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Face Off S2-5 Dangerous Beauty

Updated on February 10, 2012

Dangerous Beauty

SyFy’s Face Off is the competition to go for special effects makeup madness. We now have 10 artists all vying for the money, car, makeup and the title of Face Off Champion.

If you’re not interested in spoilers, then you should re-sculpt and try again!

Sue and Matt are sitting in their room and Sue is crying. OK, when isn’t Sue crying? On this occasion, however, she’s crying because her best friend, Brea, is gone and now she’s all alone. Matt sits next to her to remind her that he’s still there. Dry your eyes, honey, this is a competition. If you want to win, someone has to go home; even your bestest friends in the whole world that you met only a few weeks ago.

RJ and Beki are making breakfast. RJ really wants to step up his game for his father. Though she’s never met his father, Beki does an impression that seems to be on the money, according to RJ.

McKenzie and Sam Huntington
McKenzie and Sam Huntington
Matt's Model
Matt's Model
Beki's model
Beki's model

Foundation Challenge

The artists find themselves outside in the woods. McKenzie is there with actor Sam Huntington, the werewolf on the SyFy series Being Human.

The challenge is to create an original trauma makeup that might have been inflicted by a werewolf. The artists have 90 minutes and the winner gets immunity.

Sam thought Tara’s person seemed to put up a good fight.

Matt’s looked good, but Sam thought it looked weird that the scar showed no remnants of an eye underneath.

Sam liked Heather’s person to werewolf transformation.

McKenzie and Sam thought Beki’s was gross and successful.

RJ presented his model as lunch along with dangling eyeball and spurting blood from the neck and face.

Sam thought Sue’s wounds were original and looked gross.

They do a quick montage of everyone else’s models and go to Sam picking the top looks. Sam liked Heather’s because the werewolf transformation area was localized near the wounds. He also liked Beki’s because she made a really cook bite mark and thought the concept was cool.

The winner is Beki and she has immunity.

Spotlight Challenge

The artists go back to their workroom where they find their tables gone and in their places different animals and exotic plants. They are told by McKenzie that their next challenge is to create a being that is stunningly beautiful, but deadly.

The artists must integrate both the plant and the animal into their creation. They must also work in teams of two, which have already been selected ‘randomly’. By randomly, of course, they mean to cause the most amount of drama.

Heather and Rayce first pick a water monitor then choose fire sticks as their plant.

RJ and Ian pick a panther chameleon and a lady slipper orchid.

Jerry and Matt pick an African spotted leopard as well as a yellow iris.

Athena and Terra pick an emerald tree boa to go along with the stargazer lilly.

Beki and Sue pick the cobalt blue tarantula to go with the bird of paradise.

Is anyone surprised they ‘randomly’ paired Beki, the talented but overbearingly passive aggressive know it all, with the artist right out of school, who cries at anything and who was BFF with Brea, Beki’s just booted nemesis? Just me? OK, moving on.

Sculpting Phase

Rayce is doing the job of sculpting the face while Heather spends her time on a long tail. RJ starts off his creature’s face then leaves the rest of the work to Ian to go finish the flowers. Sue is sculpting the face of her being while Beki creates the outfit, though Beki is apprehensive about Sue’s directing style.

Ve and McKenzie looking at Athena and Tara's work
Ve and McKenzie looking at Athena and Tara's work

Interrogation Time

McKenzie brings Ve into the work room and they do a walk around. One thing is for sure; RJ and Ian know their target audience. Their creation is similar to Ve’s Poison Ivy from Batman and Robin.

Heather and Rayce’s tail makes Ve nervous because it’s a really large mold. She’s also worried about the use of foam.

Ve thinks that Sue and Beki have some really cool ideas. She does think they need to remember to incorporate their flower more and better.

Sue and Beki
Sue and Beki
Beki and Su
Beki and Su

Drama Anyone? But, Of Course!

Sue sees that Beki is almost finished with the wardrobe. Sue’s been working on texturing the pinchers for her face mask and notice they don’t really match up with Beki’s. Sue mentions this to Beki, but Beki says her look is better, curses and calls Sue names then storms out of the room.

So what brilliant idea does Sue come up with? She asks Rayce what he thinks. Asking your competitor is never a smart thing. He thinks they shouldn’t be too clean. Sue then goes to Matt to ask for his advice. Matt tells her to just keep moving and finish the job, even if she has to drop some things from the final look.

In another area, Athena wants to glue on individual pieces on the model. Tara sees this as a time issue. Tara also sees that Athena has an issue of putting a lot of effort into something that she doesn’t end up using. I do recall those molded paws she made that never made it on her male model, because they were of her hands and too darn small.

Think I was done with Sue and Beki? Think again. Sue tries to talk to Beki while they work. Beki is really annoyed that Sue just keeps talking to her. Beki then blurts out that Sue should have never asked anyone else what they thought she should have just gone to her partner. So, Beki doesn’t want to hear Sue talk, but Sue should have talked to her. Makes perfect sense. Yeah…

In the talking head, Sue wonders if Beki is purposefully sabotaging the project because she has immunity.

Vivica as Ms. B. Haven  with Arnold S. as Mister Freeze
Vivica as Ms. B. Haven with Arnold S. as Mister Freeze

The Audition

The judges are Glen, Ve, Patrick and guest judge Vivica A. Fox who played Ms. B. Haven in Batman & Robin. By the way, did you know that Ve did the make up for Batman & Robin? Probably, because they mention it more than enough times during this episode.

Heather and Rayce: Patrick thinks it’s a good design. Vivica likes the rock star hair style, although she didn’t like that the pants they used was just thrown together and too white.

RJ and Ian: Glen thought this was the most successful of the bunch. Ve thinks the look was similar to Poison Ivy coming out of her orchid in Batman and Robin. Patrick likes that the model doesn’t look like a human.

Jerry and Matt: Vivica thinks the sides look nice, but the front looks too plain. Patrick thinks the model looks like someone just hanging out in their bathing suit. Not only that, there doesn’t seem to be any integration of the flower into the whole look. Vivica thinks they missed out by not using the iris’ colors. Glen felt that they should have spent more time on integrating the plant and animal into the outfit and less time on their odd looking neck piece.

Athena and Tara: Ve wondered what the holes in the side of the model’s arm was. She also thought the look appeared flat. Glen had issues with the colors and the look being disharmonious. More importantly, the obvious Underoos the model was wearing looked comical and ridiculous.

Sue and Beki: Ve doesn’t know whey they added the texture. Glen thought the look was shameful and doesn’t think it could have won a costume contest in a 3rd grade Halloween party. Ve also wonders where the beauty in the design is.

Beki speaks up and says that because she had immunity, she followed Sue’s lead and just did what Sue wanted her to do. Apparently, Beki didn’t get the memo that Ve doesn’t like anyone throwing anyone else under that Christine like murderous bus. Ve thinks it’s crappy that Beki would do that when the texture was the least of this designs issue. There were problems with the use of the flower as well as a lack of overall beauty.

Don’t ever get on Ve’s bad side. She doesn’t believe in busses; she believes in being up front, blunt and to the point. There are no excuses in Batman & Robin…I mean the land of Ve.

Ian and RJ
Ian and RJ

The Curtain Call

Overall Glen wasn’t thrilled about anyone’s work during this challenge. The only one that, if developed, could be a successful character was RJ and Ian’s. Vivica liked the hair on Heather and Rayce’s creation, but there’s little else to cheer about.

The end result is clear to see. RJ and Ian are the winners with the final win going to RJ, because he was the lead on this one.

Heather and Rayce are declared safe along with Matt and Jerry.

Which team had the worst creation?

See results
Tara and Athena
Tara and Athena

Exit, Stage Left

The two bottom groups are Tara and Athena and Sue and Beki. McKenzie announces that Beki has immunity, therefore she’s allowed to go to the back along with everyone else that’s safe.

Glen tells Tara and Athena that the quality of their work really was bad. Athena has had 3 opportunities to show her best as a body painter and she’s yet to really wow them. Sue made some really bad decisions when creating her creature and since Beki isn’t there, it rests all on her.

Glen tells Athena that her time is up.

Of the bottom 3 who should have went home?

See results

In the back room, Beki still doesn’t get what she did wrong. Same goes for Sue, who can’t see that their creature disaster was a joint effort and the blame can’t all be placed onto Beki’s shoulders. It’s then that McKenzie joins them and asks them to come back out again. There’s more. Well, not right now, we’ll have to wait until next week to find out about this new twist.


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    • vmartinezwilson profile image

      Vanessa Martinez Wilson 6 years ago from Vancouver, WA

      Hi Sueswan,

      I'm glad you can catch the show. It is really an interesting look at special effects and a little competition makes it all the more intriguing! I thought RJ and Ian's creation was the best and looked like something dangerous, yet the flower portion was really pretty.

      I thought Beki and Sue's creation wasn't that horrific, imo, but one thing it wasn't was beautiful and that was the point of the whole challenge, so they deserved their spot in the bottom.

      I'm so glad you're enjoying the show!


      I appreciate it. The link at the very top of the page will take you to the SyFy site where there should be a link to watch the show for free. If you have any issues, give them a day or two. They may be the SyFy channel, but their tech savvy isn't that great, lol.


    • Michele Travis profile image

      Michele Travis 6 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      Haven't watched the show yet, but now I want to. Great hub.

      Thumbs up!

    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      Hi Vanessa,

      After reading your hub, I watched this online.

      RJ and Ian were definitely the best in combining beauty and danger.

      The one I disliked the most was Becky and Sue's blue tarantula with the bird of paradise.

      Voted up and awesome.

      Take Care

    • vmartinezwilson profile image

      Vanessa Martinez Wilson 6 years ago from Vancouver, WA

      Thanks so much Carl! If you love movies with special effects, this show should be 'must watch' TV. It's really fascinating what they can do in such short periods of times. Thank you for the share, I appreciate it so much!

    • CarltheCritic1291 profile image

      Carl 6 years ago

      I haven't seen the show myself but many of my followers on Facebook and twitter are huge fans of the show and I am sharing it with everyone :) Voted Up, and Everything Else!