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Ex boyfriend and producer Joe Fusari sues & fight Lady Gaga for $35 Million, was affair worth it?

Updated on November 23, 2011
Lady Gaga will need some good legal advice to fight his ex!
Lady Gaga will need some good legal advice to fight his ex!

Lady Gaga's ex is not happy. According to CNN and many other sources Rob Fusari has slapped his former lover with a hefty $35 million dollar lawsuit for failing to pay him as she should have.

Rob Fusari claims that he created the whole Lady Gaga image, even gave her the name by texting her Radio GaGa once and phone's spell check changed it to Lady Gaga. Fusari met Stefani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga in the spring of 2006 and soon they became romantically involved. Fusari has produced her first album and co-written many of her hits including "Paparazzi".

January 2007 their love affair ended and according to CNN Stefani Germanotta stopped answering Rob Fusaris phone calls at that time. Entertaiment Daily reports that Fusari received his last check for $209,000 June last year. At that time he was notified that would be his last payment.

Now the ex is fighting back saying he created the whole Lady Gaga image and is entitled to get 20% of all the money she is making today. I'm guessing Stefani Germanotta is not too happy about this latest development and there might be some sparks flying from one end to another. Who is gonna go gaga now?? No official response from the Gaga clan as of yet.


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