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Eva Longoria Has Great Legs in High Heels

Updated on July 17, 2017
Eva Longoria in a short blue suit and high heels posing outside The Late Show
Eva Longoria in a short blue suit and high heels posing outside The Late Show

Eva Longoria has great legs and she loves to wear high heels. She is a petite actress that is one of the most fashionable celebrities in Hollywood. She always does such an amazing job of dressing her body in eye pleasing outfits. She has slim legs that are very sexy and always accentuated by a pair of towering high heels. She is a petite woman that loves to show off her gorgeous legs.

Longoria is most notable for her appearance on the hit TV show Desperate Housewives. The show includes gorgeous and very stylish women as housewives. Many episodes feature them in outfits that accentuate very pretty legs usually in high heels. She arguably played the sexiest character on the series and could be found typically wearing body hugging fashion that really shows off her slim body. Her character was a former model and was quite saucy but there otehr housewives had their moments as well. Many episodes had Eva wearing great outfits that gave a nice view of her great legs in high heels.

Eva Longoria on Desperate Housewives

Eva Longoria Fitness

Longoria has been seen working out which is what keep her slim legs so toned. I find her legs to be quite shapely for such a petite woman as she embraces her sex appeal by wearing high heel stilettos. From high heel pump to strappy platform shoes, she definitely knows how to choose the right shoes to to wear. I like that even when she is photographed traveling or running errands she is always wearing high heels. Even when she wears her tight jeans she can be found rocking a pair of stilettos.

Eva Longoria is one our favorite stylish celebrities. She loves to wear short dresses and tight jeans. She is very pretty and can always be counted on to wear a pair of high heels which further accentuate her gorgeous legs.

Eva Longoria in white shorts and nude platofrm pumps showing off her fit legs
Eva Longoria in white shorts and nude platofrm pumps showing off her fit legs
Eva Longoria on a late night talk show
Eva Longoria on a late night talk show

Eva Longoria Post 'Housewives'

Desperate Housewives came to an end for Eva. The show's last season was 2011. Its creator Marc Cherry has been quoted as saying that this is definitely the end of the show and not to expect a movie ala Sex in the City in anytime in the future.

Eva left DH with an eye towards producing. The first show she produced was an awful dating game that was quickly cancelled by NBC. Her latest effort is a Lifetime series called 'Devious Maids'. It had been doing pretty good for the channel. The maids are gorgeous making it worth a watch however, it was cancelled in 2016.

Her latest starring role in front of the camera was Telenovela' which she produced as well as starred in. It was a goofy comedy that wasn't my favorite but Eva did show up wearing incredible outfits that showed off her legs and curves. The show was mercifully cancelled. The show was a soap opera that was fairly stylish but short on any substance unless sudsy soaps is your thing. She has been doing quite a lot of producing work particularly for acting Latinos so I would expect her to have something back on the air in short order.

Nonetheless, it was great that she was back in front of the camera as it gets her appearing on the various talk shows. She would appear on the late shows and wear her typically revealing and sexy attire that shows off her tight body and sexy legs. For instance, check out the Late Show appearance below with her wearing a stunning blue suit with short shorts, a low cut jacket and towering high heels. Anyway, I hope we find her back on TV real soon.

One place you can definitely see her is on the red carpet which is someplace I look forward to seeing her. Also she'll appear in various women's magazine layouts. She is a head-turning beauty with appealing style and sex appeal.

She married businessman Jose Antonio Bastón in 2016. Since then she has done very little on TV and movies. She appeared in some episodes of Empire and did a one shot of Celebrity Family Feud. Hopefully we haven't seen the last of her on a some meaningful TV work.

Eva Longoria for L'Oreal

L'Oreal Spokesperson

Eva for L'Oreal promotion
Eva for L'Oreal promotion
Eva for L'Oreal promotion
Eva for L'Oreal promotion

Eva Longoria Little Black Dress Elegance

There aren't many in Hollywood that rocks a little black dress as stylish and sexy as Eva Longoria. With her petite frame and stunning curves she can pretty much wear anything. Her style certainly isn't just about little black dresses but these sure look amazing on her.

Eva Longoria in the Media

Eva makes a lot of promotional visits to various talk shows in support of her TV or other projects. She is typically worth tuning in for as she is funny, personable and obviously gorgeous in whatever she chooses to wear.

Eva Longoria's Wardrobe Malfunction on Late Show

Eva Longoria Endless Legs on Fox and Friends

Eva Longoria in Print

Hardly a month goes by that doesn't have Eva on a magazine cover or being featured in an issue. Her sexy style and classy fashion sense puts her in the front of the line when publishers are looking for attractive talent.

Eva Longoria for Mexico GQ


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      skippy 6 years ago

      She has great taste in high heeled boots and she looks absolutely magnificient in them... A very sexy woman!!!!