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Eyeball Sanitizer

Updated on November 7, 2011

Recently, through no fault of my own, I discovered that googly eyes in a clear canister vacuum can alleviate domestic boredom. I decided to apply this fresh wisdom to my seasonal battle with cold and flu season. If I can smear my minions with hand sanitizer before they eat at least I'm going down swinging. The problem is I don't remember to use it. If I could find a way to make it more enticing then maybe the kids would ask for it. Germs beware; Mama's getting crafty with the hand sanitizer.

The finished product. Classy, aye?


Assemble the supplies.

You've probably already got a bottle of hand sanitizer around the house. If you know where it is then you aren't the sort of slacker who needs to cute it up so the kids will remind you to use the waterless wash.

If you're more like me then check that free string tote bag they gave you at the street fair. There are a dozen flyers, an oozing lollipop, and four bandaids in a plastic carrying case in there too. Then check the craft cabinet for googly eyes. You'll also need cleaning supplies to take the sticky residue off the bottle at the end. Goo Gone or something similar will work best but if you're willing to scrub you can get by with whatever is on hand. You'll also need something thin and long for design placement (aka poking the eyes). I used a kabob skewer but a knitting needle would work too. These directions assume you have self-adhesive googly eyes. If you don't you'll need glue too.

These three things and a poker. Really. That's it.


Poke it. Poke it real good.


Sticking and Unsticking

  1. Stick the eyes together so you have two sided eyes.
  2. Stick the eyes in the bottle.
  3. Use the stick to poke the eyes around to where you want them inside the bottle. Hand sanitizer is thick so they're going to stay where you put them.
  4. Peel off the label and use your cleaner to remove the adhesive residue (aka make it less sticky.)

Receive accolades and / or criticism.

The four year old declared, "It's looking at me! Cool!" The two year old went with a simple, "Yeah!" Will I remember to use it now that I've dedicated six minutes to making it awesome? Probably not. Will the kids remember? Maybe. Either way my hand sanitizer is cooler than yours unless you also have six minutes to spare and march to the beat of a syncopated drummer.


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