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Everything Wrong with The Kim Possible Live Action Movie

Updated on June 11, 2019

The Review

Back in time, when Disney actually produced quality shows, we had the amazing, teenage super-spy Kim Possible with her trusty side kick Ron Stoppable and his pet naked mole rat. Kim was the epitome of what a young, independent girl should be like and the show ran from 2002 till 2007. Disney released the live action version of Kim Possible in 2019 and it was completely horrible. I loved the original Kim Possible series and this movie was just all wrong. Disney used to produce great shows, this movie was just such a huge let down.

The enumeration of all the mistakes that were made in the Live Action movie are listed below.

The New Kim Possible

The original Kim Possible was a kickass teenage spy who dealt with an evil scientist and his super henchwoman on a daily basis without breaking a sweat. She was the embodiment of female empowerment, of strength and independence.

I do understand that the storyline for the live action movie demanded that Kim would be portrayed the way that she has been but it defied everything that Kim Possible stands for. Her character isnt intimidated or insecure and she isnt easily manipulated. The live action Kim Possible, literally, went against everything that the original Kim stands for and that made the film a huge failure in my opinion.

Rufus The Naked Mole Rat

Rufus was one of the coolest pets in the Disney Universe EVER and that's saying something. In the live action version, they introduced Rufus too late and therefore, the bond between Ron and Rufus couldn't have developed in time.

The original bonding between Ron and Rufus was one of the coolest things about Kim Possible, Rufus was genetically enhanced and was a big asset for the team. He helped solve crimes and along with Ron made a very comical duo. Rufus in the live action version was just disappointing.

Ron Stoppable

Ron is Kim's super silly sidekick/best friend. Ron is the opposite of Kim, kind of cowardly and extremely incompetent but is always by Kim's side no matter what. In the live action version, Sean Giambrone was absolutely horrible. He was far dumber than the original Ron and no where near as adorable. He was there for Kim when she needed him but in the movie he was more of an ego boost for Kim rather than a best friend. Another thing that the live action movie got wrong was that Ron was not just Kim's sidekick, he was his own person and had an individual story arc that contained his relationship with Rufus and afterwards, his romantic relationship with Kim. Another way the live action movie let us down.

Doctor Drakken and Shego

Doctor Drakken was the antagonist of the show. He was an evil, super scientist whose schemes almost always fail due to his technical failures and of course, the efforts of Kim Possible. Much like Doctor Doofenshmirtz (from Phineas and Ferb), Doctor Drakken is smart yet stupid and would come up with ridiculously elaborate schemes for world domination. The live action version was more evil than the original one, which was a letdown because the essence of his character was in his anecdotes and stupid one-liners. The live action version failed to capture the essence of Doctor Drakken's character.

Shego is Dr. Drakken's sidekick and has super abilities. She steals things for Dr. Drakken's plans and protects him when Kim Possible inevitably attacks to foil their schemes. Shego is such a bad ass henchwoman and of all the female super villains of the Disney universe, she's the most independent. The live action Shego was much better than the rest of the characters but her sarcasm and the general air of coolness that she has about her were amiss and that made me really sad. However, as I've stated before Shego was much better than the rest of the characters in the live action version, she was the only one who retained some of her character's key attributes.

The Verdict

Well, rather than wasting your time and tainting your childhood memories by watching the Live Action Kim Possible movie, go for the original series. Its more of a hassle but I swear, it would be worth it. The seasons will not only bring back precious childhood memories, they will also make it very clear whyvthe Live Action movie was an enormous letdown.

Enjoy guys.

© 2019 Zoha Junaid


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