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The Most Practical FM BROADCASTING RADIO Station Studio Setup

Updated on February 20, 2017
FM broadcasting radios were the podcasting of yesterday.
FM broadcasting radios were the podcasting of yesterday.

A Practical Kit for Broadcasting FM

FM Broadcasting has always been my passion in my early days. It was a time when two-way transceivers like the Icom was popular. Ii was also a time when I never had the money to buy a two way radio of my own. But I had the knowledge and enough resources to build my own fm broadcasting radio.

At a "tender" age of 6, I was forced to write (hey no internet yet) to an obscure company in the US (i'm in the Philippines) called Xandi electronics to help me build an FM Transmitter. But lo and behold Xandi replied and mailed me a manual for a 2km fm transmitter. Inserted within the pages was a note:

"Fully paid. Good luck kid."

Ever since, I was addicted to FM Broadcasting radios. I've designed my own but discovered that it was more practical to buy a kit and assemble it. Although it did make me rusty in electronics it also allowed me to surf the airwaves almost immediately. I've tried the Ramsey Kits, Veronica kits... in the end I stumbled on a then low profile website (yeah internet has arrived) that sold amazing kits.

They have recently released there most practical fm transmitter at so lovely a price that sometimes I don't want to share it in fear of having my friends have the same set up. It rivals even there best transmitters.

Here are the technical specs:

  • RF Output Power: 0 to 15 Watts (18W max., 10-15W typ, fully variable via LCD)
  • Output connector: BNC
  • Output Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Frequency Range: 87.5-108MHz
  • PLL Steps: 50KHz
  • Frequency stability: +/- 100Hz
  • Spurious/Harmonic rejection: Harmonics: >50dB, Spurious: -90dB
  • Power Supply: 11-15V/3A or car battery (does not require 15V anymore)
  • Power connector: 2.1mm power socket, center (+)
  • Quartz Locked PLL Frequency Control
  • Ultra Stable, Ultra Clean Output
  • Audio performance: Less than 0.2% distortion, 20Hz-75KHz
  • RF output ruggedness: SWR protection
  • Polarity protection, temp protection
  • Pre-emphasis, 50uS, 75uS or none
  • Audio Input Impedance: 10Kohm, unbalanced
  • Audio Input Level: 0 dB
  • S/N ratio: >90 dB
  • PC Board Size: Same as MAX PRO 3+, 100x125mm
  • Audio connectors: RCA jack, optional MCX

This currently the most practical FM Broadcasting Radio in the world.  don't fall for the cheap f transmitters out there.
This currently the most practical FM Broadcasting Radio in the world. don't fall for the cheap f transmitters out there. | Source

See that? Beautiful... very beautiful.

The design is far from BA1404 based transmitters of Ramsey or for any kits out there that boast of PLL when actually it is just a BA1404 with some circuit claiming to be a PLL.

So there you have it. The most practical FM Broadcasting radio so far in the internet or perhaps the world. I know because I used to have one.

You might need the following equipment if you're just starting. I've chosen them from those available in Amazon because of their price and performance.

Take that Audio Technica mic... if for some reason you loose interest in fm broadcasting... it will still give service for your podcasting, video productions and all you mic needs.

The headphones will work on any sound system you have and its wireless. The mixer will make a great paper weight. Kidding you can use it as an input interface in your sound pc sound system.

The netbook? You can give it as a gift to your son or wives.

Or if you want to dispose all of them. Just PM me here in hubpages and I'll make sure they'll all have the sweet and happy home they deserve.

Needful Things... signing out.

Which do you prefer?

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