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F7 And Then Some.

Updated on December 26, 2009


F7 and then some!


It started near

the dashboard,
with a micro soft kiss,
in a steamed

windows Explorer
he took his logout
and she offered

a related link.

He opened her

with agile fingers,
deftly hitting

the key spots,
till there was

no escape,
she was in his

complete control,

He deleted nothing

that made her sigh,
and inserted her

fondest desire,
she shifted, and he

kept a tab on her,
entering his column

with rapid strokes.

All of this was done

just above the backspace,
and he wound up with

a return for his upload.
nine months later............
they had an Apple

of thier eyes,
she bore fruit,

from their heated connection
because they failed

to use parental controls
while playing around

with their favorites.






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