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Halloween Party Planning Ideas

Updated on March 21, 2011

Throw A Party They'll Never Forget!

Halloween is fast approaching and it's the one time of year you can set aside your inhibitions and replace them with an outrageous or wild persona (without getting arrested!) Unfortunately, trick-or-treating is just for kids, but adults can still have some fun. The best way to do so is to throw an Extreme Halloween party!

Party Planning can be a daunting task so here are some Halloween party planning ideas to help make your bash a smashing success.

If you need a little extra help with decorations or food preparation, don't hesitate to ask your friends and family. More hands make work fun!

Extreme Halloween Invitations

Now is the time to start sending out the invitations. If you expect your guests to dress up in costumes, be sure to include it on the invitation. Also, allow at least two weeks notice to give your guests time to plan and prepare their costume.

There's no need to buy expensive invitations that will eventually be thrown in the trash. Many websites offer free printable Halloween invitations that you can personalize with your party details.

Extreme Halloween Decorations

Not everyone is crafty like Martha Stewart so there is no shame in purchasing all of your Halloween decorations from a store. This will also save you some time for decorating as there are many other party preparations to be done.

Crepe Paper: Black and orange are traditional Halloween colors. String them around banisters, chandeliers, the party table and chair backs.

Spider Webs: Fake ones are fairly inexpensive, easy to decorate with and can be spooked up with fake spiders and bugs.

Sound Effects: Pop in a CD of spooky screaming, creaking, banging and moaning to create a creepy atmosphere.

Candles: Dark colored candles can be placed in spooky candle holders and placed around the snack area. Be cautious with open flames near decorations.

Shadows: Pick up, or create your own spooky shapes out of dark paper and hang them. For fun, tape small shapes to a flashlight and project them onto the wall.

Fog Machine: These have become quite popular and are great for using on a front walkway.

Tomb Stones: Place in the front yard with a fog machine for a graveyard atmosphere.

Jack-O-Lanterns: A Halloween staple. Carve out some scary faces, pop in a candle and use them to line your front steps or doorway.

Extreme Halloween Costumes

It seems like the costumes found in stores these days are all starting to look alike. The best way to stand out in a crowd is to dress up as something unique.

Here are a few ideas to get you in the Extreme Halloween spirit:

Gold Digger - Dress in gold clothing with gold accessories, or even paint your face gold. Pick up a gold colored toy shovel (or paint one) and carry a bag of gold coins.

Deviled Egg - Cut a large oval out of white felt and glue around the edges, leaving the bottom open and holes for your arms. Line up and cut a hole for your face. Paste a yellow felt circle to the front and attach devil horns on top and a tail on the back.

Litter Box Treats - Dress up as a psych ward patient and carry around a new litter box filled with this yummy mixture: granola and oats mixed together, softened Tootsie rolls and little dabs of chocolate icing. When someone is watching pick out a Tootsie "poop" and eat it.

Stick Man - Dress all in black and attach glow sticks to your torso, arms and legs so you look like a glowing stick man drawing.

How about a Halloween pinata?
How about a Halloween pinata?

Extreme Halloween Games

Halloween costumes make a party fun, but your guests will need something to do. Spooky games or activities will keep your guests engaged.

Guess the Gross Food - Place the following items in bowls and have your guests guess what they are while blindfolded:

  • Brains - mashed banana, wet tofu or cottage cheese
  • Eyeballs - peeled grapes or lychees
  • Intestines - cold cooked lasagna noodles
  • Hair - dry corn silk
  • Teeth - popcorn kernels
  • Vomit - chunky salsa

Prick the Witch - Create a dummy from some old black clothing and dress it as a witch. Choose a spot to place a secret mark under the clothing. Have your guests randomly place a colored pin on the witch and at the end of the night reveal who's pin was closest to the mark. Be sure to have a prize on hand for the winner.

Extreme Halloween Food

Your Halloween party food should be scary, tasty and a little gross. These tasty treats will have your guests begging for more!

Bloody Eyeball Meatballs - Meatballs in tomato sauce.

Boogers on a Stick - Pretzel sticks dipped in green cheez whiz (food coloring).

Strained Eyeballs - A variation of deviled eggs. Fill eggs with whipped cream cheese, top with an olive and add red streaks with food coloring.

Tasty Pimples - Hollow out cherry tomatoes and fill with flavored cream cheese.

Severed Finger Cookies - Shape cookies like fingers and add pointy red nails and knuckle lines.

Witch's Brew - Mix pineapple juice, orange juice, Sprite, Vodka and Rum. Add green food coloring for a bright hue.

Will you be dressing up in a costume this Halloween?

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