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Evil Dead is Back

Updated on April 14, 2013
Evil Dead Poster
Evil Dead Poster | Source

Evil Dead Returns in 2013

Sam Raimi's cult classic Evil Dead has developed quite an impressive following over the years. The film was a low budget independent success that spawned two sequels, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness. Since Army of Darkness, fans have been clamoring for another entry into the wildly popular franchise. While there were rumors for years of an Evil Dead 4; there was also whispers of a remake.

Remake is perhaps the dirtiest word in the horror genre. It immediately conjures up a wealth of thoughts in the persons mind. Horror remakes have been commonplace for nearly a decade. If the original film has any drawing power or any track record of success, it is prime choice for a remake. All the biggest hits in horror have gotten the treatment. Halloween, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc have all been re-envisioned in recent years. But fans have always dreaded the thought of a new Evil Dead. Who could replace Bruce Campbell as Ash?

Well, director Fede Alvarez quelled fears right off the bat. This new Evil Dead would not even have an Ash. Instead, we are given a fresh crop of people staying at the secluded cabin. The story focuses on Mia (Jane Levy) going through detox. Her friends and brother decide to not let her leave no matter what. When Mia complains of terrible smells, the group discovers a haunting sight in the basement and a book wrapped in barbed wire.

In classic horror fashion, the characters are not the most intelligent. If you found a book in a trash bag, wrapped in barbed wire and surrounded by dead animals; would you read from it? Nevertheless, things go south and a demon is released on these fives souls. The movie is fast-paced from there on out.

The blood flows like rain; literally. Evil Dead is an ultra-violent film but never crosses the line into vulgar. It is all very campy and fun. At times the gore will leave you laughing as opposed to cringing. And much of the dialogue will feel out of place or delivered in such a cheesy way that there is no way to take it seriously. It keeps that feel of the old school Evil Dead films; in that sense the movie never feels too off base from the originals.

Fans of the Evil Dead franchise should feel right at home with this remake. If you have never cared for the series, then this film isn't going to have a big impact on you. It leaves the same impression on the viewer the originals do. If you want a horror film that will keep you awake at night, Evil Dead isn't that film. If you want a horror film you can laugh at with your friends and have fun; then Evil Dead may be your pick.

In the end, Evil Dead isn't a bad film at all. It simply lacks any real punch. The movie won't leave you thinking it about for long aside form joking about it. It's a fun trip to the movie theatre, but isn't worth clearing your schedule for. It's interesting to note, this film really felt like I was watching Cabin in the Woods without the jarring cuts to the control room. But if tons of blood is your thing, Evil Dead will give you your fill.

Mia Is Waiting For You
Mia Is Waiting For You | Source


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    • Nos0317 profile image

      Nos0317 4 years ago from Winooski, Vermont

      I enjoyed the review. I watched this movie a couple of weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. I have seen both of the original Evil Dead movies and Army of Darkness and I greatly enjoyed all of them . I was really looking forward to seeing this movie and I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks for the review!