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Everyones a star

Updated on January 9, 2017
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It only seems like yesterday that I was fighting with my siblings for the remote. When it came to tv, we were about as different as the four seasons with me being autumn since I use to turn those fine shades of red when I did not get to watch my shows. Before Youtube and Netflix decided to be our gaurdian angels of visual entertainment, I use to envy those people, the "idols" on screen and fully believed that celebrities, " the great stars" who were either lucky or talented can only achieve that greatness of becoming famous.

Not anymore though, they can get off their high horses because nowadays all you need is a simple recorder ( yes even a phone one will do) and a charming - or in some cases insane - personality and you've got it made. It worked for Justin Beiber even though his toes were constantly stepped on during his earlier days, the good' ol days where the dislike for his new hit "baby" was bigger then Kanye's ego, when people used his songs as threats and the ever great incident where he was almost deported much to the dismay of his fans as well as Canadians. In any case, nowadays anyone can become a star and unless your talent is exceptional to that of Harry Potter or Batman, you can become as irrelevant then when you started, I mean take a look at Honey boo boo.

I recall an experiment conducted by someone ( I don't recall his name ) who was either looking for laughs or just being a troll, who told some participants to take his autograph and treat him like a messiah when he walked in public. Now when I watched the video I was 101% sure that no other person aside from the participants knew who he was but they did their fair share of fan squealing and snapshots with the " other fans ". After the reveal, the guy actually became famous... atleast enough to get on kids react.

Now I am sure this is not fully accurate on my part as tv is still relevant and celebs are pretty much as worshipped by their fan base as they did when they came out, but with people nothing stays trendy for long. If you have that burning passion to live like a star then go for it, however if I already didn't choose my career in Marketing, I might have trained to become a doctor. Sad as it is true you need better health then entertainment.


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