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Eurovision 2014: Who is Conchita Wurst?

Updated on October 24, 2014

One of Eurovision Song Contest's favorite participants is Austrian contestant Conchita Wurst. Even before the ESC started she was famous for her unusual appearance and high pitched voice. Many countries condemned her participation as unethical. Though what makes her really special is her song. Listening to it, without watching the video leaves a fantastic impression. But who is this mysterious woman?

Conchita Wurst, Impressions from the second Semi-Final Winners Press Conference.
Conchita Wurst, Impressions from the second Semi-Final Winners Press Conference. | Source

A short biography of Conchita

Conchita Wurst is actually Austrian singer Tom Neuwirth who was born on the 6th of November 1988 in Gmunden (Austria). He became famous through the Austrian casting show "Die gro├če Chance" in 2011 and through her participation in the national Eurovison finals, where she only reached the 2nd place. But this year she got to represent Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.

Before Tom Neuwirth and his alter ego Conchita rose to fame, Tom worked as a shop window decorator. The Wikipedia article on Conchita also states, that Austrian singer Tom Neuwirth released 3 singles so far. "Unbreakable" in 2011, "That's what I am!" in 2012 and finally "Rise like a Phoenix" in 2014. An album though, has never been released

Her whole life she had the dream to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest. Conchita and her song represent tolerance and acceptance, which in most European countries is considered to be normal. Lots of participant countries, especially from the eastern part of Europe opposed and protested against her appearance on television channels over the world. But the EBU did not budge. Because of her unique personality, her song and her open attitude towards all kind of people she is one of the favourite artists at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.

The song Rise like a Phoenix

The song "Rise like a Phoenix" originated as a collaboration between the worlds most renown and award winning film and pop music composers. It was Charly Mason, Joey Patulka, Ali Zuckowski and Julian Maas who wrote her song, which is fit to be played at the beginning of a James Bond movie. The lyrics draw the picture of a person enduring trouble and hardship because of who they are, their personality and identity, because of trying to adopt to the lifestyle others have and masking one's personality to that extent, to which you it is possible to forget who you actually are.

Conchita's aim has always been to change how people think about otherness. She wants to make a real impact on a competitive level and hopes to show participants and viewers that one can be oneself in our ages without fearing to be discriminated against.

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