under the Nazi party it is called SS or Schutzstaffel translated Protection Squadron or defense corps for the Fuhrer

On Star Wars: The Empire's soldiers are called the same: Stormtroopers.

4. Who defeated Germany? The "Allied Forces", the alliance between London, Paris, the United States, and including USSR.

On Star wars: The sworn enemy of the "Galactic Empire" is called the "Rebel Alliance". Their "Heroes" defeated the Empire.


There are still some like Germany made a compromise with the USSR (Russian Federation) then later attacked it. It can be compared to the Trade Federation in Star Wars which once under the Sith Lords lead by Palpatine has been attacked by his apprentice, but I think those are not as comparable as the one I listed above. So, is it or is it not? I don't know, but thanks for wasting time like I did as I write this nonsense.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Leandro Angelo Castro


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