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Ever dreamed of becoming a spy?

Updated on March 19, 2012

Mission Impossible

Secret agent or spy?

Have you ever thought of following the path of super-spies as James Bond trying to infiltrate an enemy base without getting held captured? Have you ever dreamed of having super-powers like Clark Kent and hear your enemies from a very long distance? I thought it would be awesome to have some super-glasses from agent 007 or super-sighting like Superman and see if someone is holding a gun under his jacket or a knife attached on his ankle under his pants. That is why I created this list of spy gears that you’ll need to become a super-spy.

Secret Hideout

First thing first, you need to have your Bat-cave, your Watchtower or your Cat-women penthouse, in other words you definitely need to start with a hideout; a place where you can hide all of your deep-dark secrets, weapons and intelligences on your missions, enemies or allies. Unless you have access to unlimited resources like Batman, of course you can have a land with a giant cave in it and use it has your main base, if you prefer something more luxury or stylish, you can always aim for a penthouse. My suggestion is to go with another classic and buy a storage container like Nicolas Cage use in ‘‘The Lord of war’’ movie. Those containers are just perfect. They are Mother Nature proof and solid has a rock. You can hide them in any docks nearby; they come at very affordable prices and in many different sizes.

Defense system

You have your base now; you want to make sure that it has good defenses against thieves, cops, allies trying to back stab you or your family on their way to find out your secret identity. To protect your hideout, you definitely need a fast and reliable security system. The best ultrasound technology on the market has an effective communication system called the prison security system. When there is a security breach or an intruder alert, you will receive a signal by cell phone, portable radio and computer with buzzer or by pagers. You also need to make sure that your system of cameras provides you with good sound and picture quality. Personally, I suggest buying some of those security cameras with a Network DVR, your entire camera’s data will be downloaded to a secure and safe server. Those 2 gadgets will make sure your hideout is a safe place.

Rule to stay alive

To complete your spy gear you need to get one of those media safes that you can hide in your wall. You know the one that are always hiding behind one of those shelves or behind a portrait hanging on the wall. This way you are making sure you can access some of your spy related stuff directly from your home while the rest of your family is asleep. So those are basically my queues and don’t forget rule number one of being a good spy, don’t get caught.

Chuck Barthowski - Sarah Walker - John Casey from Chuck

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      Justin smithErs 6 years ago

      Its sad that columbo died

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      Hell-iot 6 years ago

      hahah columbo got a vote!