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FOX's Thursday Night Dating Shows -- What Were They Thinking?

Updated on June 8, 2012

FOX's new dating shows Take Me Out and The Choice reminded me of a past NBC game show and a present NBC singing competition show. Neither were what I would call good.

Take Me Out is hosted by George Lopez. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. From TV show star to talk show host to game show emcee. It was kind of a case of no good deed goes unpunished with TBS cancelled Lopez's talk show after he put a good word in for Conan O'Brien to have a talk show air after his. Of course, it may have been a bit of divine karmic justice since didn't Lopez dump his wife after she gave him one of her kidneys? So he helped Conan the way his wife helped him and like his wife he ended up getting dumped.

Speaking of Conan, I've been wondering how his ratings are doing?

Anyway, back to Take Me Out. For some reason it reminds me a bit of the NBC cancelled game show, 1 VS 100. Only in this case it's 1 VS 30. 30 women stand at these podiums and if the guy who is treated like a piece of meat doesn't float their boats they turn off their lights and the guy leaves with nothing but a ton of humiliation after being told he doesn't have what it takes.

The man comes down from this elevator from the ceiling. All it would need is some bars around the elevator and it would look exactly one of those 60's Go-Go cages girls used to dance in. The first round in purely superficial based on if they like what the guy says or his looks. One women turned off her light because she didn't like the guy's accent.

The next round features a video to see the man in question in action. It's kind of like doing a video for a video dating service. If the women don't like what they see and hear in the video more turn off their lights. If the man makes it through the various elimination rounds with a light or two still on then he gets to choose who he wants to take out.

The woman that's chosen must step down from her podium and another woman replaces her and it begins all over again with a fresh piece of meat. However, if the guy doesn't make it through the elimination rounds with any lights left on he gets to do the walk of shame and the next piece of meat is brought on.

In The Choice which is hosted by So You Think You Can Dance's Cat Deeley the women get to be the piece of meat that D-lister male celebrities get to choose from. It's a total rip-off of The Voice. When you see it and see that NBC didn't sue to stop this show from going on the air, you have to laugh at CBS for it's attempts to sue ABC to stop Glass House from airing.

Aside from there being four chairs instead of three chairs and the women don't sing there's no difference from this show and The Voice. The male celebrities sit with there with their backs to the stage as these women come out and try to say something to tempt the male celebs to turn around and pick them for their harem of women. The celebs get to have three.

Of the male celebs I only recognized two of them. One was one of the guy's from Jersey Shore. I've never watched the show in my life, nor do I have any desire to see it. Thankfully, I have basic cable and there's no chance I'll accidentally happen upon it. But they're all over the media, so you tend to know who they are in an esoteric sort of a way. I also recognized Jason Cook from when I used to watch Days of Our Lives and he played Shawn D.

If more than one male celeb turns their chair around for the same girl, the girl then got to choose which celeb she wanted. And she got added to his Harem Of Three. Anyway, once each male celeb has there roster of three filled up they have to start eliminating the numbers down to one. I have to admit about this time my mind started to wander. It was really that boring. I'm not sure if each male celebrity gets to go out with their pick or it's like The Voice and there's ultimately only one supreme winner.

You know if FOX wanted to air dating shows, why not save the money they're paying to hosts George Lopez and Kat Deeley and however much they're paying these male celebs to appear and just re-air old reruns of The Dating Game and The Newlywed Game. Sure, the hairstyles and clothes are dated, but they're entertaining. Neither of these shows are. They're actually pretty boring. They just feature men and women standing around or sitting around.

At least with the Bachelor and Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad the contestants actually doing something. Watching Take Me Out and The Choice is as fun as watching paint dry. They've redefined the word superficial. I really don't see either show going past it's current run.


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