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A first glimpse at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014

Updated on May 7, 2014

The ESC is the biggest European music festival. This Tuesday evening at 9 many people around the globe will turn on their TV sets as they have many years before watching one of the most expensive internationally televised music contests of all times. For all, those, who do not know, what the ESC is about and all facts about the first Semi-Final in a detailed review.

Update: The winners of the First Semi-Final are: Montenegro, Hungary, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, San Marino, Ukraine, Sweden, The Netherlands, Iceland

Eurovision Song Contest winners of the first semi-Final.
Eurovision Song Contest winners of the first semi-Final. | Source

The Eurovision Song Contest - A history of the rich European culture.

Since 1956 the Eurovision Song Contest was a collaborative popular TV show staged and aired by the participating EBU (European Broadcasting Union) broadcasters. 58 Contests since then were successfully produced.

Though the format of the Eurovision Song Contest changed over the years, the basic rules stayed the same. A country had to choose one contestant through a preselection process, which the participating country could decide on itself. Each contestant is being represented by his countries' delegation and the program itself is sent by one of the participating countries' TV channels, which is also member of the European Broadcasting Union. All the participating TV channels are allowed to bring their own representatives, the host country as well. Depending on, which country wins the Eurovision Song Contest, the privilege of holding the Eurovision Song Contest in the next year is awarded to the winner's delegation.

This year the Eurovision Song Contest moved from Malmö to the just 26 mile away Copenhagen, after "Only Teardrops" by Emmelie De Forest moved the European tv viewers to tears.

Now Denmark is the new host country and presents the 2014 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in a new, never seen, industrial charm. Let's catch a glimpse!

Some remarkable these year's representatives

This year, the Eurovision Song Contest is represented by 37 singers from 37 different countries. Some countries are automatically admitted to the final. These are last years winner, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Except for those few, the other participating countries representatives have to go through a thorough competitive tv voting show. That way the Eurovision Song Contest is split into three parts. The first part is televised as the First Semi-Final, which consists of 16 participants this year, the Second ESC Semi-Final with just 15 participants and the Final.

The First Semi-Final

Below you will find a list of the current participants of the First Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. As already stated, it includes 16 participants from 16 different countries. After every song you will be given the contest number of the competing contestant, which you then, in turn, can dial, when the singing part of the song contest is finished and the voting channels are officially opened by the broadcasters and mobile network operators. One thing, but there is one thing to note: You cannot vote for the country where you watch the Eurovision Song Contest from. Instead you are only presented with the possibility to vote for other participating contestants. Because this rule in force, the Eurovision Song Contest sometimes is told to be nothing, but an active way to exchange complements between neighboring countries.

Aram Mp3 showing his first half finals banner at the Press conference after the First Semi-Final!
Aram Mp3 showing his first half finals banner at the Press conference after the First Semi-Final! | Source


Aram Mp3, Armenias' participant is also one of Eurovision Song Contest 2014 fans' favourite interpreters. Better known by his stage name, Aram MP3, rather than by his real name Aram Sargsyan, the thirty year old artist represents his country Armenia with the song "Not Alone". His song is one of the few Eurovision Songs, which are able to successfully perform the gradual transition from the soothing and comforting sounds of a lullaby accompanied by the piano until finally breaking out into an electrifying dubstep rythm.

The song itself can only be effectively understood if the corresponding music video is seen first. The video instead of showing Aram MP3 himself, starts off with, after showing a piano keyboard being played from a perspective filmed against the light, a young couple sitting in a car emerge out of the fade out to black: Aram sitting at the left and an unknown actress at the right, holding onto the steering wheel. They are arguing, and while their argument progresses, the music slowly rises, until Aram leaves the car and drives off in another one. The music finds its climax at a stylistically speaking completely unfitting lyrical passage, where Aram is indirectly trying to persuade the young couple to change their anger to love and embrace themselves istead of fighting. The song's atmosphere then changes again, when showing both leaning out of their cars kissing, back to the soothing and calming melody from before the fight broke out.

About Aram MP3:

Aram is 30 years old, studied Medical Sciences at the University of Jervan and is a comedian from 2006. After insulting a tansvestite participant of the Eurovision Song Contest, Conchita Wurst, he decided to apologize, but added that he thinks of her lifestyle, from his view, completely unacceptable.

His performance at the First Semi-Final

Except for multiple times singing out of tone at the live performance, his song is one of the strongest performances of the Eurovision Song Contest this year.


Aarzemnieki (Foreigners), a less reknown band movement that, according to the "Official Programme" of the Eurovision Song Contest began in summer 2013, when the Euro was interoduced to Latvia. The band member Joran Steinhauer, who comes from Bohume, Germany, wrote a song "Paldies latinam!" as a farewell to his own currency. The music video became an International Youtube phenomenon.

Their song is entertaining, amusing and creative, but unfortunately lacks a deeper meaning than that which is obviously stated in the song: restraining one's own pride for a greater good.

The Live performance evaluation

There is nothing to say, but that Latvia's performance at the Eurovision Song Contest's was flawless.

The Estonian entry of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, performed by Tanja. A dancer-slash-singer performed her song with such an unbelievable ease, it is amazing! Source:

Tanja, taken at the Eurovision 2014 Copenhagen festival, by Albin Olsson rights: CC-BY-SA-3.0
Tanja, taken at the Eurovision 2014 Copenhagen festival, by Albin Olsson rights: CC-BY-SA-3.0 | Source


Amazing, performed by Tanja and written by herself and Timo Vendt. One understand's the meaning of this song pretty easily. It is a song about betrayal, love and accepting the lie, forgetting it, trying to embrace the person loved how he is in fear of losing him. But inside "do you hear me screaming" she wants to tell him!

The Artist

Tatjana Mihhailova was born in Kaliningrad, a region in Russia but grew up in Estonia. Her love to music she discovered was discovered at the age of 4, when she started to dance lessons. She played in various musicals and was member of the famous Nightlight Duo.

Her performance at the First Semi-Final

Her ability of dancing and flawlessly singing the song performed is astonishing. Understandable, when you look, how long she has been dancing. It must be very hard though. Just once, she had a passage that she swallowed up a little bit. But it still is remarkable! There was definitely no voice over involved!

Sanne Nielsen at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014!
Sanne Nielsen at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014! | Source


The song "Undo", performed by Swedish singer Sanne Nielsen gives the ESC the special something and is definitely one of the Eurovision Song Contests viewers' favourites. But not because of it's message, as talking about love, talking about lies and deceit. No, it is the way, she communicates her message to the world! Although in the beginning, it is not clear, what this song's message is, it makes it mysterious and turning the listener more attentive. Also, considering it's contents, unfortunately there are too many repetitions.

Undo is written by Fredrik Kempe, David Kreuger and Hamed K-One Pirouzpanah.

About the singer

Sanna Nielsen is 29 years old, broke, but famous, mainly because of her participation at the Swedish "Melodifestival", which is a pre-Eurovision decision process. Seven times she participated. But dominated the Swedish radio and charts thoughout the years as well. Celine Dion, David Kreugner were the ones to inspire Sanna Nielsen to perform Undo.

The performance evaluation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 (First Semi-Final)

A strong and colourful performance. Sanna appeared in a semi transparent glamorous dress. unfortunately she did not move that much, but sang her song just standing there in the middle of the stage swathed in the lights of the projectors below her.

Icelands' Pollapönk at the Meet&Greet Eurovision 2014
Icelands' Pollapönk at the Meet&Greet Eurovision 2014 | Source


The Iceland song "No Prejudice" is a very nice and funny song. A song, that shows, how to deal with history of ones country in an efficve way in a song. It appeals to the acceptance of differences, as "we are all the same" inside.

No Prejudice is being performed by the group Pollapönk, which met, when they were graduating a teaching Bachelor degree at the Icelandic University of Eduction.

Their performance

A great performance, but a really weak song. Nevertheless they qualified for the final.

Albania: "One Night's anger"

The Albanian entry "One Night's Anger" lectures the listener to suppress ones anger. A great song, but an unfortunately very weak entry song. But an outstanding musical development. The calm melody of the beginning is not corresponding with the main part of the song and forms a dissonance, which makes the listener less attentive in the beginning of the song. It is written by Gentian Lako and Jorgo Papingji.

Hersi Matmuja

She is pretty young and courageous. She is determined and studied at the Academy of Fina Arts in Tirana. Took part in many concerts.

Her performance

Purely flawless. The pre-song presentation of her flag being tattooed can be thought of as reckless or courageous at the same time. She definitely makes her country proud. Unfortunately she did not make it into the finals.

András Kállay-Saunders at the after First-Semi-Final Winners Press Conference
András Kállay-Saunders at the after First-Semi-Final Winners Press Conference | Source

Breathtaking: Hungary's Running

Hungary's song is performed by András-Kállay-Saunders and is written by Sergej Cetkovic.

The singer was born in 1985 in New York. He was the son of a Hungarian model, Katalin Kallay and an American soul-singer and producer Fernando Saunders. Through a talent show during his visit in Hungary, he got interested in music. Three times he tried to get to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. Hungary's Running is one of the most intense performances. Though it does not fit into the general context of the Eurovision Song Contest, it definitely is a very strong entry. And should make the top ten in the finals.

The Song deals with running away from reality. The music video shows a little girl, which is being mistreated by her father, Her father resorts to violence and makes her feel physical and emotional pain. The only way to escape her misery is to escape reality and run away to a better place. It could be interpreted, that this better place is the afterlife, though this comparison is weak and lacks evidence.

A wonderful song, which, though it is completely out of place, but still fits the ESC quite perfectly as an appeal to the people of this world to act, to help the future generation. He touches a subject, which is being avoided by the public on purpose in numerous occasions.

His performance at the Eurovision Song Contest

Andras' performance at the First-Semi-Final was a very strong one. The stage completely fitted into the general context of his song. According to the Official Eurovision Song Contest Programme 2014, the song Running was inspired "by a childhood friend who had to grow up dealing with domestic violence".

Talmachevy Sisters

Russia: "Shine"

The Russian song shine is interesting, but too cliche to win the Eurovision Song Contest. Also the EU - Russia relations recently started to crumble, so that, though as singers they may remain impartial, they still have little or no chance to win the Eurovision Song Contest, because of the highly biased TV voters all across Europe. The song "Shine" progressed to the final.

Shine is a song performed by the Talmachevy sisters. According to the portal "" the song "shine" was written in even less than one day. According to the same website, it did not get such a positive feedback from its readers.

Nevertheless "Shine" is a good song and earned itself the way to the finals.

The Tolmachevy sisters, Anastasia and Maria are the youngest participants of the Eurovision Songcontest. They are just 17 years old and come from Kursk. Their career started at a very young age.


"Start a Fire" has a very impressive song with a very impressive performance and she also made the finals.

The Finalists

The following countries made it into the final:

  • Montenegro
  • Hungary
  • Russia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Armenia
  • San Marino
  • Ukraine
  • Sweden
  • The Netherlands
  • Iceland

What do you think, which country is the ultimate leader of the 1st Semi-Final in your opinion

See results


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