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Evil Dead Marathon Event Movie Reviews

Updated on September 30, 2016
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Alec is a film critic with a true passion for the film industry & hopes his reviews and articles will help launch his career.

Since October is literally around the corner, I decided I would kick off the Halloweenathon with an Evil Dead marathon. In this article I will review all four films plus what has been released so far of the TV show. Ready? Groovy.

The Evil Dead

3 out of 4

A small group of friends go to a cabin for a small getaway. What seems like a fun time soon turns into devastation when they find a recording which contains an incantation that releases demons on the earth. It's a scary good time and would be a perfect film if the vines weren't rapists.

The Evil Dead 2

2 out of 4

The continuing story of sole survivor Ash fighting the hordes of demons that were releases in the first film. It's pretty good, if you like all gore and no story or plot.

Army of Darkness

1.5 out of 4

Ash is transported back into medieval times and the Evil Dead followed. Okay, seriously, this is just getting silly. I can't take anything in this film seriously. Maybe that's the point? It's possible, but still, it isn't very good no matter what the intention.

Evil Dead

2 out of 4

A new group of kids find themselves at the cabin in order to help a friend quit her alcohol addiction. The only problem I have with this film is the fact that, when the Book of the Dead is found with razor wire wrapped around it, one genius thought it'd still be a good idea to read it. Dumbass. Also the acting was just horrible. It wasn't the worst I've ever heard but it was still pretty bad.

Ash vs Evil Dead

4 out of 4

Now this is what The Evil Dead saga has needed for years: an older Bruce Campbell forced to kick some Deadite butt! The humor is perfect, the gore is extensive, the story moves right along and never gets boring, and we actually have a trio that are all kick-ass in their own way. Can't wait for season 2!

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If you're looking for scares, the 1981 and 2013 Evil Dead films are the ones you want to see. If you're looking for brainless gore, then Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness are for you. No matter which one you like more, Ash vs Evil Dead is the right choice for both! You'll have fun with an Evil Dead marathon. I know I did!

© 2016 Alec Zander


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