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Face Off S2-6: Triple Threat

Updated on February 16, 2012

Triple Threat

SyFy’s Face Off is the competition to go for special effects makeup madness. We now have 9 artists all vying for the money, car, makeup and the title of Face Off Champion.

If you’re not interested in spoilers, then you should re-sculpt and try again!

Last time I ended with “It’s then that McKenzie joins them and asks them to come back out again. There’s more.” This is where we pick up and the artists go back to find their fears of another elimination were for not. There something else they need to worry about is the next Foundation Challenge, which starts right then and there.

Models in back, Kim Green with McKenzie in front
Models in back, Kim Green with McKenzie in front

Foundation Challenge

McKenzie has their new models come out. One by one, 9 tall, skinny runway models make their way out and the fear of beauty makeup overwhelms the guys. Beki’s looking forward to beauty makeup, but it’s not that easy.

The challenge is to turn these beautiful runway models into plain Janes. It’s a model make-under. They’ve brought in Terminator Salvation and Never Been Kissed special effects artist Kim Green for this challenge which will give the winner immunity.

Sue turned her model into a country bumpkin with a broken nose. Rayce made his model into a sickly chick, while both Ian and Gerry turned their models into rode hard and put away wet prostitutes. RJ made a variation of his own mom and the rest (Tara, Heather, Beki and Matt) had their models shown in fast forward.

Kim thinks the best were Gerry, whose model had nice details, Rayce, whose work was subtle and Ian, who used texture nicely. The winner is Rayce who gets immunity for the next challenge.

Backstage Gossip

It seems that Athena is really missed in this group. Ian misses her and her vivacious personality first thing in the morning.

On the other hand Sue and Matt seem to really be isolated from the rest of the group. Sadly, all they seem to talk about is Beki and how she ‘threw’ sue ‘under the bus.’ But, they’re not the only ones wondering about Beki and her methods. Ian and Heather wonder about how that sort of behavior will alter the judges’ perception of Beki in the future.

McKenzie and Greg Cannom
McKenzie and Greg Cannom

Spotlight Challenge

For the next challenge, McKenzie tells the group that they’ll be doing old age make up. This challenge requires a good eye and because it’s so detail orientated, there’s little room for error. Mckenzie tells the artists to divide themselves into 3 teams of 3 and though they’re in teams, they will be judged on their own individual work.

Their guest judge is the special effects artist who has worked on The Mask, A Beautiful Mind and A Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Greg Cannom has won 3 Academy Awards and knows a whole lot about creating aging special effects.

McKenzie invites their models out, 3 sets of twins. They must convey the same person at different stages of their life: one at age 50 and the other at age 100. The first group, Tara, Sue and Matt pick the boys. The second group, Rayce, Gerry and Ian pick the blue eyed, blonde haired girls while the third team picks the thin, black girls. These are all attractive models, so aging them won’t be easy, to say the very least.

Drama Early and Often Please

Sue was trying to get Heather on her team, but was saved by Beki, who she went to instead. Heather seems to like Sue personally, but doesn’t want to work with her at all. Tara ends up on a team with Sue and Matt and doesn’t seem pleased since she thinks drama follows Sue around. She also claims Sue and Matt are the most inexperienced of all the artists left. I guess she forgot that Ian just got out of special effects school just like Sue and that Matt’s been working in the business for years, he’s just self-taught.

The artists get a limited time with their models for that day and immediately, everyone starts molding teeth and hands. Well, everyone but Sue, Tara and Matt. Sue seems to have taken the lead, but to Tara’s chagrin. They start talking about who their guy is and it bounces back and forth until they finally decide on an aging Mafioso. Sue and Matt have a methodology for doing things, but Tara feels like the teeth and hands should be done first while they still have their models. She barks at Sue and the model looks like he wants to crawl out of his skin and leave.

By the looks of it, it looks like Tara seemed to be on the right path. Her attitude, however, was less than polite and highly aggressive when the situation didn’t seem to merit it.

The Episode’s Name is Triple Threat

McKenzie comes back out and drops another bomb on the artists. Their models aren’t really twins, they’re triplets. The artists job is now to not only show their person at age 75 and 100, but also at 50 years old.

The artists have 10 hours in the sculpting phase. It seems like a lot of time, but since the artists are panicking, I’m guessing it isn’t.

Interrogation Time

McKenzie brings Glen and Greg to look over everyone’s work and assess how they’re progressing. Mckenzie, Glen and Greg talk to Sue, Matt and Tara about what products they are using and how they’re going to continue. Sue tells them the group is using silicone. Tara follows that up and adds that they’re the least experienced of all the teams. WTF?

I think that Sue and Matt’s exile seems self imposed and Sue is whiney, but what the heck is Tara talking about? Even if she thinks that, why would she bring that up right then and there? It didn’t really work too well for Beki and at least Beki has had many weeks of strong performances to overlook her ‘bus throwing’. Crap, I just used that horrific phrase. Oh well.

Glen thinks that conceptually, Matt, Sue and Tara have the best idea. Greg wonders if their 100 year old (done by Sue) is too subtle, too thin and needs to be more ‘jowly’.

Beki tells the judges that she plans to use overlapping pieces to bring her pieces together. Conceptually, they want to have a woman who is overweight at 50, loses the weight by 70 and looks emaciated by 100. Glen’s worried about Heather’s 100 year old sculpture.

For Gerry, Ian and Rayce, Glen is afraid they’re not giving themselves enough time to do the detailing. Greg is unsure about the way they’re doing their wrinkles, the angles are wrong and their not doing it correctly.

Molding Phase

Matt and Sue wonder why Tara’s being a bitch to them as they pour gelatin into their molds. As they do that, Tara walks in and barks, “Only one person needs to do gelatin!” She’s gone from meek girl to bitch pretty fast.

I will note that she isn’t in the same field as Beki, who drama seemed to follow as much as Sue. That damn drama and its inability to keep to itself. Her behavior isn’t that bad, but next to the fairly nice, polite and not featured behavior it comes across as jarring and out of nowhere. I still think Tara was robbed for a win for her scarecrow in the first episode, but that was ages ago in a competition like this.

In other areas, Beki and RJ are worried about Heather’s molding. Beki doesn’t think it conveys old age makeup. Of course neither are shown saying anything to Heather, so there you go.

Matt and his model
Matt and his model

Application Day

RJ’s model is having issues. When he applied the makeup, he face starts to burn so she leaves and another, shorter and smaller model is brought in to replace her. He has issues cutting down his prosthetics and can’t even get the hands on.

Sue needs Matt’s help, but he’s having issues of his own. Their male models have thick hair that’s really hard to get a bald cap on. With only 1 hour to go to showing, Sue doesn’t even have any paint on her model.

The artists with their old age model
The artists with their old age model

The Audition

Team Matt, Tara and Sue: While inspecting, the judges wonder what is going on with Matt’s 50 year model. Ve thinks it looks ‘cone heady’. They look under Tara’s 75 year model and she is mortified. Sue wonders what’s underneath there and Tara says nothing. Greg likes what Sue did around the mouth of her 100 year model.

Team Beki, RJ and Heather: They’re really not sure what was going on with Beki’s 50 year old model. They inspect RJ’s 75 year old model and note the edges, but seem impressed considering this is the back up model. They’re really dumbfounded by Heather’s 100 year model.

Team Rayce, Ian and Gerry: It seems that Rayce’s 50 year model and Ian’s 75 year model have a too subtle issue. Gerry’s 100 year model has a better effect overall.

Matt's 50 year model
Matt's 50 year model
Tara's 75 year model
Tara's 75 year model
Sue's 100 year modle and Sue
Sue's 100 year modle and Sue
Beki's 50 year model
Beki's 50 year model
RJ's 75 year model
RJ's 75 year model
Ian's 75 year model
Ian's 75 year model
Gerry's 100 year old model and Gerry
Gerry's 100 year old model and Gerry

The Close Up

Matt: Glen asks Matt from 1 to 10 how well he thought he did. Matt said 7 or 7 ½ and Glen sighed and told Matt that his model looked like he had been bitten by a chia pet. (Ch-ch-ch-chia) Ve asked why the top of his head is so tall. Matt said that he had issues pressing the model’s hair down and he wanted to do a receding hairline. Greg replied that she should never do a forehead and he should have been more subtle.

Tara: Ve began by saying that she doesn’t think the makeup was horrible, but the hair was distracting. Patrick added that the hair doesn’t have anything to do with the other two models.

Sue: Patrick asked why they chose the order they did. Sue said that her sculpting is strong, so she wanted to do the 100 year old, which would have more sculpting involved. Cut to Beki looking annoyed (or bored depending on when they picked this shot and shoved it into their edit). Patrick though she did a very nice sculpting job and the whole effect was very impressive. Greg liked the bald cap and the details and felt she did a great job.

Beki: Glen thought the approach was a good idea, but sculpturally, her 50 year model looked like she got hit in the head with a frying pan. Ve thought the pinched and folded areas around the face were distracting and wrong.

RJ: Glen felt that everything RJ said about losing his model sounded like an excuse, but it wasn’t. Glen thought RJ turned all of his issues with a new model around and into a success. Patrick thought it was great work and a great ability to adapt.

Heather: Ve wondered why the whole thing looks so weird. Not only is the anatomy incorrect, but it looks like zombie makeup. Patrick wondered why the piece around the neck isn’t glued on. Heather said she tried.

Rayce: Patrick wasn’t impressed with the result. Greg thought the look was a little too subtle. Glen though the texture of the appliance looked more like someone with a disease or ailment.

Ian: Glen asked him what he thought of his work from 1 to 10 and Ian says 7 or 7 ½. Glen thought this group of artists overestimates themselves. Ve said it looked bad with no texture, no wrinkles and too splotchy.

Gerry: Ve thought for the time allotted, his look was successful. Patrick could see the progression and thought he did a really great job.

The Curtain Call

Patrick thought that Sue really impressed while Greg thought it was blended really nicely. Ve thought Matt’s forehead was really frightening.

Ve thought Ian was out of his league this challenge. Patrick thought Ian is really creative, but old age makeup is all about technique and he didn’t do well. Glen felt that old age makeup his about experience, something Ian doesn’t have. Patrick thought Gerry did a decent job.

Ve thought Heather missed the mark on this one completely. She also thought Beki made bad choices, did bas sculpting and the edges were just plain bad. She also thought that RJ pulled this one out.

McKenzie asks Glen to announce the top 3. Glen says that Sue made work that was convincing and the makeup was comprehensive. Gerry had a solid approach to a tough job while RJ did pretty well overall with all the obstacles he had. The winner is Sue who celebrates with a big smile and her trademark tears.


Exit, Stage Left

McKenzie asks Glen to announce the bottom 3 who are Ian, Beki and Heather. Everyone else is safe and asked to leave with the final three left to face the judges.

Ian’s looks was too subtle and he made a fatal color error. Beki’s had inaccuracy issues with anatomy and sculpting. Heather’s had major flaws in sculpting and painting.

Heather’s looked like a melting zombie and for that reason, she’s asked to leave. She seemed to agree that her work was less that stellar this time around.

Next week: Geordi!

Who had the worst old age makeup?

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    • vmartinezwilson profile image

      Vanessa Martinez Wilson 6 years ago from Vancouver, WA

      This really is a great show and the artistry is a pleasant change in the reality TV genre.

      Thanks kashmir!

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 6 years ago from Massachusetts

      Love this show,watch it every chance i get.

      Vote up !!!

    • vmartinezwilson profile image

      Vanessa Martinez Wilson 6 years ago from Vancouver, WA

      Hi Sueswan

      It really seemed that everyone over aged their models. Most of them have no idea what a 50 year old looks like and that's kind of sad. But Heather's 100 year old model really did look awful.


    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      Hi Vanessa,

      I haven't had a chance to check out this episode. I was looking at the pictures you provided and Beki's 50 year old model looks more like a 70 year model in my opinion.

      Voted up and awesome.

      Take Care