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Facebook: Home of Fake News

Updated on November 18, 2016
A fake news story.
A fake news story.
The graph is rather scary.
The graph is rather scary.

Trump was helped by Facebook. Recently, ghost writers created fake news stories, over 10 or more, that promoted Donald Trump just days before the election. Mark Zuckerberg, owner of FB, remains in complete denial that it could happen and thinks very little of the content influenced the 2016 Presidential Election.

Some of the stories were pretty unbelievable, yet, received 80,000 likes and 10, 000 shared links to other members. Worst, a few stories had reached over 5.5 million FB readers. Of the stories had crazy headlines that to unbiased readers should have sent out "alarms" about the veracity. There were:

  • Hillary Clinton is being Indicted
  • Michelle Obama exposed for the pervert she is
  • Denzel Washington supports Trump in epic ways
  • Since Trump won, Ford shifts production from Mexico to USA
  • Obama admits birth certificate is fake

None of the stories that were shared across the USA were remotely true. Yet, the ghost writers who created them seemed to do their job well and well under the radar of FB algorithms. Regarding the Ford story, Ford indicated quite the opposite. Despite Trump's victory, Ford will shift production of small cars to Mexico.LOL. The fake story was shared by FB readers over 20,000 times, while the true story, only 233 times!

The ghost writer create pop-up official looking news stories post them earning them up to $3000 a day. Because in the FB world, where sharing and likes and clicks create revenue, FB denies it is happening because FB gets revenue from it. No wonder FB is doing nothing about allowing or monitoring fake news stories. Over 100 fake news created by Macedonian teens on FB were discovered during the election. Fake news stories are not a secret among the FB staff during the election period.

But, what has American politics come to? If it sounds to unreal to be true, it probably is. Are readers so one-sided, so gullible, they simply believe whatever they read on FB? Don't the readers know that FB wants the most crazy things to be posted because of sharing and likes. Its all about advertising revenue FB makes from sharing and clicks. That is how FB earns money and if a crazy story is shared 5 million times, ads are also shared to viewers. Ads may mean revenue to the advertiser and FB. Google also earns in a similar way. But, how much did FB really impact the presidential election? Did it really persuade undecided voters to go with Trump?

The lesson from this is do not rely on social media, especially FB, for providing news stories. If it sounds pretty crazy, it probably is. Use your brain and go to real, reputable, news sites.


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    • Hmrjmr1 profile image

      Hmrjmr1 14 months ago from Georgia, USA

      Yep, if its on the internet it must be true... LOL