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Evan Almighty

Updated on March 28, 2018


Evan Almighty is one of the most impressive movies describing who GOD is but is also one of those that do not tell the full truth. Him building the ark is true, the story being about love is true and drawing family together. The knowledge was increased among the kids but a lot of things were not true. I agree that it is a challenge. They do things to keep the audience attracted but the lies I cannot ignore. Those lies keep people in bondage in real life. What if people want to know GOD and see this movie as a way before they read the bible? GOD uses many outlets but Hollywood does not seem to allow him to work fully. There was more salvation in the flood in the bible than this one. Not only that but it is little after it. God said he wanted to rid the earth of violence and of anything that does not represent who he is. Saving everyone and everything was not a part of the agenda. Some just did not want to be saved. In the flood people died. Realistically, this maybe is what is wrong with the earth. They think these movies are true and they are not. Throwing GOD in them with a little of his message and not all to throw people off and make big money. I watch the film and ask if any of those people got saved or did anyone watching the film get saved like they did watching Mel Gibson’s passion of Christ in 2004? Personally, if you have GOD in it people should want to be changed. Three reasons in this film prove this theory somewhat true and those are Chuck Long, Rita and the fact that Evan says that we are all chosen.

Chuck Long

Evan Baxter, played by Steve Carrel, introduces his family to a new life after he is elected to be the new congressman. They move from their Hometown in New York and get use to life in Virginia. The kids enjoy the house, the neighbors are nice and everything seems to be going right. His congressmen campaign feels he would change the world and Evan prays to God, played by Morgan Freeman, on how. The answer he did not really expect. Evan meets Chuck Long, played by John Goodman. Long was very nice to Evan. He gave Evan his own office and provided him the opportunity to join him as the co-sponsor to his Citizens integration of Public Lands Act bill. In the midst Evan begins seeing strange signs from GOD. Wood was delivered to his house; his image was changing and animals started coming to him. GOD wanted him to build an ark. Meanwhile, Chuck Long makes plans but later sees his plan may backfire. He takes Evan off the bill but Evan builds the ark as instructed. After research, he finds out that Long is wronging the people for his own gain and wants him to be a part of it. Evan realizes why he is in the position. The misconception here was that Chuck Long is only one when GOD said he wanted to destroy all wickedness. It is right there in Ephesians 6:12 that we are not wrestling with flesh and blood but against principalities. Wickedness in High Places not a wicked one only but that can be a stretch to the point. Let’s move a little deeper.


One of those assisting in the research was one of the staffers named Rita, played by Wanda Sykes. Sykes is well known as an actress, comedian and writer. She wrote for the Chris Rock Show and won major awards doing it. She was named as one of the 25 funniest people in the USA. She has had a very successful career and still is currently. Early on, she was married to Dave Hall from 1991 to 1998. After years of being single she came out publicly with the fact that she is a lesbian. She married her partner and is a parent to fraternal twins. Her homosexuality was not easily accepted by her parents. It’s apparent they did not agree with her choice because she may not have been raised that way. They did not even attend her wedding. She was later diagnosed with a very low stage of breast cancer. Now, why was she chosen to be in a movie representing GOD? If her parents were against it they obviously knew it was wrong. Her in the movie was one thing but was she changed after it? That is what an encounter from GOD does. He changes you and she was not changed.

Matthew 22:14

Evan reluctantly accepted GOD’s offer. He fought GOD all the way. He even tried to not wear the attire GOD intended he wear but he was forced to wear it. He was losing his family and his peers at work were all calling him crazy. He then realized what GOD really wanted. He wanted him to lose everything to do what he asked of him to do. He left all behind in Buffalo, he lost his job and briefly lost his family before GOD convinces them to come back. They did not understand what was going on but was willing to play along until they seen the animals for themselves awaiting to get on the boat. His family later understood that he really was chosen by GOD to do this. They help him finish the ark before the day of the flood which is the September 22nd. The wild animals help him also. Fighting off the viewers while the local media questions Evan. Asking him why was he chosen and Evan replies that we all are. The bible does not say that. The bible makes it clear that many are called but few are chosen. Before the flood Evan tells the media that we all are. That’s a disrespect to GOD’s word.

One Nation, Under Me, Indivisible, with deliverance and Justice for all



Many love the movie like me. I see the message in it. He wants to change the world. He asks GOD for guidance and GOD gives it and the people do not understand it. Neither did he at first. After GOD continually followed him he saw that this is what GOD wanted of him. Minutes before the flood the ark was threatened to be destroyed. There was a brief storm that stopped it while all the animals got within the ark showing signs that a storm is on the way. Evan demanded the people get inside the ark and they denied it but the storm did not cause the flood. It was the lake named after Long. That is when they all came aboard. The ark went right in front of the of a congress meeting with Long and the bill long cut corners to have passed. Long is then investigated. Long was one of the wolves in sheep clothing. Presently, there are many but that message was left out here. This is the way that the world is. Wanting a little of GOD’s benefits but rejecting his biggest message. Just because we all have positive talents like those who wrote the movie, the director and more who had any part of it does not mean they are chosen. Statistically, it is proven that this is going on in America today. More preachers using their own gifts but are not getting people closer to GOD. Closer to them is what they are getting. Saying GOD is in there but people walk in hurt and unchanged when they come out year after year. The reason maybe because of what they are saying. Everyone is not the same when it comes to these movies. In my opinion, more truth needs to be in it instead of laughter so people can be changed either during it or after it. I understand that a full movie of faith may cause a problem in the box office but what’s more important…Making GOD smile with getting folk saved, set free and delivered or keeping them in sin? Evan figured it out. GOD is bigger than our desires.

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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