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Everyday Embarrassing Situations

Updated on May 15, 2017

These things I am going to point out to you very soon have happened to everyone on this planet. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, don’t be too glad because like they say, there’s always a first time.

But if you have experienced them—even if it is just one of them—then I will say don’t be so ashamed or too embarrassed because it’s all part of being human.

So what are these things?

I call them everyday faux pas.

I hope you’ll find them interesting.

Take a look.

Forgot passwords

You cannot deny this. It must have happened to you at some point in time. Maybe you have so many passwords you and you just can’t remember which is which. Maybe you wrote your password down somewhere and you just can’t seem to remember where you wrote or kept it. Maybe, you’ve used a combination of strings of characters. Or maybe, it’s been a very long time since you logged into that very account and you just can’t seem to remember the password.


The thing is, it has happened and you forgot your password.

And now, it’s making you go nuts.


You can’t kill yourself because of that. Fact is, you’re just being human. It happens to all of us.

Luckily our smart programmers have come to your aid and created an easy out for you so whenever you run into that difficulty of trying to recollect your forgotten password, don’t stress your brain too much.

Just use the FORGOT PASSWORD button to reset your password, okay?

Putting the USB the wrong way

This one is very ridiculous.

I can’t even count again the number of times it has happened to me.

It’s the computer age so I know it happens to almost anyone who is using his computer.

A Facebook friend once said that the inventor of USB drive will surely be buried, then dug up, and then turned upside down, and then reburied.


Ain’t that too harsh?!

So much for helping the world in moving beyond diskettes, CDs, DVDs…

Well, believe it or not, I somewhat think I do support that idea of ‘punishing’ the guy for the slight embarrassment of always missing the USB port at the first attempt… almost all the time!

Why couldn't he have just simply developed a USB device that will just go in and stay put whichever way you put it?


Mistaken someone for another person

Let's say you are walking down the street and then you see someone you know.

Then you start getting chummy—as usual—with this person even from a distance.

Then you finally get close to this person, you finally discover your huge error.

Time to apologize.

Fart becomes something else

It was supposed to be a fart.

A very gentle and harmless fart.

But somewhere along the lines something happened.

Now you seriously need to run to the nearest toilet…

Ha ha ha…

I feel so embarrassed right now!
I feel so embarrassed right now! | Source

Running into someone you never intended to

I don’t know why these things always happen.

You never planned to see this person. Probably, you’ve lied to this person that you’re out of town. Your phone is unreachable. Maybe you owe this person some money or favour. Maybe you don’t want this person to see your (bad) physical condition. Or maybe, this person is just a pest.

And then it happens.

Your roads crossed. You find yourselves in the same bank. Or you entered the same restaurant. Or you find yourselves in the same bus.

And then you find yourself making some stupid excuses or unbelievable apologies to this person or even resorting to telling some ridiculous lies that you wouldn’t have even believed you were capable of telling or coming up with some astonishing lies you wouldn’t have believed yourself.

But that’s just the way it is.

Running headlong into another person

And talking about running into someone…

Another everyday faux pas which has even become so comical to me whenever it happens to me or I see it happen to some other people on the street is people colliding into each other.

Again, you are walking down the street, let’s assume.

This other person is walking towards you.

Then it happens…

Both of you just synchronize.

You go this way and surprisingly, this person goes to the same direction.

You change direction and surprisingly; this same person chooses to do the same thing too at the same time too.

You guys repeat this pattern for two or three or four more times in quick succession…

Until the inevitable happens… and you collide into each other.

Then it’s time to apologize.

Mistakenly visited a pӧrn site; then got stuck

Let’s just give you a benefit of doubt that your visiting the pӧrn site was purely a mistake and not in any way intentional, okay?

But then, somehow, you got stuck.

How do you explain that?

Most importantly, how do you explain that you are always getting stuck whenever mistakes of this nature happen to you?

Well, I won’t judge you.

It’s quite understandable.

Lemme just assume that there are certain situations you find yourself in when you don’t just know how to use—or maybe let’s just say that you have simply forgotten— that X button that closes every Microsoft Windows program on your computer!

Wow! Looks like I'm stuck... once again!
Wow! Looks like I'm stuck... once again! | Source

Posting something on the internet without rereading it

If you are on any social media, then you must have also been a victim. Even those of us who are bloggers know what I’m talking about here but I think it’s much more common on forums and social media.

O yes.

In these days of social media, I find it amusing sometimes that people now ‘shoot before they ask questions’… literally though.

You come across a certain catchy headline. You don’t even have the time to read what the whole message is all about. Next thing your sticky fingers are busy on your Qwerty keyboards and before you can say ‘Jack!’, you have pressed send without actually going through what you’ve just written.

And then you cool down and start to read what you’ve just posted.

And then you find out you have made so many grammatical blunders (faux pas). So many wrong spellings and missing or misplaced words and wrong tenses. Even worse still, you may even find out that what you have just posted has no correlation at all with the topic being discussed.

Oh… ohh!

You start thinking of the number of people who are reading it and are already judging you a fool. Will they understand that you just lost the battle to AUTOCORRECT daemon once again or will they think it’s just you expressing yourself the best way you can, most especially when you notice these errors have been repeated severally?

Then you reach for the MODIFY or EDIT buttons. In fact, you might even at this point decide to hit the DELETE buttons!

But then, you decide to stop because you are fully aware that the damage is already done. It’s official. The whole world now knows that you are such a dolt. Or maybe, you try to convince yourself that people don't really care so much about such errors. Besides—you tell yourself—no one is above mistake so you expect them to understand.


You can’t live with that feeling.

No… no way!

So you still go ahead and click on MODIFY.

Now let me make this confession, most especially to all my Facebook friends. You see guys, each time I see EDITED in your comment posts, I always go back to read what you have edited.

It’s always funny getting to know what you were really thinking the first time you wanted to comment.

Ha ha ha!

Don’t blame me for being so mischievous. I know I'm not the only one doing this or has done something so creepy and evil like that before.

In fact, the blame should go to Facebook for allowing such ‘snooping’ on their platform. I even heard—though from unconfirmed sources—that once you have typed up to five characters in your Facebook comment box, that whether you go ahead to complete and post that comment or you simply decide to delete everything, Facebook has already saved your words/thoughts.

If it’s true, why is that?

Could Facebook be snooping on you too?

Your guess is as wrong as mine!

But then, you have yourself to blame. You could have saved yourself a whole lot of embarrassment by taking your time to put your thoughts in order before posting.

Staring and getting caught

You see this awesome sight.

For most guys, it's usually a female form.

Then you started staring.

You couldn’t just tear your eyes off.

Then, without any warning, the person you are staring at suddenly turns.

And your eyes locked.

Oh… oh!

Too late.

You’ve been caught.

And then, depending on your own level of confidence, you may just manage an embarrassing forced smile.

Unless you really want to be caught while staring, I tell you, being caught while staring is always an embarrassing moment!

Lost in stare!
Lost in stare! | Source

Buying something… then regretting it soon afterwards

They say humans are never satisfied.

Which explains why someone can make a purchase.

And then within few moments after completing the payment, you are already regretting your buy.

Maybe you’ve just seen a better option. Maybe, you’ve just heard a latest version is out. Maybe, you are already afraid of the backlash and ridicule your buy might bring your way from your friends and family, maybe, you’ve just discovered the product isn’t just worth it anymore and the exhilaration you were expecting to experience when you hold the product in your hands just didn’t happen…

Worse still, if there is no return after purchase for refund policy, then it's sorry… try again later.

Now, truth is, unless you learn to tell or teach yourself how to stick to your decisions, chances are, this type of occurrence will keep repeating itself in your life and you will keep on committing this type of blunder.

And that’s simply because human wants can be so effing unlimited.

And again—like they say—the grass is (always appearing to be) greener on the other side.

And the last but definitely not the least…


I made up that word so you won’t even find it in the dictionary.

But I can throw some explanation your way on what it really is.

You see, premejak is just a natural phenomenon whereby you are on your marks and so full of expectations, and then it’s get ready and you are rearing to go, and then set, and then it’s go and the heat is on!

And then just few moments into the main course, oh no... not again... oh oh… and it’s all over!

You know whamsayin’ now?

If you don’t; then probably that’s because you are not a guy.

Yes, I forgot to tell you that premejak—even though women do feel its terrible impact—happens majorly only to guys!

And it’s such a terrible feeling.

So there you have it.

Those of some of the commonest everyday faux pas I could think of at the moment.

But I know there are still so much more out there.

So, you got more daily faux pas?

Why don’t you let us know and keep the fun going…?

Yeah, keep it coming…

Has any of these embarrassing situations happened to you?

See results


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    • Emmyboy profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Nigeria

      Yes Louise.

      Some of these embarrassing situations can be so awkward.

      But then, it's just a human thing.

      Which is why I try to make them look like it's fun...

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      2 years ago from Norfolk, England

      I have been caught in some of these embarrassing situations! Sometimes it can be very awkward!


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