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Face Off S2-3: Rock Your Body Recap

Updated on January 26, 2012

Rock Your Body

SyFy’s Face Off is the competition to go for special effects makeup madness. We now have 12 artists all vying for the money, car, makeup and the title of Face Off Champion.

If you’re not interested in spoilers, then you should re-sculpt and try again!

Let the smack talking begin! Matt, Brea and Sue get ready in a bathroom and talk about who should have went home for the last challenge. They all think Jerry should have been sent packing.

To top that, Matt feels that Jerry saps your creativity and brings your makeup down.” Even though they all have issues with Jerry, they’re making him sound like an evil villain with magical powers. The guy has a big ego, but he’s yet to cackle and exclaim that he’s going to rule the world. Darn, maybe I really do miss Nix Dasterdly.

Guest Judge Jennifer Aspinall and Mckenzie
Guest Judge Jennifer Aspinall and Mckenzie

Foundation Challenge

The artists walk into the workroom where McKenzie stands before 4 makeup stations with models sporting sunglasses in front of them.

The artists will be separated into 4 teams of 3 that will be in a timed relay race where one artist hands off their job to another. They can’t see what each artist is doing and they have to do this with each artist having two 15 minute turns.

To get the challenge of in a specific direction, the models have specialty contact lenses under their sunglasses that the first artist will have to assess and come up with a master plan.

The guest judge is Emmy Award Winner and Saturday Night Live makeup artist Jennifer Aspinall who will choose a winner based on creativity, technique and contribution.

Team 1 iss made up of Jerry, Miranda and Sue. Jerry’s first, sees the black on black eyes and goes for a demon. Jennifer thinks he did a good job determining which direction to go and the paint job was great.

Team 2 is Brea, Heather and Tara. Brea’s first up who sees white contacts with a blue stars and thinks Star Princess. She spends her first moments putting on blue eye lashes and glitter makeup. Maybe she didn’t notice everyone else going for the prosthetics. Jennifer thinks the group went in too many different directions at the same time and it didn’t work out.

Team 3 is Rayce, Beki and Ian. Beki goes first, sees the yellow eyes and begins her teams in a strong alien direction. Jennifer thought the vision was clear and Beki did a good job setting the direction.

Team 4 is Matt, RJ and Athena. RJ is up first, sees the eyes and heads in the direction of zombie. Athena adds some bright yellow paint on the top of the zombie’s head and looks too happy for words. Jennifer’s not sure what it is supposed to be and thinks the paintjob looks like the model got hit in the head with a paintball. To top that off, the lenses don’t scream zombie to her.

Jennifer thinks some teams did better than others, but the best model was Team 3’s alien. Since Beki got her team off to a great start and they followed her, she gets the win and immunity.

Spotlight Challenge

This challenge focuses on body paint and Nix Dasterdly weeps while curling his mustache. Around the room are huge square panels covered with black cloth.

McKenzie then brings out new hip hop artist (and man is that phrase getting loosy-goosey), Asher Roth, to inspire the artists in designing a cover for his upcoming album.

His new album is called Is This Too Orange? and has something to do with chakras and the color of creativity. He wants the designs to be fresh, cool and twisted. I’m glad he narrowed that down.

McKenzie then has the models come out bare bottomed and that’s when we find out that Sue has issues with the butt naked patootey. She says she can’t look and opts to look up at the sky. She does know she’s inside, right?

The artists are put in teams of 2 and have 2 models. One model must blend into the background while the other must be a character that interacts with the background. One artist works on one model and can’t work on the other. They must coordinate and work as a team.

McKenzie announces that the teams have already been chosen randomly. Hmm… The models pull off the black cloth to uncover scenes fit for an album cover. The teams must choose which scene they want as a backdrop to their masterpiece. A picture will be taken of their work, then the judges will decide a winner and who’s going home the following day.

Team 1: Jerry and Tara choose a brick wall. Neither knows why they pick it, but pick it they do. They pick a tagger painting on a brick wall, with a model integrated into the wall.

Jerry tells Tara that not only should she pick more vibrant colors, but her painting should be darker. She assures him that she’s not finished, but thinks that in a black and white photo, color wouldn’t work.

Team 2: Rayce and Beki choose a warehouse with a noose in the middle of it. They’re going for a more conceptual look and a play on darkness and light. The model that represents a person who escaped the darkness is pulling out the other model still within.

Team 3: Ian and Miranda choose a metal table/bench. They have no idea what they hell they’re doing and stand and stare at their models wearing robes for a while. They end up doing a skater grabbing a drink, which is being held by a guy sitting at the table.

Team 4: Sue and Heather pick a skateboarding elephant in mid air. It’s hysterical and I wonder why no one else wanted a skateboarding elephant. Sue wants to make a girl elephant handing her skateboarding boyfriend a peanut. I need a moment…I’m crying.

Team 5: RJ and Athena pick a swimming pool, which seems more inspirational than a table/bench, but I’m not there, so I’ll stop complaining. Athena says she’s going to rock this challenge and show everyone what a master painter she is.

Their piece is a statue and a girl throwing orange balls in the air.

Team 6: Brea and Matt get stuck with a backboard of rows of highly detailed sneakers. Wow, they’re screwed and they know it. They decide on doing a basketball player palming a basketball, which is the other model’s tushie. Ha!

Interrogation Time

Since this is only a 6 hour challenge, McKenzie brings out Ve pretty quickly. She talks to everyone, but has some pretty interesting insights on what she sees.

Ve likes Team 2 concept and colors. Beki’s going for a dark versus light look, which one model pulling the other out of the darkness.

Ve doesn’t know that Team 3 spent a real long time trying to figure out what they’re going to do. It doesn’t take her long, however, to notice that Ian and Miranda don’t have a concept and they’re not doing well because of it.

Ve likes the direction Team 6 is going. Matt uses a stencil to replicate the many sneakers on his model’s back and uses her butt as a basketball, just so their male model can palm her butt. I admit it. I laughed. Ve is on the fence in regards to how everything will turn out, because there is so much detailing to do.

The Workroom Drama

There’s only 17 minutes left in the challenge and Brea’s model starts to show sign of being faint. He’s having issues and Brea runs to get him water and a fan. It’s not enough and the paramedics are called in.

Both Brea and Matt are wondering if they’re going to be screwed as Brea’s model is whisked away to the emergency room. In a situation like that you can’t help but to cry in the bathroom. They were only 17 minutes from the end.

The other artists leave for the night, except for Brea. She’s given another model and 6 more hours to complete the work once again. That sucks.

Glen, Ve, Patrick and Asher Roth
Glen, Ve, Patrick and Asher Roth

The Audition

The photos are presented to the judges, Ve, Patrick, Glen and guest judge Asher Roth. Unlike other challenges, there is no need for the judges to get up close and personal with the extra large photographs in front of them.

The Curtain Call

McKenzie calls out Team 4, Sue and Heather, and Team 5, RJ and Athena. Although Athena had declared herself a master painter, she, RJ and Team 4 are called safe and asked the leave. Way to fall right in the middle.

Team 1: Tara watches her work on the big screen and admits that she should have listened to Jerry and airbrushed her model more. The paint wasn’t heavy enough. Guest judge Asher thinks the whole thing was just too safe and the tag they used was just too careful.

Ve thinks that Tara should have used more color contrast between her model and the background. Hmmm, where have I heard this before? Oh yeah, Jerry mentioned it.

An aside: I don’t really care for Jerry. He’s way to far up his own butt to really see how much he comes across as a jerk. On the other hand, I don’t think he, according to Matt, “saps your creativity and brings your makeup down.” Some may disagree since Tara’s been so strong, but he told her and she just didn’t listen.

Team 2: Rayce wasn’t sure that his idea was just too abstract, but Ve liked the idea a lot. The judges really wanted the teams to push their ideas and not rest on easy and this didn’t do that. Asher thinks the picture is tempting and alluring.

Team 3: Glen tells Ian and Miranda that any time spent on conceptualizing their work was wasted. He seems really annoyed and feels like the pair lacked any passion.

Ve felt that the team really blew it. Not only was their blending really bad, the whole concept was forgettable. Adding salt on the wound, Glen tells them that they went for perfectly adequate and didn’t even get there. Ouch.

Team 6: Patrick felt that the whole piece was ‘quite remarkable’. Asher thinks that Matt’s the man and he thought using the butt for a basketball was funny. I thought the basketball was a weird shape, but it was funny.

Glen though Matt did an outstanding job with the shoe integration. It was clear that their backdrop was the most difficult, but they handled it well. Ve thought Brea’s lettering was a bit dodgy and though she should have used stencil to apply it, but thought that under the circumstances, she did an excellent job.

Exit, Stage Left

The best teams are, of course, Team 2, Rayce and Beki, and Team 6, Brea and Matt. The best team ends up being Brea and Matt and their basketball butt with shoe backdrop picture. Of the two, Matt takes home the win with his excellent job with the shoes. He’s one to watch and currently, he’s on a roll.

On the bottom are Team 1, Jerry and Tara, and Team 3, Ian and Miranda. Although Jerry and Tara didn’t do a great job, Ian and Miranda utterly pissed Glen off with their lack of vision and passion. Glen then tells Miranda that she’s not yet prepared to meet the level of the challenges and sends her on her way. Goodbye Miranda, I enjoyed how well you held your own next to Beki.

Whose body art rocked it out the best?

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