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Even When You Lose, You Win On American Idol

Updated on March 20, 2010

 Despite the killer emotion shown when the final contestants on American Idol are voted  off the show, keep in mind, they are still winners. The road to fame for them may take a few more turns and require more time than if they had won it, but so many doors open up even if you simply get to the 12 finalists. The American Idol route to fame is only one route.

Take Danny Gokey. Last year, at this time, he was on American Idol performing weekly in front of millions, 25 million to be exact. At that time, Simon Cowell, indicated that he was a favorite of his. Danny continued to win until he remained in the top 3! That is when America voted him off the show and seemingly destroying his dream. Kris Allen, went on to win American Idol last year and Gokey is still making more money than he thought at something he loves- music. He sells country music records because of Randy Travis, who, after the show one night, walked up to him and told he should be singing country music.

Though he failed in American Idol, he still is an artist and record companies sought him. He signed a deal and cut an album, which is doing well. His single from it, "The best days are ahead of me" is a hit of sorts. He is doing a promotion in California with his band, which comes out of a grey van. They play for crowds of around 250 people, at one time, he performed 10 songs during lunch at the Chrome Lotus in Santa Rosa, CA. After that, the got in the van and headed to Emeryville to do it all over again. By the following week, they were performing in Virginia in Hampton Roads. In April, they begin a 30 city tour promoting his music and band, Sugarland.

So, don't feel too sorry for the losers. They are not losing at all because anyone who makes it into the top 12 are winners and music execs and managers use it to find new talent at a much lower cost.

The American public does not always pick the best talent.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      The word "fails" is relative to expectations. True, even though they may not win, they may still win in other

    • JocysMom profile image

      JocysMom 6 years ago from Conway, AR

      I don't think anyone "fails" at American Idol once they make it to the actual show past auditions. They get themselves exposure and experience. My favorite so-called "failure" is Daughtry.